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Collide (Re-Release) [edit]
by Skillet | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: May 25, 2004

This is Skillet's re-release of the album Collide with a new record label. It features one new song: "Open Wounds".

This is a "Lava" re-issue.

John L. Cooper lead vocals, bass guitar
Korey Cooper keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Ben Kasica lead guitar
Lori Peters drums

Track Listing
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01. Forsaken
02. Savior
03. Open Wounds (bonus track)
04. A Little More
05. My Obsession
06. Collide
07. Fingernails
08. Imperfection
09. Under My Skin
10. Energy
11. Cycle Down

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Skillet's Most Intense Effort | Posted May 13, 2010
I must admit, as one who does not like screaming, it took a long time to win me over to Skillet's "Collide," and I still prefer their more recent stuff. But I can no long deny that this is still a great and worthy piece of Skillet's discography.

From the opening riffs of "Forsaken," to the stringed elements of popular hits "Savior" and the title track, to the emotional masterpiece(and definite album highlight) "Imperfection," to the poppy feel or "A Little More" and "Under My Skin," to the final closing riffs of "Cycle Down," there is just so much power in every song that you gotta be impressed.

Now, truthfully, the album isn't perfect. A few songs are a bit overlong, and I still think some of the screaming could be pulled back a bit to the benefit of the tracks. But ultimately, Skillet really turned a corner with this album. They were also great, but this is when they started to get EPIC, and that quality definitely has increased with subsequent albums. So even if it isn't my favorite Skillet release, I definitely can give "Collide" credit for helping to make Skillet the band I love so much today.

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My Favorite Album...period | Posted January 18, 2010
Honestly, I can't think of any "weak" songs on this album. I enjoy every song either musically, lyrically, or both. Forsaken is an attention-getting rocker to start the album, followed by one of my favorites on the album: Savior. Savior is a great song from start to finish, from the catchy acoustic intro to the hard rocking ending with great lyrics throughout the song. Open Wounds is next, with some more rock goodness. Then the album slows down with the beautiful A Little More. This song does a great job of showing Skillet's softer side while still being a very enjoyable song among the harder stuff. Another one of my favorites is My Obsession. This song is simply amazing. A guitar solo would have been nice, but it is still a great song without one. The title track Collide comes next. It would be a great song, but it is longer than it should be. It is a good song for those who were introduced to Skillet through Comatose and enjoy the string parts, as they are very prominent in this song. The rockers Fingernails and Imperfection follow. The latter is yet another favorite of mine, with positive lyrics and a killer guitar solo. The next song slows the pace of the album again. Under My Skin in an average song for Skillet. It is not as good as A Little More, in my opinion. The album closes with two "energetic" rock songs: Energy and Cycle Down. I reccomend this entire album to any fan of Skillet or hard rock.

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cool | Posted January 03, 2010
this CD is awesome!!! it is a really cool Christian rock album!!!! they are my favorite band!!!!! about half the songs are really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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heavier than old skillet | Posted August 27, 2009
Even though this cd is heavier than thier older ones I think its the best next to comatose.My favorite song is either My Obsession or open wonds.Can't wait for Awake on august 25th!

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Best of Skilelt | Posted August 15, 2008
This is the best Skillet album to date, in my opinion. When they played a hard song, it was HARD, when they toned it down, it was soft and still amazing. Every song on this album is amazing both lyrically and musically. Skillet has never done better work musically.

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Forsaken | Posted March 01, 2008
Skillet's follow-up to Alien Youth, this album was even better than the one before... A harder sound, more intense lyrics and just an all-around amazing album, this was what set Skillet on fire for me and helped me to really get some of my friends into them.

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Collide | Posted February 22, 2008
Collide is a great album! its amazing. I like all the songs even though there are one or two that kind of sound the same. BUT its a great cd and i enjoy it sooooo much. the guitar and bass stuff sounds great.

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Collide | Posted February 17, 2008
Oowow!This is one of the greatest worship albums I have ever heard. At first glance this doesn't seem like a worship album, but listening closely and reading lyrics this is definitely a hard rock worship album. The messages of some of the songs not so focused on worship seem to have certain meanings at first glance but have a different meaning upon listening closer. Imperfection for example seems on the surface to be dealing with someone feeling that their appearance is inadequate, but listening closer it seems that it's dealing more with drowning in one's sin as opposed to their physical "imperfections".

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Their Best Album! | Posted September 19, 2007
Personally I never thought I'd ever like Skillet until I heard this album. The lyrics are both thought-provoking and inspirational. My favorite song on this cd is "Imperfections". It's a song about the lies we believe about ourselves waging war against the truth of how God sees and thinks of us.
This is definitely by far their best album!

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RossMan (134)

good | Posted March 19, 2008
this is where skillet finally starts gettin good and depending on the mood im in, then most all of these songs are good especially collide, cycle down, savior, open wounds, energy, and my obsession

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SWRT (37)

This one | Posted September 13, 2007
was awesome. Comatose was cool, but I think this one was a bit better. I like the more rock aspect. Its a lot heavier than Comatose was. Skillet rocks!

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