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Skillet Makes New Additions To Their Live Show
NRT News Roundup, June 20, 2015

Skillet Makes New Additions To Their Live Show

Posted: June 20, 2015, 5:00 PM | Category: General
Artist Tags: Third Day / RED / Newsboys / Charmaine / JJ Heller / Falling Up / Skillet / VERIDIA / George Moss / Fedel / Natalie Grant
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Here's what's happening TODAY in Christian music...

1. Yesterday, Third Day marked a very important anniversary. It has been 19 years since the band's self-titled debut album released. Anyone remember "Love Song"?

2. Randy and Mike from rock band RED went for an 8 mile run together in San Francisco this week, all just to touch the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.

3. Duncan Phillips of Newsboys needs extra prayer, because there's now a teenager in the house. His eldest daughter, Taylor, just turned 13. We can't wait to hear about Duncan giving her driving lessons in a couple years.

4. It's been more than a year since Charmaine released her Love Somebody EP, but the Aussie sensation isn't done introducing people to the new songs. She released a moving lyric video for the powerful, emotional song "All The Lights."

5. JJ Heller's creativity goes far beyond just music. She shared with fans a photo of a miniature wardrobe she made for her husband, Dave--painted on the inside to look like Narnia. JJ said she and Dave draw lots of creative inspiration from Narnia author C.S. Lewis.

6. Falling Up is gearing up to release its final full length album, but in the meantime will be blessing fans with an EP full of songs that didn't make the cut for House Full of Caverns. No word on when either project is hitting stores, but the band said "it's sooner than you think."

7. Korey Cooper of Skillet said there's a lot of new stuff coming to the band's live gig. She'll be sporting a new stage dress, a new mask and new tattoos as they play a brand new musical set. Alive Festival this weekend will be the first to experience it all.

8. Deena Jakoub of VERIDIA is known for her greenish-blue hair, but she's starting with a clean slate again, with her previously brightly colored hair now a blank white. She's asking fans for a new color, but notes she'll probably keep it white for now. And no, it doesn't make her look old.
Quotes (3)

1. "The Bible doesn't seem to be about convincing lost people to believe in God as much as it is God pleading with people who claim to be believers to actually do what they claim to believe. Don't call Him Lord and not do what He says." - George Moss

2. "I don't think, 'Oh, I'm a Christian. They don't want [my music]. I will go there anyway because if they don't want it now, they may want it later." - Rapper Fedel

3. "You are never too young to be fierce and brave in your faith! Praying our little princes and princesses embrace their calling to be warriors for the kingdom of God." - Natalie Grant

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