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Forget And Not Slow Down [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 06, 2009

The stats speak for themselves: three certified Gold albums, a Grammy nomination, two Dove awards, and television performances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, just to name a few.

Forget And Not Slow Down adds to the already impressive stat sheet. Blending thought-provoking lyrics with the signature Relient K sound, this album will appeal to any fan of the band over their lengthy career.

Track Listing
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0. Where Do I Go From Here (acoustic) [Japan bonus track]
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01. Forget And Not Slow Down (feat. Tim Skipper of House Of Heroes)
02. I Don't Need A Soul
03. Candlelight
04. Flare (Outro)
05. Part Of It
06. (Outro)
07. Therapy (feat. Brian McSweeney of Seven Day Jesus)
08. Over It
09. Sahara (feat. Tim Skipper of House Of Heroes, Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime, and Aaron Gillespie of Underoath/The Almost)
10. Oasis (Intro)
11. Savannah
12. Baby (Outro)
13. If You Believe Me (feat. Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime)
14. This Is The End
15. (If You Want It)
16. Terminals [Amazon Bonus Track]
18. Where Do I Go From Here (acoustic) [Japan bonus track]
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19. [untitled] [Digipak]
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20. [untitled] [Digipak]
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Relient K [Forget And Not Slow Down] | Posted October 16, 2009
Relient K?s new album Forget And Not Slow Down is their first project since taking helm of their newly revived record label, Mono Vs. Stereo. Since 2000 they?ve released five full-length albums (three are certified Gold), five EPs and a Christmas record. They have toured the globe, and racked up several hit singles, a Grammy nomination and two Dove Awards. Title track ?Forget And Not Slow Down? is the best new Relient K song I?ve heard since ?Be My Escape? from my previous favorite Relient K album, 2004?s MmHmm. I love the band Death Cab for Cutie and if you liked Plans by Death Cab for Cutie then you need to hear Forget And Not Slow Down.

To prep for Forget And Not Slow Down, Thiessen retreated to a remote house in Winchester, Tenn. in isolation for several months writing material for the new record. During his sojourn, Thiessen stayed in constant contact with Hoopes and the rest of the band ? drummer Ethan Luck, bassist John Warne and guitarist Jon Schneck - sharing song ideas and mapping out a direction for the album. For Thiessen, the solitary creative process was a lot like prayer. ?Songwriting and praying are kind of synonymous for me,? he says. ?You?re using your heart, you?re using your brain, you?re collecting your thoughts, inner emotions, and putting them all together, and you?re saying, ?Where does this all fit into my life???

The results of that songwriting effort are evident as I was hooked from the opening notes of "Forget And Not Slow Down" right to the end of ?This Is The End? (If You Want It)?. The album is truly a musical and lyrical journey and as a fan of emotional style rock like Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional, this hook-filled album really works for me. In fact, Matt Thiessen?s vocals remind me of Ben Gibbard?s vocal style on this album. Some other stand-out songs for me are ?I Don?t Need A Soul?, ?Candlelight?, ?Part Of It?, ?Therapy?, ?Savannah?, ?If You Believe Me? and ?This Is The End? (If You Want It)?.

This album is now my favorite overall album by Relient K and one of my top 10 overall albums of 2009. Every song is catchy and flavored with Relient K?s signature pop-punk sound, and for me Forget And Not Slow Down tops all of their previous albums and reflects the maturity and polish of a band that has found their niche and is Relient K's crowning achievement in my opinion.

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Nathan (188)

Different, Mature, and Good | Posted November 04, 2009
Forget And Not Slow Down sis not a Relient K album. Yes, on the side of an album is says ‘Relient K’, but comparing this release to Relient K’s career is difficult. This Relient K uses five new weapons they have never unitized before, but now reveal on their sixth studio project.

1) This is the first time Relient K has never featured a title track. Leading off the album is “Forget And Not Slow Down” and uses an up tempo pop rock sound which is different for the band since until recently the group has been categorized as a catchy, upbeat, punk rock group.

2) This is the first time Relient K has approached an album with a theme. None of the band’s previous five albums came close to covering a particular topic like Forget And Not Slow Down does on relationships. An expansion on that theme, forgetting and moving on emotionally, is especially evident on the title track, the final track, and “Over It” (‘No I don't know what's over just yet/But I won't go slow and time can let the mind forget’). Since the entire album dwells on relationships and, centrally, falling outs, it’s not surprising to guess where the source of songwriter Matthew Thiessen gloom comes from: Thiessen’s break up with his fiancée earlier this year.

3) This is the first time Relient K has released an album which clocked out under 45 minutes. The band’s self titled debut had previously been Relient K’s shortest full length project as it finished just over 46 minutes. The inclusion of one intro and three ourtros is another strange addition to Forget And Not Slow downs mix, so when you factor those sub-1:50 long tracks it takes even more off the album time. However while the shortness of the alum is disappointing quality always beats quantity.

4) This is the first time Relient K has used guest singers. This is only partly true due to Jon Forman’s late addition to the bands epic finale “Deathbed”, but the heavy onslaught of guest vocalists is startling. Tim Skipper of House Of Heroes vocal addition to the title track goes relatively unnoticed but his, and Aaron Gillespie of Underoath / The Almost along with Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime do much to improve the bridge of the lone rock song, “Sahara.” After Matt MacDonald also shows up again on “If You Believe Me” it begs two questions: first, does Relient K need guest singers and two, do they make the album better? Well yes, and no. The guest vocals on “Sahara”, and particularly Gillespie, provides a nice fresh substitute instead of Thiessen’s voice on the rock track. But the pointless backing vocals on the other two tracks are just that: pointless.

5) This is the first time Relient K has left a huge musical gap between albums. When Releint K’s fifth album, Five Score And Seven Years Ago, was released fans were shocked at how different it sounded. But the musical bridge between Mmhmm and Five Score… (helped out by the Apathetic EP) wasn’t nearly as big as the gap between Five Score… and Forget And Not Slow Down. Comparing Five Score… to Forget And Not Slow Down is difficult because with the exception of the rock track “Sahara” (which might be compared to radio hit “Devastation and Reform”) and “Candle Light” which has the same country/folk pop sound as the Bird and Bee Sides EP. Some terrific upbeat pop/rock tracks like “Therapy” and “I Don’t Need A Soul” have slight old Relient K throwback beats but they don’t sound like Relient K’s fifth studio album.

These five differences add up to one strange Relient K album. Or does it? Forget And Not Slow Down is not only the band’s most smooth project, it’s also their most mature and artistic. It should be easy for Relient K fans to settle into this sound, which will be more of an acquired taste, but one which will fill fan’s appetites and top their favorite’s list for years to come. However it’s unlikely Relient K will let fans become so comfortable.

After all it’s about forgetting. And more importantly, about forgetting to slow down.

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art10 (114)

Trailers & Lake Houses, or Serenity and Inspiration Intertwined | Posted October 12, 2009
After 10 years of mostly solid albums, surely it must be time for a least some type of a fluke, right? While there is some jarring changes in the album, this is Relient K, they NEVER disappoint! Relient K is also like Tiger Woods in that they are constantly refining themselves, but this time it seems there is the tale of two albums.

Highlights Include:
Forget And Not Slow Down
Part of It
If You Believe Me
This Is The End (If You Want It)

"Forget And Not Slow Down" starts off the album in the solidly rocking effort you've come to expect from the band, and despite my first impressions, it's actually quite catchy. It's a hybrid between the two sounds on this album, and the result is nothing short of amazing.

Tracks 2-10 seem more like an organic version of "Mmhmm," as in they kind of have the same sound, but they're mostly done exceptionally well. This is where most of the outro segments come in, and they work as a cohesive unit to unite the pace/sound of the album, and it works fairly well. Upon first listen, I didn't dig this segment too much, but it's also the type where you really have to sit on it and let it grow on you, because many have argued it contains some of Matt Thiessen's most genius work yet, both lyrically and musically. On that sense, it's also very thoughtful or meditative in a way, even though it ponders mostly on relationships.

Tracks 11-15 are really a scattered shift both musically and tonally that are really differentiated from the rest of the album. This is really defined by "Savannah," which is carried over from an Africa-themed title line preceding it, but is actually a ditty about the quaint Georgia town... Or is it about a girl? Or is it about the African grass? See it's genius. This is only enforced by the great musical buildup, the inspired lyrics, and the sheer pleasantness of it all.

"This Is the End (If You Want It)" is a great little scatterbrained 5-minute epic that although has a rather simple subject, goes from rock to punk, crashes, then burns off slowly in piano form, slowly burning through its rapturing embers. Also, this maybe just me, but it scares me when an album's last track leaves it open for a goodbye, as in the band could break up at any time. So in response to the title I say, 'No, I don't want this to be the end. Keep being brilliant!'

Overall, Forget And Not Slow Down is like a perfectly refrigerated sandwich, it needs time to sit before it's just perfect. It's not exactly what I was expecting from the album, but it all works well together and Matt Thiessen just cements the fact that he is a musical genius, or a pop/rock Bob Dylan if you will. Fans will grow to love, haters will be won over, and all others should check out first before you buy.

Note: If you got the Amazon.com exclusive bonus track "Terminals," then you will find what sounds like a mashup of Relient K and Owl City. It's an acoustic electro dream that's surprisingly solid on its own.

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Forget and Not Slow Down | Posted October 01, 2009
I love this new album!

It's reminiscent of their Nashville Tennis EP, with its largely acoustic/backwoodsey sound and profound lyrical content. Matty T's sojourn to rural Tennessee during the writing for the album shows up in every track.

Bouncy, beautiful, and melodious, Relient K leans a little more to their Indie side during a few songs, but then seamlessly return to their pop-punk roots the next.

Favorite tracks: "Candlelight" and "Savannah"

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Musically and lyrically, Relient K's latest work is easily their best. | Posted January 04, 2011
If you know anything at all about Relient K, you would certainly know about their witty and occasionally outlandish lyrics and punk rock-like sound. They’ve been about as innocent as can be all throughout their career, but never afraid to admit to personal faults and painful mistakes. The band’s sixth and latest album, Forget and Not Slow Down, finds Matt Thiessen and the group in a very different place than they’ve ever been before, both musically and lyrically, for a record that’s all about perspective… and making a sound as catchy as humanly possible.

I think it’s only fair to get this fact out of the way before going any further: Forget and Not Slow Down is a breakup album. Apparently, Matt Thiessen (the band’s lead singer) broke up with his fiancé sometime between when he wrote the band’s previous record and this one. Many of the songs on Forget represent what he went through, so the context is certainly helpful in interpreting his lyrics. But what makes this album unique is that it’s not about wallowing in self-pity for the pains of the breakup: it’s all about perspective, and realizing that “Without you I’m still whole, you and life remain beautiful,” and “If a nightmare ever does unfold, perspective is a lovely hand to hold.”

What’s also so fantastic about the album’s lyrics is how they can easily apply to just about any rough situation in life. There are songs about moving on despite a shameful past (“Forget and Not Slow Down”), putting difficult issues in perspective (“Part Of It”), and realizing that pride is most likely the cause the fall (“Sahara”). The clever songwriting makes all of these songs memorable and easy to relate to even if you’ve never even been in a romantic relationship, which makes this record all the more personal and brilliant.

There are lyrical highlights that must be specifically mentioned, too. The title track is pretty much the “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” of the record, as Thiessen sings “I could spend my life just trying to sift through what I could’ve done better but what good do what-ifs do?” It’s an encouraging song like no other that the band has written, because it’s a powerful reminder that despite past mistakes, you can and should seek forgiveness and reconciliation and continue moving forward in life. “Sahara” is a potent metaphor about how pride comes before a fall as depicted by a lion that has apparently lost his throne (“Was it the lying or the pride that brought him down?”). “Part Of It” puts things in perspective by remembering that we are all a part of something greater than ourselves, “Therapy” is a refreshing reminder to seek direction from God, and “If You Believe Me” seems to encourage submission to the truth, no matter how difficult it may be (“If you believe me, it means you have to disbelieve yourself.”)

Musically, Forget is quite noticeably different than other works from Relient K. The guitars sound especially organic, making each song sound wonderfully alive. A heavier emphasis is also placed on the piano, especially in the catchy “I Don’t Need a Soul” and the powerful, moving second half of the album closer “This Is The End (If You Want It).” Most of the songs are outrageously catchy in some way, whether it be the epic harmonies in the bridge on “Sahara” (featuring some phenomenal guest vocals from Matt MacDonald (The Classic Crime), Tim Skipper (House of Heroes), and Aaron Gillespie (The Almost)), the delightfully entertaining “Candlelight,” or the plentiful acoustic guitar picking of “Savannah.” And then there’s “Over It,” which may be the album’s weakest track, but successfully employs some of the types of sound that made the band’s unique Nashville Tennis EP (better known as the first half of The Bird and the Bee Sides) so successful. Musically, Forget is easily Relient K’s strongest work yet because they have found a way to be catchier than ever while also making a sound that really comes alive.

At the end of it all, Forget and Not Slow Down proves to be a simply fantastic album from a band that already has a great track record. In my opinion it’s the best work from Relient K to date for the life and catchiness of the music and personal yet relatable lyrics. It’s sad that it took such a difficult situation in Thiessen’s life to bring about this record, but I think it’s safe to say that God uses heartbreak and sorrow to give us a new perspective that comes closer to matching His perfect view, because perspective is indeed a lovely hand to hold. I’m thankful that God has gifted these musicians to write songs like these that make me consider how to seek out His direction and perspective on all of life’s trials.

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Best "Breakup Album" Ever! | Posted May 07, 2010
I got this CD for Christmas *yay me*! Ok so here's my review of FANSD. I would have done just one review of the whole CD but it's so...idk, really really complex and each song is really individual so idk I guess each song needed it's own little review...btw I love this CD. It's my third favorite of theirs. :D

1. Forget and Not Slow Down
-this song is hands down the best one on the album. It is really the only song that's not about a girl/relationship (not that I'm opposed to those) but it has a really great message. Not to mention that it is REALLY catchy- I heard it about 3 times before I got the CD and I already had it stuck in my head

2. I Don't Need A Soul
-this is also one of my faves on the CD. It is kinda about a breakup but it's done well and I also think it has a great message. We really don't need anyone but Jesus to live (for). And it also is really catchy .

3. Candlelight
-I really like this song. Classic RK style- clever cute lyrics, and a nice catchy tune. I also like the "Flare" after it (the way it's sung drives my sisters insane, I always sing it *the solar flare shines through her hair...* )

5. Part of It
-this is a nice song but it's not one of the best. It does have some good lyrics and isn't a depressing breakup song. So it gets props for that

7. Therapy
-I like this song. One of the few breakup songs that's not a pain to listen to.

8. Over It
-I must say I dislike this song. There are very few RK songs I actually don't like but this is one of them. It just isn't the best lyrically and the feeling it gives me is not the best (one of those kinda depressing breakup songs...)I don't even love the tune (maybe b/c it's a little jazzy)

9. Sahara
-I do enjoy this song. It sounds a little like "I Need You" from Five Score (or let me say it makes me think of it...). Nice song, with cool lyrics. I like it alot. Their best "rock" song. It has a lot of depth and emotion.

11. Savannah
-this song isn't amazing but it's catchy, clever and cute

13. If You Believe Me
-like Savannah, it's not especially good but it has slightly better lyrics I think. Just not one of the strong points of the CD.

14 and 15. This is the End (If You Want)
-I can't say how much I love this (these) song(s). Words can't describe it's awesomeness. Matt's raw emotion in it is just plain amazing- it makes me cry every single time I listen to it. Plus it has BEAUTIFUL piano . There's only on bitty phrase I don't like but the rest of the song makes up for it. It's definetly one of RK's best songs ever- one of their masterpieces...

I do think this CD is worth the buy, but if you don't like breakup songs and sad songs, then I wouldn't exactly reccomend it.

just my two cents

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LauraCC (255)

How I listened | Posted January 29, 2010
Mostly one track at a time, finally finishing it today. I like the title track a lot. The others are good, but with the weird unlisted end parts to songs, and the last song going all around the place, it fell flat at the end.

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not slowing down | Posted December 12, 2009
forget and not slow down, relient k's latest release, is filled with catchy tunes and well written lyrics. through the years it is easy to see a maturing on the part of the band. their earlier projects have been filled with a fun and often silly honesty which has helped make the band popular. these albums had a very punk rock kind of sound which was very appealing to the teens who made up most of their fan base. their best release of their punk phase was definitely Mmhmm. their maturity began to show more in five score and seven years ago with such songs as up and up, devastation and reform, and death bed. the bird and the bee sides was a great album showing the band's seriousness about their music but also showing that they could still have fun. forget and not slow down is much more serious though. the band's music has definitely reached maturity and their lyrics and sound show it. mat drew a lot on the emotion of breaking up with his fiancée in his lyrics on this cd. and the music is as good as it's ever been. but the sound does reflect a level of experience and comfort in the way the music was written. the amount of time the band has been together and their experience in writing really comes out in songs like i don't need a soul, over it, and if you believe me. i really enjoyed it. it's a good album.

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username2 (375)

A Strong Nomination For Album of the Year. | Posted October 23, 2009
Relient K has reinvented themselves yet again with the release of their latest album. It's one of the best albums I have heard this year alone. It comes in shorter than their other albums at 43 minutes but it is the best 43 minutes you will ever have this year. It's full of fast paced timing and melodic hooks. Matt Thiessen's songwriting is yet again a highlight as he pushes the band into a more mature zone yet he still manages to keep the songs very Relient-K esque.

I read somewhere that someone related Relient K to the Beatles and I can say that this can be true. Relient K is changing their sound every album, making these little innovations that are very subtle and are still keeping them fresh to listeners old and new. If you want something different, pick this album up.

BTW: The cover of this album is probably the best album cover of the year.

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The Best Ever | Posted October 19, 2009
"Forget And Not Slow Down" is the most creative and amazing album ever. That's Matt Thiessen for you. Sitting alone near a lake, writing unique lyrics.

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Amazing CD | Posted October 14, 2009
I got the forget and not slow down cd last week when it came out and since Relient K is my favourite band I was expecting a lot out of them and they did not disappoint. Many of the songs are very catchy and have gotten stuck in my head. I also like where the group is going, they have grown up a lot in the past few years and I still a very loyal fan after this very good cd.

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