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A Moving and Grooving Meaningful CD
Posted March 10, 2010
By sadie_hawkins94,

Tonight is TobyMac's newest CD, the most anticipated album of 2010. The album opens strongly with the track "Tonight" , with guest vocals done by John Cooper of Skillet. The popular song has elements of techno thrown in. In fact, the whole album is a great blend of different genres such as rock, pop, urban, and hip hop. "Tonight" features a theme that runs through the whole album-we need God. And we need him now and forever. We need him Tonight.

I wanna feel a new day
(There's gotta be more than this)
I wanna live a new way
(There's gotta be more)
I wanna feel a new day
(There's gotta be more)
I wanna live a new way
(There's just gotta be more)

Right here, right now
Under the stars, I promise you my heart

Cause it starts tonight!

It's an anthem about our ever-present need for God. The album continues to entertain and uplift with "Get Back Up", "Funky Jesus Music", "City on Our Knees", and "Showstopper". "Changed Forever" is basically a redemption story, Been touched before but never Your embrace, had a soul to lose and the world to gain, but then You whispered my name. Then the lyrics pick up at the chorus with Then I saw Your face just a glimpse of Your face, and my whole world changed. Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever, changed forever now. Nirva Dorsaint-Ready (Toby's supporting vocalist) does great guest vocals on this song. Her voice adds a ton of musical depth to the song.

"Hold On" "is very personal,” Toby says. “Many lines are there to encourage my wife, but I know those lines could encourage anybody in a relationship. " "Loud n' Clear" is truDog's 2010 return, his best addition to an album yet, I think, featuring his 3 year old brother, Judah. "Hey Devil" is basically about a girl telling a guy she doesn't need him in her life and he's ruining her. "Wonderin'" (featuring Matt Thiessen) is a song in which Toby reflects on dc Talk. "Captured" is a great song singing of how we are captured by choice by God's love. He's so amazing we just want to be with him and only him. Talking about choices and struggles in a relationship is "Start Somewhere". This song states that we need to do something and not just sit by and wait for the problems to get worse. Israel Houghton and Toby sing to God to reveal Himself in the Jamaican-influenced song "Break Open the Sky". The CD finishes off with the a radio version of the GRAMMY-nominated "City On Our Knees".

Tonight is one of those CDs that makes you want to get up and move. But it's not just a dance CD, it's a powerful and meaningful record. A hymn to God for grace and mercy, crying of our need for Him here and now. Though it has serious tones, Toby's songs are catchy, and usually once you hear a song or two, you'll find yourself humming it for the rest of the day. If you don't like songs with a beat or good messages, then stay clear of this album. It's definetly Toby's best CD, and now one of my all-time favorites.

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