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Birds & Cages by Deas Vail Birds & Cages by Deas Vail
This is the sophmore album for the indie rock/emo band Deas Vail. It's a great CD with great lyrics, great tunes, great music, great vocals, just about great everything :P. Deas Vail has previously released...
Unbreakable by Fireflight Unbreakable by Fireflight
Fireflight is a Christian post-grunge/alternative metal band. I recently bought this CD. It's a cool CD. It's not amazing but it has some great songs. The highlights of the CD are... Unbreakable The...
Ocean Eyes by Owl City Ocean Eyes by Owl City
The first Owl City song I heard, like many other people, was Fireflies. I had never heard of the band until I saw how popular this song was on iTunes. I fell in love with the whimsical lyrics and catchy...

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Bits and Pieces | Posted September-23-2010
Fireflight is a Christian post-grunge/alternative metal band. I recently bought this CD. It's a cool CD. It's not amazing but it has some great songs. The highlights of the CD are...
The Hunger
Stand Up
So Help Me God
Wrapped in Your Arms
Those songs are the best ones on the album. The other ones aren't nearly as memorable. The only problem I had with the CD was that the songs seemed to run togethor. They sounded alike and I had problems getting in to the music and liking it. It just takes a few listens though. Once you get to know each song it becomes a more enjoyable experience :). I would necessarily reccomend buying the whole CD, since IMO about half of the songs aren't really worth the listen, but the songs I listed above are great so I do reccomend getting those off of iTunes or something :P.

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Amazing and Poetic | Posted September-23-2010
This is the sophmore album for the indie rock/emo band Deas Vail. It's a great CD with great lyrics, great tunes, great music, great vocals, just about great everything :P. Deas Vail has previously released a couple of EPs and one full length album. This CD really showcases they're talent for melodies and Wes's falsetto...No one should hesitate to get this album, it's awesome :D! Btw, the band's name means (in Latin and Old French) "Humble Servant of God"...:)

Track List

"The Things You Were"*
"Growing Pains"*
"Cages" *
"Birds" [featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K]*
"Tell Me"
"Dance In Perfect Time"
"Puzzles and Pieces"
"The Great Physician"*
"The Leaper" *
"Atlantis" *

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Bottled Rainbows | Posted September-03-2010
The first Owl City song I heard, like many other people, was Fireflies. I had never heard of the band until I saw how popular this song was on iTunes. I fell in love with the whimsical lyrics and catchy music. I soon after bought Vanilla Twilight and Hot Air Balloon. Discovering that the addictiveness of his music was not limited to only a few songs, I quickly became a fan and bought all the music available. I dove in to some of his other projects as well, which are fantastic.

Every song on this CD is lovely, cute, and dreamy. Even in the songs with a sad undertone, Adam keeps his optimistic attitude and cheerful lyrics. In fact, whenever I'm down, almost nothing makes me feel happier than listening to Adam's cheery voice singing about oceans and stars and flying.

This album is clear and refreshing and makes you feel like you're drinking in sunshine. I recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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GREAT CD!!! | Posted August-21-2010
Track Listing
01) Roses
02) You Gotta Believe
03) Hills and Valleys
04) I Want Something to Live For
05) Walls
06) Pull Myself Together (Don’t Hate Me)
07) Of Men and Angels
08) I Need a Break But I’d Rather Have a Breakthrough
09) Nothing Matters
10) Japanese Exchange Student
11) Tara, I’m Terrible
12) Hey!
13) Let You Go
14) This is a Refuge
15) Light

this is one of the best CDs of all time. I love the way Bryce writes songs that show deep feelings but he's still very optimistic. He has a very original sound too, and he's very talented, doing all the vocals and instruments on the CD.

The first track, Roses, is about how we have doubts but we continue on in our pursuit of Christ, even through the troubles and pain. I love these lyrics "Keep holding on, all I got is holding on these roses, the thorns keep on digging but my soul believes...I see! And it's reminding me that the thorns you wear is love that we must share." Very powerful.

"You Gotta Believe" is the second track on the album. Bryce had a contest of sorts for fans to be in the video. It's very cool, check it out :). The song itself is a tell off to everyone who thinks they know everything and are always telling other people that they're doing it wrong. Normally, songs like this tend to be disrespectful and arrogant themselves, but Bryce cleverly and humbly writes the right words for this.

The third song is "Hills and Valleys". I'm not 100% positive about this, but I believe it's about Bryce missing his wife, Tara, while he's out touring and how he wants to take her with him. I know that now she goes with him and sells his merch, so maybe the song worked ;).

"I Want Something to Live For", as the fifth track, is a great song about how we go through times in our walk where we don't feel as passionate for Christ as we did before, and how we want that drive back.

The sixth track, and only single, of this CD is "Walls". This is a very moving and encouraging song about how in the midst of our depression and addictions, we can call out and reach out to God and He'll be there to help us through whatever is going on. This song is very powerful, teaching us to trust in God even when things don't make sense and we feel alone.

The next track is "Pull Myself Together (Don't Hate Me)". Probably the poppiest song on this LP, it's about how people can change and how alot of us are different from what we used to be. But it's still hard for me to get past what you were, and you're trying to convince them you're different, and to not hate you for the past. To give you a second chance.

The title track for this CD starts off with an amazingly beautiful piano intro. This song has the message of the whole CD contained in it's word- love. We all need it and whatever we do means nothing if we don't have it. I also like the other message in this song. In the chorus Bryce sings "look, here I am dear Lord tasting hints of fame. I don't want it anymore if it's not you that I gain. Wanna fall at your feet, don't wanna fall from your peace." I love that Bryce really has the right motives in mind with the music he makes.

"I Need a Break...But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough" is the next song. An amazing anthem about how sometimes we feel completely overwhelmed and tired with the fight we are always in but realizing that we need a breakthrough in our lives more than we need a rest from spiritual warfare.

The intro to the next song, "Nothing Matters", is so catchy! I mention that b/c it got my friend to like the song, and he never likes anything I like, so for that I was glad :P. This song is amazing! It's about how nothing matters but love and we should act on that. Really powerful.

This next song I'm not too sure about. It's called "Japanese Exchange Student". I used to be addicted to it when the CD first came out but now I don't like it too much. The words are ok, but idk. What it's about is cool )how everyone only pays attention to other people if they think they can get something out of it) but I guess I just don't like the last bit where Bryce sings "I love the Japanese, and those from Japan and over seas. I love the Japanese do you love the Japanese and those from Japan and over seas?" it's just a little weird.

"Tara, I'm Terrible" is a really sweet song for his wife, Tara. I really like the mainly acoustic sound. It's cool :).

"Hey!" is actually a loop song he plays at concerts and finally recorded for a CD. It's really catchy and has a great message.

The next track, "Let You Go", is about how sometimes you have to let go of people in your life and let them pursue other things and people. We should still wish them the best, even though it's hard and we don't want to do it. This song I really felt personally, like alot of the others.

I think "This Is a Refuge" is about how our home is in the Lord and we're safe and protected in Him. Very catchy and good.

The last song, "Light", is another really good one. I especially love the bridge
"I am yours, do what you wish
I am yours, I am yours and I know this
Whatever happens next is in your hands, in your plans
Nothing less
In everything there is a choice
Through the joy, through the pain I will rejoice
I am yours, do what you wish
I am yours, I am yours and I know this"
I love the complete confidence that Bryce has in Christ.

So overall, this is an AMAZING CD. Go and buy it. Now. Yes you. :P

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Not Great as a Whole | Posted August-12-2010
No one can deny that Hayley Williams (Paramore's lead singer) has talent. Her voice is amazing and she just rocks out on stage.

The band has a knack for writing catchy tunes. Most of their songs are (musically) very well written. I love their style and the tune of nearly every song.

Unfortunately, somtimes b/c their music is so good, you don't pay attention to the lyrics. Most of their songs are fine but they do the occasional bad lyric. On "Careful" Hayley sings, several times, "the truth never set me free so I'll do it myself". She claims to be a Christian, so she should know that Christ (the truth!) saves us. We can't free ourselves. Also, "The Only Exception" talks about how love never lasts and it always fails and it doesn't exist. I know most marriages today don't last, and most relationships aren't centered around true love, but some people do have it. It's very hard to have true love (romantic or not) but it does exist.

There are good songs though. "Ignorance" and "Playing God" are about those who are too concerned about judging other people to realize they're not so holy themselves. The realization that we must go through hard times to get better is made in "Turn it Off". In "Brick by Boring Brick", a girl's childish dreams are crushed when she realizes this world isn't perfect. When we live in our fantasies, we our centered on ourselves and not on how life really is and how we can help make it better.

So this is a decent CD. But I wouldn't suggest buying the whole thing, just a few songs.

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Heavenly Music | Posted May-07-2010
this CD is amazing. Just plain amazing. Some of the music actually made me cry, not that it takes much to do so but... :P

Musically, Phil has taken it to the next level. His vocals soar, giving each of his songs the feel of a heavenly anthem. This album greatly reminds me of Leeland's "Love is on the Move" b/c you can feel that the music came from Heaven. It just overflows of God and His beauty and majesty. "In His City" makes me cry from it's beauty. The strings in "The Time is Now" bring joy to my heart. All the vocals and tunes are perfect on this CD. Incredibly catchy and beautiful. Heaven inspired.

The first, third, and last track sum up the message of the whole album. A longing for Christ and to be with Him. To have what we had in "Eden". To sing our "Heaven Song". To choose between "Heaven and Earth". We Christians should be desiring God and want to go to Heaven. We should want to be "In His City". We shouldn't be clinging to the false treasures of this world! We should be anticipating His "(Your) Arrival". We shouldn't be afraid of judgement and the rapture and the end of the world. We have God! Who cares what happens when He comes! It's JESUS COMING! To be with him should be the greatest desire in our hearts.

I know how it feels to be scared of the end of the world. I've always hated reading the book of Revelation and I always felt dread at the coming of God. I hated the idea of judgement and having to go through the horrors at the end of days. But that was b/c I didn't have a real relationship with Him. When someone really loves God, they can't live without Him. They have that constant urge to spend time with Him and read His word. I didn't have that. I can now honestly say I do. Phil Wickham's music has brought me closer to God and changed my view of Him. All I long for now is to see the sky break open and hear the trumpet sound. To be present for the coming of my Lord! I am "Coming Alive". "The Time is Now" to change your view of Christ's coming. To change your relationship with Him. To get closer to Him. To stop your hidden sins. To give yourself completely to him. Do it now before it's too late.

wow that turned out more like a sermon than a CD review :P.

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A Realistic Romance | Posted March-14-2010
I love this book because it has realistic characters. Anyone knows at least one person who is like a character in the books-an annoying flirt, a seemingly rude and arrogant hottie, an embarrassing mom, an unfortunate friend, etc. Jane's sharp and biting wit makes the story an extra winner in my book, though some of the "flowery" language may scare off someone who doesn't regurarly read classics.

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Best "Breakup Album" Ever! | Posted May-07-2010
I got this CD for Christmas *yay me*! Ok so here's my review of FANSD. I would have done just one review of the whole CD but it's so...idk, really really complex and each song is really individual so idk I guess each song needed it's own little review...btw I love this CD. It's my third favorite of theirs. :D

1. Forget and Not Slow Down
-this song is hands down the best one on the album. It is really the only song that's not about a girl/relationship (not that I'm opposed to those) but it has a really great message. Not to mention that it is REALLY catchy- I heard it about 3 times before I got the CD and I already had it stuck in my head

2. I Don't Need A Soul
-this is also one of my faves on the CD. It is kinda about a breakup but it's done well and I also think it has a great message. We really don't need anyone but Jesus to live (for). And it also is really catchy .

3. Candlelight
-I really like this song. Classic RK style- clever cute lyrics, and a nice catchy tune. I also like the "Flare" after it (the way it's sung drives my sisters insane, I always sing it *the solar flare shines through her hair...* )

5. Part of It
-this is a nice song but it's not one of the best. It does have some good lyrics and isn't a depressing breakup song. So it gets props for that

7. Therapy
-I like this song. One of the few breakup songs that's not a pain to listen to.

8. Over It
-I must say I dislike this song. There are very few RK songs I actually don't like but this is one of them. It just isn't the best lyrically and the feeling it gives me is not the best (one of those kinda depressing breakup songs...)I don't even love the tune (maybe b/c it's a little jazzy)

9. Sahara
-I do enjoy this song. It sounds a little like "I Need You" from Five Score (or let me say it makes me think of it...). Nice song, with cool lyrics. I like it alot. Their best "rock" song. It has a lot of depth and emotion.

11. Savannah
-this song isn't amazing but it's catchy, clever and cute

13. If You Believe Me
-like Savannah, it's not especially good but it has slightly better lyrics I think. Just not one of the strong points of the CD.

14 and 15. This is the End (If You Want)
-I can't say how much I love this (these) song(s). Words can't describe it's awesomeness. Matt's raw emotion in it is just plain amazing- it makes me cry every single time I listen to it. Plus it has BEAUTIFUL piano . There's only on bitty phrase I don't like but the rest of the song makes up for it. It's definetly one of RK's best songs ever- one of their masterpieces...

I do think this CD is worth the buy, but if you don't like breakup songs and sad songs, then I wouldn't exactly reccomend it.

just my two cents

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A Great CD | Posted March-10-2010
Some of Sanctus Real’s greatest songs are on here. I love the depth and meaning they have in the lyrics, and the music is amazing. “I’m Not All Right” and “Don’t Give Up” are both great songs with great messages. I love this CD!

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A Moving and Grooving Meaningful CD | Posted March-10-2010
Tonight is TobyMac's newest CD, the most anticipated album of 2010. The album opens strongly with the track "Tonight" , with guest vocals done by John Cooper of Skillet. The popular song has elements of techno thrown in. In fact, the whole album is a great blend of different genres such as rock, pop, urban, and hip hop. "Tonight" features a theme that runs through the whole album-we need God. And we need him now and forever. We need him Tonight.

I wanna feel a new day
(There's gotta be more than this)
I wanna live a new way
(There's gotta be more)
I wanna feel a new day
(There's gotta be more)
I wanna live a new way
(There's just gotta be more)

Right here, right now
Under the stars, I promise you my heart

Cause it starts tonight!

It's an anthem about our ever-present need for God. The album continues to entertain and uplift with "Get Back Up", "Funky Jesus Music", "City on Our Knees", and "Showstopper". "Changed Forever" is basically a redemption story, Been touched before but never Your embrace, had a soul to lose and the world to gain, but then You whispered my name. Then the lyrics pick up at the chorus with Then I saw Your face just a glimpse of Your face, and my whole world changed. Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever, changed forever now. Nirva Dorsaint-Ready (Toby's supporting vocalist) does great guest vocals on this song. Her voice adds a ton of musical depth to the song.

"Hold On" "is very personal,” Toby says. “Many lines are there to encourage my wife, but I know those lines could encourage anybody in a relationship. " "Loud n' Clear" is truDog's 2010 return, his best addition to an album yet, I think, featuring his 3 year old brother, Judah. "Hey Devil" is basically about a girl telling a guy she doesn't need him in her life and he's ruining her. "Wonderin'" (featuring Matt Thiessen) is a song in which Toby reflects on dc Talk. "Captured" is a great song singing of how we are captured by choice by God's love. He's so amazing we just want to be with him and only him. Talking about choices and struggles in a relationship is "Start Somewhere". This song states that we need to do something and not just sit by and wait for the problems to get worse. Israel Houghton and Toby sing to God to reveal Himself in the Jamaican-influenced song "Break Open the Sky". The CD finishes off with the a radio version of the GRAMMY-nominated "City On Our Knees".

Tonight is one of those CDs that makes you want to get up and move. But it's not just a dance CD, it's a powerful and meaningful record. A hymn to God for grace and mercy, crying of our need for Him here and now. Though it has serious tones, Toby's songs are catchy, and usually once you hear a song or two, you'll find yourself humming it for the rest of the day. If you don't like songs with a beat or good messages, then stay clear of this album. It's definetly Toby's best CD, and now one of my all-time favorites.

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