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Brand New Eyes [edit]
by Paramore | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 29, 2009

In January 2009, Josh Farro spoke about the band's upcoming third studio album. Talking to Kerrang!, Farro said: "We're gonna try to [record] it in Nashville. I think writing the album there will inspire us, and then if we record there too it'll be a lot easier since we can sleep in our beds at night rather than in hotels like the other 300 days out of the year! We're not sure who's going to produce the record yet. We did "Decode" with [producer] Rob Cavallo, which was a good experience, but we're looking around and don't want to make any decisions until we have a lot of songs and we know what we're looking for. We really enjoy our live sound and we want a producer who can really capture that."[44]

On January 21, 2009, it was announced that Paramore will be the special guest with Bedouin Soundclash, The Sounds and Janelle Monae at the No Doubt Summer Tour 2009, starting in May 2009 in outdoor amphitheaters and arenas across the US and Canada.[45]

Paramore has completed production of their third studio album, titled "brand new eyes"[46], which is planned to be released on 29th September 2009.[47] According to the band's LiveJournal, Rob Cavallo (known for also producing Paramore's "Decode" and several other bands' albums such as Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Less Than Jake and My Chemical Romance) produced the third studio album.[48] "Ignorance" was released July 7 as the first single from "brand new eyes". In a recent interview Hayley Williams said the band had just recorded a performance for MTV Unplugged, and it will be airing on MTV in mid-September. The official music video for "Ignorance" aired on all MTV platforms, networks, and websites on August 13, 2009. Paramore have annouced on their official site that they will be hitting intimate venues across the USA. The tours starts September 29th (The day of 'brand new eyes' release) and ends November 1st in their home town.[49]

Track Listing
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01. Careful
02. Ignorance
03. Playing God
04. Brick by Boring Brick
05. Turn It Off
06. The Only Exception
07. Feeling Sorry
08. Looking Up
09. Where the Lines Overlap
10. Misguided Ghosts
11. All I Wanted
12. Ignorance (Acoustic Version) [iTunes Bonus Track]
13. Brick By Boring Brick (Acoustic Version) [iTunes Bonus Track]
14. Turn It Off (Acoustic Version) [iTunes Bonus Track]

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Paramore "Brand New Eyes" Review | Posted January 27, 2013
 Careful-5/5 Great way to kick the album off. Love how in the verses it starts out with drums and vocals and then the guitars crash in. Perfect opener

Ignorance-5/5 First single. Love all the lead guitar parts Josh Farro does on this song (too bad he left). Great song

Playing God-5/5 A song that's still upbeat, but with a more lighter approach. I like Haley William's vocals on the chorus

Brick By Boring Brick-5/5 Favorite song on the whole album. The chorus is what drew me in, but everything else about it is stellar. Nice guitar parts once again

Turn It Off-4.5/5 This is one of the more slower songs. It has a good intro riff. This one isn't my favorite, but not bad by any means

The Only Exception-5/5 Another slow song. It sounds really pretty. I love Haley's vocals on it

Feeling Sorry-4/5 The album picks up the pace again with this song. Great intro riff. Personally, I don't think it's the best on the album

Looking Up-5/5 This I wasn't a huge fan of at first, but it's really grown on me and become one of my personal favorites. Love the guitar parts on it. I also think it's cool that when you think the song is about to end, it keeps going. Great track

Where The Lines Overlap-4/5 This I feel is also not the best. I like some of the guitar work and the chorus is really good

Misguided Ghosts-5/5 I never thought Paramore would do an acoustic song, but here it is and it's great!!! One of my personal favorite, and this one is fun to play on guitar.

All I Wanted-4/5 The album closes out a little slower. This song is more of a power ballad, personally I don't think it's the best

Overall Impression: This is my favorite Paramore album!!! Although Riot! is very good too. It's hard to say which one's best as Riot! is more punky while Brand New Eyes leans more to the alternative side. Great album though! 10/10!

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Absolutely Amazing CD | Posted December 06, 2010
I bought this cd from Target one day. I knew i loved Paramore so i thought why nt buy their new cd. Each song was very inspirational to me. The lyrics really touched my heart in just about every song. My favorite song on the cd would probably have to be Turn It Off. Mostly because it's totally right about the world today. All our spite should be turned off. That we are all working toward something that doesn't really matter. It won't amount to anything in the end. This cd is so inspirational. i've actually wrote the lyrics to a few songs from the cd in my prayer journal, so i can look back on them. I've put this cd on my ipod and listen to it when i go running too. A+ on this CD for sure!

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Not Great as a Whole | Posted August 12, 2010
No one can deny that Hayley Williams (Paramore's lead singer) has talent. Her voice is amazing and she just rocks out on stage.

The band has a knack for writing catchy tunes. Most of their songs are (musically) very well written. I love their style and the tune of nearly every song.

Unfortunately, somtimes b/c their music is so good, you don't pay attention to the lyrics. Most of their songs are fine but they do the occasional bad lyric. On "Careful" Hayley sings, several times, "the truth never set me free so I'll do it myself". She claims to be a Christian, so she should know that Christ (the truth!) saves us. We can't free ourselves. Also, "The Only Exception" talks about how love never lasts and it always fails and it doesn't exist. I know most marriages today don't last, and most relationships aren't centered around true love, but some people do have it. It's very hard to have true love (romantic or not) but it does exist.

There are good songs though. "Ignorance" and "Playing God" are about those who are too concerned about judging other people to realize they're not so holy themselves. The realization that we must go through hard times to get better is made in "Turn it Off". In "Brick by Boring Brick", a girl's childish dreams are crushed when she realizes this world isn't perfect. When we live in our fantasies, we our centered on ourselves and not on how life really is and how we can help make it better.

So this is a decent CD. But I wouldn't suggest buying the whole thing, just a few songs.

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2bethere (10)

the cd | Posted April 06, 2010
paramore is one of the best band i listen to. on their new CD they have a new person in the band and it seems that he fits right in this CD is the best CD by them they know what to do and that is what they do they7 work hard to be where they are and has work a long the why to get here from twilight to the mew CD this band has not given up on their dreams this CD is the best

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Diffeent in a good way | Posted December 28, 2009
I have to say that I have only recently come to begin listening to Paramore with their new release Brand New Eyes, and for me it is definitely a different sound for Christian music. Don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoy it, it is just different from the stuff I am used to listening to.

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Woot! | Posted October 05, 2009
I absolutely LOVE this CD!!! Paramore has come such a long way from their first album. Their songs are catchier and their sound more mature... I'm already aching for the next release from them!! I hope they record it FAST! :D

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Anticipation | Posted September 23, 2009
Much anticipation for Paramore's new album Brand New Album. Their hit single ignorance has sparked a flame that cannot be put out.Brick by Boring Brick" is expected to be the second single from the album, with "The Only Exception" to follow as the third single.Hayley Williams own lyrics will make this Paramore's most personal album.Available Sept.29

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