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Hero (Single) [edit]
by Skillet | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 30, 2009

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01. Hero

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Skillet: Back and Better Than Ever! | Posted August 13, 2009
Skillet stormed their way to the top of the charts time and time again with the seven hit singles from their previous release, Comatose. And now, they are poised to do it again with their new album, Awake.

Hero is the first single from the album, going to Christian CHR and Rock stations. It's already a chart topper and one of Skillet's best songs to date.

While it might not be quite as epic as the lead single from Comatose, the hard hitting Rebirthing, it is still a worthy first single and a highly enjoyable Rock tune that is destined to become a Skillet classic.

Skillet's skilled writing is on full display here and new drummer Jen adds her backup vocals to the son, making for an enjoyable contrast with lead singer John Cooper.

All in all, this is a worthy first single and does a fine job paving the road for Awake, which drops on August 25 and shows the potential to be the best from Skillet yet.

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Worth The Wait | Posted August 07, 2009
Ths is one of those songs that has quickly grown on me. I first heard it on the radio and had no idea it was Skillet untill after it had played...but once I had heard it a few more times I quickly went out to buy the single.

'Hero' just goes to show how much Skillet has matured lyrically and musicaly since 'Comatose' in 2006. Always having that rock edge to all of thier songs, the depth of the groves hits harder in 'Hero' and the tradeoff between John Cooper and new drummer, Jen Ledger's, vocals is brilliant. Lyrically, speaking of the inner hero within all of us, goes back to the ultimate Hero we have in Christ who saved us.

Skillet's new album 'Awake' drops at the end of Augest...and if the whole album is anything like 'Hero', it worth the wait. :)

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Another Great Single! | Posted August 14, 2009
Didn't know we could review singles and hope the full album gets a similar rockin 5 stars from me.

What I like about the song is the lyrics, relevance, rock, and the two vocals featured on it.

Based on all the forum's posted on skillet many people don't care for this song because it is a "typical radio friendly" single. Many people like the older skillet sound that is little more techno/harder rock. This song is similar to their comatose album and seems to pick up where they left off...which works for me. Comatose is my favorite skillet album to date and if alive has a similar style I will love it.

Don't think it is my favorite song of skillet's to date but it could make my top 10 list (have to see what else they offer on the new album). Does have a great skillet sound and think it is a great single to release and get hype, for what I am hoping to be an amazing album.

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LauraCC (255)

Pretty good song | Posted August 14, 2009
I enjoyed this song because of its urgency. "Now" not sometime in the future. The male and female vocals play off each other well. Skillet is a cool band.

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Pretty Good | Posted August 14, 2009
I liked the song, Jen adds a nice touch with her voice. Monster wasn't bad either I'm not sure which was better. For now we just have to wait for the album but it looks like a good one. =)

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djgreen (15)

Ugh. | Posted August 14, 2009
I've always thought Skillet were kind of average, but I was hoping Awake could be an album to put them on my radar. After hearing "Hero" I couldn't help but be disappointed. This song is nothing but an average rock song. I'm not saying that a band should change it up every time they have a new song, but this song just was not catchy at all to me.

I'm not going to totally slam this song or band. This is a decent rock song, but there are so many songs out there that are much better than this and blow it away lyrically. It's not that "Hero" is bad musically or lyrically. I just think that its lyrics are sadly boring and cliche, and the music isn't much different.

I hate to rate it so badly, but what I'm trying to get across is that if you are a fan of Christian rock, pass this up. Although this is by a big name band, there is a lot better out there.

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Hero | Posted August 13, 2009
Hero is the first single by Skillet from the upcoming album, Awake, which is projected to release August 25th. Hero demonstrates the harder aspect of Skillet, as well as awesome guitars. In addition to this, their new drummer, Jen Ledger, takes the role of backup vocals, which adds a nice touch.
In the lyrics, John Cooper sings about our human nature, that we can't make it on our own, we need a HERO. That HERO is our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Altogether, this is a very good song for you rock lovers, and sets high expectations for Awake. And if you haven't heard Skillet before, then you need to!

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