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    Music Videos
  • "Alien Youth" from Alien Youth
    Views 4701 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "American Noise" from Rise
    Views 5976 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Anchor" from Victorious: The Aftermath (Deluxe)
    Views 1112 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Anchor (Reimagined)" from Anchor (Reimagined) (Single)
    Views 750 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Angels Fall Down (bonus hidden track)" from Invincible
    Views 3511 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Awake and Alive" from Awake
    Views 4277 Views | Comments 1 Comments
  • "Back From The Dead" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 2998 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Best Kept Secret" from Comatose Comes Alive: Disc 1
    Views 3364 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Better Than Drugs" from Comatose
    Views 3380 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Brave (Deluxe Edition)" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 1606 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Breaking Free (feat. Lacey Sturm) [Deluxe Edition]" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 1315 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Collide" from Comatose Comes Alive: Disc 1
    Views 2758 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Dead Man Walking" from Victorious: The Aftermath (Deluxe)
    Views 455 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Feel Invincible" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 2821 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Finish Line (feat. Adam Gontier of Saint Asonia) (Live)" from Finish Line (feat. Adam Gontier of Saint Asonia) (Live) (Single)
    Views 133 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Finish Line (feat. Adam Gontier)" from Dominion: Day of Destiny
    Views 174 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Forsaken" from Comatose Comes Alive: Disc 1
    Views 3366 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Gasoline" from Skillet
    Views 4810 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Hero" from Awake
    Views 8787 Views | Comments 1 Comments
  • "Legendary" from Victorious: The Aftermath (Deluxe)
    Views 1207 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Lions" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 1457 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Looking For Angels" from Comatose
    Views 3643 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Monster" from Awake
    Views 9218 Views | Comments 182 Comments
  • "More Faithful" from Hey You, I Love Your Soul
    Views 2780 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Not Gonna Die" from Rise
    Views 39748 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Psycho In My Head" from Dominion: Day of Destiny
    Views 451 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Rebirthing" from Comatose Comes Alive: Disc 1
    Views 2836 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Refuge" from Dominion
    Views 437 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Rise" from Rise
    Views 1493 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Saturn" from Skillet
    Views 3590 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Save Me" from Victorious: The Aftermath (Deluxe)
    Views 848 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Savior" from Collide
    Views 1679 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Sick of It" from Rise
    Views 5639 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Standing in the Storm" from Dominion
    Views 404 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Stars" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 1665 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Stars (The Shack Version) [Deluxe Edition]" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 1134 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Surviving The Game" from Dominion
    Views 915 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Terrify the Dark (Reimagined)" from Victorious: The Aftermath (Deluxe)
    Views 635 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "The Last Night" from Comatose
    Views 1919 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "The Older I Get" from Comatose
    Views 3461 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "The Resistance" from Unleashed Beyond
    Views 1236 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Those Nights" from Comatose Comes Alive: Disc 1
    Views 2985 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Whispers In The Dark" from Comatose
    Views 3757 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "You Ain't Ready" from Victorious: The Aftermath (Deluxe)
    Views 825 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Yours To Hold" from Comatose
    Views 4441 Views | Comments 0 Comments

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    Skillet to Make New York Comic Con Debut Friday, October 4th
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    (Thursday, April 05, 2018)
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    (Thursday, March 15, 2018)
    ​Skillet To Team Up With for KING & COUNTRY on 'joy.UNLEASHED' Tour This Spring
    (Monday, January 22, 2018)
    Skillet's Single 'Feel Invincible' Certified Gold, Album 'Awake' Certified Double Platinum
    (Thursday, December 14, 2017)
    6th Annual WE LOVE Christian Music Awards Nominees Announced, Voting Now Open
    (Monday, December 04, 2017)
    Winter Jam 2018 Rolls with Top Rockers Skillet
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    (Friday, March 10, 2017)
    ​Skillet's John and Korey Cooper Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary
    (Wednesday, March 01, 2017)
    'The Shack: Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture' Releases Today
    (Friday, February 24, 2017)
    Excelsior! Skillet Joins Marvel Podcast
    (Friday, February 17, 2017)
    for KING & COUNTRY, Lauren Daigle Top Nominees for 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards
    (Thursday, February 16, 2017)
    Atlantic Announces 'The Shack: Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture'
    (Friday, January 27, 2017)
    Skillet Closes 2016 Ablaze, Tops Year-End Charts
    (Wednesday, December 21, 2016)
    ​Skillet Announces 2017 Leg of the Unleashed Tour
    (Tuesday, December 13, 2016)
    Voting Now Open In 5th Annual We Love Christian Music Awards
    (Saturday, December 03, 2016)
    ​Skillet's "Feel Invincible" Hits No. 1 On Mainstream Rock
    (Tuesday, November 08, 2016)
    Full Circle Music Wraps Inaugural Music-Makers Bootcamp And Celebrates Multiple No. 1 Hits
    (Wednesday, September 21, 2016)
    Skillet's "Stars" Video Premieres Exclusively On
    (Thursday, September 08, 2016)
    ​Skillet Perform on FOX & Friends All-American Summer Concert Series
    (Friday, August 19, 2016)
    Skillet's 'Unleashed' Bows At #3 On Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart
    (Monday, August 15, 2016)
    Skillet 'Unleashed' Tops iTunes Rock Chart
    (Monday, August 08, 2016)
    Skillet Expands 'The Unleashed Tour' To Europe And Russia
    (Friday, July 29, 2016)
    ​Skillet Releases "I Want To Live" Ahead of Album Release
    (Thursday, July 28, 2016)
    Skillet's 'Rise' RIAA Certified Gold
    (Tuesday, July 19, 2016)
    Skillet Releases Music Video For 'Feel Invincible'
    (Wednesday, June 29, 2016)
    ​Skillet Announces Unleashed Headlining Tour
    (Tuesday, June 21, 2016)
    Skillet's "Feel Invincible" Named Theme Song for TBS' E-League
    (Friday, June 10, 2016)
    Skillet Premieres New Single "Stars"
    (Thursday, May 26, 2016)
    Skillet Releases New Single, New Album Available For Pre-Order
    (Friday, May 20, 2016)
    Skillet Embarks On International Summer Festival Tour
    (Tuesday, May 10, 2016)
    Make-A-Wish Rocks With Skillet
    (Friday, April 29, 2016)
    ​Skillet Teases First Clip from Upcoming Album
    (Friday, April 08, 2016)
    ​3 Doors Down Gives Skillet a Shoutout in USA TODAY
    (Friday, March 11, 2016)
    Skillet's "Monster" Recognized As Biggest Digital Single In Christian Music History
    (Monday, February 01, 2016)
    Skillet's 'Feel Invincible' Scores Band's First Hot Christian Songs Chart Topper
    (Tuesday, January 05, 2016)
    Jonathan Chu Steps Down from Skillet
    (Monday, November 16, 2015)
    Jesus Culture's Chris Quilala And Wife Welcome New Baby
    (Saturday, September 19, 2015)
    Everfound Song Featured In New Pureflix Movie Trailer
    (Saturday, September 05, 2015)
    Skillet Garners Third RIAA Certified Platinum Single With "Awake & Alive"
    (Wednesday, September 02, 2015)
    Skillet Helms Star-studded WinterJam West
    (Tuesday, August 25, 2015)
    Skillet Working On New Album
    (Saturday, August 22, 2015)
    For King & Country And Family Force 5 Catch A Flight Together
    (Tuesday, August 11, 2015)
    U2's Bono Attends For King & Country Show
    (Saturday, August 08, 2015)
    TobyMac Shoots Music Video For New Song
    (Tuesday, August 04, 2015)
    Kari Jobe To Release New Album
    (Wednesday, July 29, 2015)
    Ryan Stevenson's Niece and Nephew Name New Puppy TobyMac
    (Thursday, July 23, 2015)
    dcTalk Albums To Be Released On Vinyl
    (Friday, July 17, 2015)
    Colton Dixon Meets Tim Tebow
    (Wednesday, July 15, 2015)
    Finding Favour Included In Apple's A-List Playlist
    (Friday, July 03, 2015)
    Jamie Grace Celebrates Two No. 1 Radio Hits
    (Tuesday, June 30, 2015)
    Francesca Battistelli's Holy Spirit Goes #1
    (Thursday, June 25, 2015)
    Skillet Makes New Additions To Their Live Show
    (Saturday, June 20, 2015)
    Skillet Covers Avicii
    (Monday, June 15, 2015)
    Winter Jam 2015 Shatters Attendance Records
    (Thursday, April 30, 2015)
    Skillet Hints at Major Stylistic Change with New Record (April Fools 2015)
    (Wednesday, April 01, 2015)
    Fans Give Remedy Drive Frontman New Guitar
    (Friday, March 20, 2015)
    Finding Favour Wraps Recording New Album
    (Thursday, March 05, 2015)
    Skillet's John Cooper Puts About A Mile's Adam Klute Through Rockstar Training
    (Tuesday, March 03, 2015)
    Ellie Holcomb Expecting Second Child
    (Friday, February 27, 2015)
    WinterJam to Broadcast Live February 28
    (Thursday, February 19, 2015)
    Natalie Grant Re-purposes a Kiddie Pool in Snowed In Nashville
    (Wednesday, February 18, 2015)
    Plumb Wraps Recording on Exhale, Set to Release May 5
    (Tuesday, February 17, 2015)
    Hawk Nelson Shoots Music Video With Fan Submitted Pictures
    (Friday, February 06, 2015)
    NEEDTOBREATHE Releases Single Featuring Gavin DeGraw
    (Wednesday, January 28, 2015)
    Tooth & Nail Signs New Artist We Are The City
    (Tuesday, January 27, 2015)
    Kirk Franklin Celebrates 45th Birthday and 19th Wedding Anniversary
    (Monday, January 26, 2015)
    Matt Maher Schedules Album Release For St. Patrick's Day
    (Friday, January 23, 2015)
    The Song To Release on DVD Just in Time for Valentine's Day
    (Wednesday, January 21, 2015)
    Creation Festivals Announce Lineup
    (Tuesday, January 20, 2015)
    Tedashii Plans Tour With Moriah Peters, V. Rose, Spec and Speaker Jefferson Bethke
    (Wednesday, January 14, 2015)
    Tenth Avenue North and Remedy Drive Lend Their Voices to Human Trafficking Awareness Month
    (Thursday, January 08, 2015)
    Skillet and for KING & COUNTRY Share the Stage to Melt Faces as WinterJam Launches
    (Wednesday, January 07, 2015)
    Royal Tailor Announces Launch of Music School
    (Friday, December 19, 2014)
    Chris Tomlin Covers John Denver's "Country Roads"
    (Thursday, December 11, 2014)
    for KING & COUNTRY Brothers are the Tennessean's Thanksgiving Cover Story
    (Monday, December 08, 2014)
    Newsboys and Moriah Peters Hit the Road with Evangelist Nick Hall
    (Thursday, December 04, 2014)
    Skillet Slam Dunks First Headline European Tour
    (Wednesday, December 03, 2014)
    Skillet Heads Up WinterJam 2015's All-Star Lineup
    (Monday, October 27, 2014)
    Hillsong, Switchfoot and Skillet Major Winners at the Doves
    (Wednesday, October 08, 2014)
    Artists Including Trevor McNevan, Jon Foreman and Jen Ledger Join Ice Bucket Challenge
    (Monday, August 18, 2014)
    Skillet Calls on Panheads to Tackle Billboard's Fan Face-Off
    (Saturday, July 26, 2014)
    Skillet to Join 2014 Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival
    (Monday, June 23, 2014)
    ​Watch Out, Newsboys; the Newsgirls are Here! (April Fools 2014)
    (Tuesday, April 01, 2014)
    Skillet Emerges The Big Winner In The Second-Annual We Love Christian Music Awards
    (Friday, February 21, 2014)
    TobyMac, Skillet And Lecrae Join Forces To Thrill Crowds On Summer Shed Tour
    (Wednesday, February 19, 2014)
    First Four Awards Announced in WE LOVE CHRISTIAN MUSIC AWARDS
    (Monday, January 13, 2014)
    Skillet, Third Day to Headline Roadshow 2014
    (Wednesday, October 16, 2013)
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    Not every rebellion gestates in darkness. As one of the best-selling rock bands of the 21st century, Skillet continues to rebel against conventions, doubts, expectations, and rules with the intent to uplift in light. The two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated Pandora Billionaires Club members and multiplatinum Kenosha, Wisconsin quartet--John Cooper [lead vocals/bass], Korey Cooper [guitar/keys], Jen Ledger [drums/vocals], and Seth Morrison [lead guitar]--never compromise their integrity. Instead, they've traveled their own path to unprecedented heights with an urgent sound, undeniable energy, and unbreakable spirit.

    On their eleventh full-length album, Dominion [Atlantic Records], Skillet encourages a different kind of revolt when the world could really use it.

    "I call it positive rebellion," exclaims John. "It's a rebellion against those internal elements such as fear and anxiety and sin. It's a rebellion against external forces wanting you to be something you don't want to be. It's a celebration of the freedom we have in our lives. It's very anti-establishment. It's a rallying call to stand up for what you believe in and refuse to be silenced about the gospel of Christ. It might be unpopular in certain places, but there's nothing more rock 'n' roll than that," he smiles.

    Skillet has embodied rock 'n' roll's evolution from day one. Selling 12 million albums worldwide to date, they've earned over a dozen RIAA certifications in recognition of gold, platinum, or multiplatinum status.

    Landmark album Awake notably went 3x-platinum and picked up a Billboard Music Award. Plus, it housed the 2x-platinum track "Awake & Alive," 3x-platinum track "Hero," and 4x-platinum track "Monster." The latter stands out as "one of the most-streamed rock songs in history" with over 4 BILLION global audio streams. 2019's Victorious marked the group's fourth consecutive Top 20 debut on the Billboard Top 200. The album concluded the year on LoudWire's "The 50 Best Rock Albums of 2019" and yielded the Top 10 rock radio smash "Legendary," racking up north of 100 million streams. The band's music also resounds throughout culture, landing syncs from WWE, Marvel, ESPN, MLB, NHL and NFL. As a touring phenomenon, they regularly sell out arenas worldwide, playing in over 26 countries and 6 continents, and have earned acclaim from Billboard, USA Today, The New York Times, and many more. Not to mention, their debut graphic novel, EDEN: A Skillet Graphic Novel with Z2 Comics, emerged as the publisher's best-selling book of all-time and launched a fan-favorite series, with their second graphic novel releasing the fall of 2020, EDEN: The Aftermath.

    As the Global Pandemic brought 2020 to a halt, Skillet creatively pushed forward. The musicians logged on to ZOOM and recorded what would become Dominion with producer Kevin Churko [Papa Roach, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch] and co-writer Kane Churko over the course of the year. The Churkos inspired the band to stretch their sonic palette once again.

    "We recorded the entire album together, and we were never in the same room at the same time," recalls John. "We'd write together and discuss the direction. Kevin and Kane would send us tracks; we'd send them tracks. I'd record on the bus or at home. It made the process go extremely quickly. Once everything opened up a little more, we could've flown to Las Vegas, but it was going so well remotely. It made us willing to try some new things that I don't think we would've if it was in person."
    Speaking of, the first single "Surviving Game" opens with a spoken word intro before snapping into a jagged sidewinder riff encased in an electronic hum. Right out of the gate, the track reacted with audiences, generating millions of streams.

    "Never in my lifetime have I experienced the silencing of Christian voices that we are witnessing right now. There is an immense pressure to bow down to the secular culture, to just go with the flow, to not rock the boat. This song is a wake-up call to the spiritual battle that is happening, to defy fear and not give up. Surviving connotes both optimism and realism in the same word. We must keep pressing on and realize that victory is something that we will have to fight for every day. The opening line to the song is from Romans 8:37, ' all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.' That verse sets the stage for the song, but also for the entire record."

    The title track "Dominion" upholds this theme. Harmonic squeals pierce a chugging distorted riff as John's aggressive delivery collides full force into the pre-chorus, "Our rebellion has begun." It culminates on the screeches of a fiery fret-burning solo.

    "Dominion is the most anti-establishment song we have ever written," he continues. "It is a reminder that this world does not belong to men, governments, or tyrants, but rather to God. 'His dominion is an everlasting dominion...' (Daniel 7:14). In the midst of government overreach, the loss of liberties, and censorship, this song is a rebellion against an unrighteous and idolatrous authority." 

    Elsewhere, "Destiny" slips into a trudging groove as John and Jen lock into a call-and-response tempered with a head-nodding bounce.

    "The line 'This darkness ain't my destiny' is important," he reveals. "You have a say over your own life regardless of outside forces - you can choose forgiveness instead of anger, and life instead of death. Musically, it's fresh for us, because the bridge and programming have this hip-hop flavor. Ultimately, this song is about forgiveness. We have to choose to forgive both ourselves and others, and sometimes we have to make that choice over and over. Bitterness and anger have a way of enslaving us and causing us to see ourselves as victims, when in reality we have been set free. 'It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery' (Galatians 5:1). This song was written to provoke the listener to take pro-active steps to choose life."

    Delicate piano and strings underscore "Valley of Death" as John delivers one of his most emotionally charged and pensive vocal performances. "The message is even if you feel like you're alone, you're not," he elaborates.

    "Beyond Incredible" tosses and turns between an anthemic arena-ready chorus fueled by hummable shredding.

    "We're living in a world with so much hatred and anger," he observes. "Sometimes, you don't know how to move forward. The song is about being lifted to a higher place." 

    Then, there's "Standing In The Storm." It swirls around a key line, "I've still got some life in me," culled from one of Korey's journals. A slow trap-inspired beat gives way to sirens and syncopated guitar as he declares, "Time to be defiant."

    "We're getting older, our kids are getting older, and the world is falling apart, so there's a part of me that's like, 'Do you really want to go back on the road in the midst of a Pandemic?'," he admits. "Do we want to keep this business going? Then, I saw that passage in Korey's journal. I was really impacted. I started to think, 'Yes, there's a lot of crazy things going on, but I'm not done!'"

    There is a new-found boldness in this album due to "the sense that our very society is crumbling around us,"

    Cooper says. "The world is changing so fast that it's easy for us to think that we cannot make a difference. We ask ourselves 'what can one voice do amongst such chaos,' but the truth is that one voice refusing to be silent can encourage another voice to speak up, and eventually we will have a powerful choir that cannot be ignored. This is our David and Goliath moment. This is our 'we won't bow down to your idol' moment. It is time to stand for truth no matter the costs."

    In the end, Skillet's greatest rebellion begins now.

    "I hope this album strengthens you to be steadfast--even in the face of unpopularity," he leaves off. "Maybe it will inspire you to say something you haven't had the strength to say. We love playing music, and we're very blessed to be doing it still. We've carved a very tiny little niche in rock music for ourselves by going against the grain, and we're not going to give up. This is another new era for Skillet."

    Entry last edited by BraddenFord_NRT on 06.01.23
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    BMY61 (264)
    Awesome band! | Posted June 12, 2024
    Awesome band! Love to support them and buy their music. We promote new and old music on our Instagram at Metal Music Saves Lives!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Rise in Revolution! | Posted February 12, 2014
    Seen them live three times now. Always put on an awesome show with a great message.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Awesome! | Posted February 05, 2014
    I love these guys! They are so awesome and talented. Their music has such a great message!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Rock On | Posted February 04, 2014
    This is awesome band and music.The drums are great and her voice is amazing in the video!!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Just the Best of The Best! | Posted January 29, 2014
    I have never loved a band as much as I love Skillet. The album Rise has to be my favorite and has the most amazing songs and with the an amazing story from start to finish. This album just makes me wanna jam to it 24/7. Can't wait till they tour for the album! Keep up the work!I AM A PEANUT and a Panhead forever!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    skillet rules | Posted January 15, 2014
    this is my top favorite band!!! they have a good mix of rock music and some slowed down and relaxed songs

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    jessk (7)
    sick of it | Posted December 16, 2013
    i pray that the world will be sick of all the bad things happening and everybody come to our knees and pray to a God that can heal and take care of everything instead of taking out our natural reactions with anger on others and then people end up getting hurt.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    I am a Panhead | Posted November 13, 2013
    SKILLET is one of my favorite bands! RISE is an especially great CD (:

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    I'm a mother father gentleman | Posted April 13, 2013
    I am PSY, and I approve this message. :)

    Comments(3)  |  Add Comment

    _acox14 (3)
    Winter Jam 2012 | Posted February 25, 2013
    I saw them in concert during Winter Jam last year and they were absolutely amazing!!! :D

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
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