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Tedashii Plans Tour With Moriah Peters, V. Rose, Spec and Speaker Jefferson Bethke
NRT News Roundup, January 14, 2015

Tedashii Plans Tour With Moriah Peters, V. Rose, Spec and Speaker Jefferson Bethke

Posted: January 14, 2015, 5:00 PM | Category: General
Artist Tags: John Reuben / Tedashii / Moriah / V.Rose / Jessa Anderson / Skillet / KJ-52 / Propaganda / Andy Mineo / Derek Minor / Newsboys / The Afters / John Mark McMillan / Jesus Culture
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Christian Music/Entertainment News (8)

1. Happy Birthday John Reuben! The hilarious Christian rapper turns 36 years old today! And we're not sure what he's dippity doing. You'll only get that if you know who John Reuben is.

2. Tedashii is going to be on the Rock & Worship Roadshow starting next month, but after that, it looks like he's gathered a crew for a great spring tour. The "Turn Up the Love" Tour will bring along Moriah Peters, V.Rose, Spec and special speaker Jefferson Bethke. Cities now booking… more to come.

3. While sitting outside eating lunch between weeks 2 and 3 of WinterJam 2015, Skillet was surprised at the approach of a new fan. That fan, apparently, was a random rooster that walked up to them while in the middle of nowhere. Always-accommodating, drummer Jen Ledger shared some of her corn chips with the chicken.

4. That KJ-52 is always creating. It looks like it won't be long until we hear some vocals of his on a song featuring Propaganda and Derek Minor. KJ revealed details of the mysterious collaboration, saying, it's a "song about something."

5. In case you missed it around New Year's, Andy Mineo is featured on a great song about partying with sparkling apple cider appropriately titled "Martinellis." The track is now available on iTunes for anyone who's wanting to jam to this tribute to sweet, non alcoholic bubbly on-demand.

6. Duncan Phillips of Newsboys has been promoting this new social media site, Tsu (pronounced "Sue"), for months now. He's a fan of it because the site pays its users for its content, based on exposure to advertising. He recently showed off a $100 check he got from all his Tsu posts in a five-week period. He's pretty excited about it.

7. Have you heard the song "Moments Like This" by The Afters recently? (Not to be confused with Kelly Clarkson's American Idol hit "A Moment Like This.") It's likely lots of fans' ears have perked up while watching network television, as the song has popped up on Dancing with the Stars, NBC, and--ironically--American Idol.

8. Adam Cappa held a concert at a strip club recently. It was part of a church's ministry to exotic dancers, and the church later reported that the club closed, and that many of its former dancers had given their lives to Jesus. Find the full story at

Quotes (3)

1. "Although defeat feels present it's not permanent.. our victory, His victory, is eternal." - Chris Quilala of Jesus Culture

2. "Does the song exist for the people, or do we exist to sing? I would argue the latter." - John Mark McMillan

3. "Sometimes it's rainy and everyone's grumpy and you just need chocolate chip pancakes. Not gluten free, low sugar, healthy version pancakes, just pancakes." - Jessa Anderson


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