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Tonight [edit]
by TobyMac | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: February 09, 2010

Tobymac’s new record Tonight releases February 9, 2010 and is the highly anticipated follow up to the best-selling album Portable Sounds. Continuing Toby’s unique ability to blend musical influences Tonight has an amazing mix of rock, pop, urban and hip hop sounds and styles. It features the smash hit single “City On Our Knees” which has topped the radio airplay and digital single charts faster than any other Tobymac single, and is currently Top 5 at AC radio and #1 at CHR radio.

“'City on our Knees' is really about a moment,” says Toby. “A moment that we all come together to a place where there’s no judgment, but really love. And we choose to recognize one God together. And it’s really a reminder that that moment could be right now, tonight. And in that moment judgment falls by the wayside, we choose to step across the line, whatever side we’re on. Love fills in the cracks and makes up the difference.”

Track Listing
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01. Tonight (featuring John Cooper of Skillet)
02. Get Back Up
03. Funky Jesus Music (featuring Beckah Shae And Siti Monroe)
04. City On Our Knees
05. ShowStopper
06. Hey Devil
07. Hold On
08. Changed Forever (featuring Nirva Ready)
09. Loud n Clear (TruDog 10)
10. Wonderin (featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K)
11. Captured
12. Start Somewhere
13. Break Open The Sky (featuring Israel Houghton)
14. City On Our Knees (Radio Version) (Digital Bonus)

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#10 Album Of 2010 | Posted February 16, 2011
I'm starting to think that Toby McKeehan can do no wrong. After four incredible solo albums, following the leadership of one of the most successful groups in Christian music, it's more than apparent that tobyMac is one of the most significant artists performing today. Few artists are consistently releasing hit music, packed with truth and excitement, like tobyMac. Period.

Tonight is not Toby's best album. I still feel 2004's Welcome To Diverse City holds that title. But it certainly comes close. Tonight finds Toby embracing more vocals and less rap, but don't expect that to reduce the overall drive of the album. Each song, even the slower tracks, are packed tight with beats and layers of instrumentation in almost every corner. Toby always hits almost every genre with "Showstopper" and the title track leaning heavy on rock, "Get Back Up" and "City On Our Knees" satisfying pop fans, "Changed Forever" (one of my favorite tracks from Toby in years) and "Funky Jesus Music" diving in disco/dance and "Hey Devil," "Start Somewhere" and "Captured" smashing everything together.

It's nice to hear Toby move into some new directions allowing him to explore even more styles than before. Like his band, his music continues to be diverse, and incredibly entertaining.

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Why Not Tonight? | Posted September 27, 2010
If you?re lookin? for some funky Jesus music to break open the sky and change you forever, then you?ve got to get this album Tonight!

Toby?s done it again! He?s written a whole album full of songs that the Lord has put on his heart. Beginning with the harder rock of the title track and playing through to the worshipful ?Break Open the Sky? at the end, this record is further proof of Toby?s creativity, diversity, and dedication to always bringing the audience something better than before.

Redemption and friendship seem to be two of the themes throughout this album as Toby reveals in songs like ?Get Back Up,? ?Hold On,? and ?Start Somewhere? that he desires to be there for his friends through mistakes, hard times, and even misunderstandings and arguments ? and above all he?ll be lifting them up to the Lord.

Toby also never fails to mention his faith and loyalty to the Master in songs such as "Changed Forever" and "Captured,? proclaiming that he?s ?a prisoner by choice? to the God of all creation and like all of us can be, he?s been changed by His grace.

Old school and new music lovers alike should enjoy the 80?s flavored ?Hey Devil,? and the Everly Brothers/60?s style song, ?Wonderin?.? Trudog fans will not be disappointed with ?Loud n? Clear? which is no doubt musically Truett?s best performance yet. ?Showstopper? and ?Funky Jesus Music? will likely become two of the most anticipated live numbers. Whether you?re listening at a concert, on your iPod, or your home stereo, their catchy lyrics and ?dance-to-it? tunes are simply irresistible.

Chuck full of amazing guest appearances and complete with the hit single ?City On Our Knees? this album is one you won?t want to miss! So if ya gotta get it sometime, why not here? Why not now? Why not tonight.

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Well Worth The 3 Year Wait | Posted February 08, 2010
What is there to say about tobyMac that hasn?t already been said? Three successful solo albums aside from dc Talk, several #1 hits, multiple Dove Awards (including ?Artist Of The Year? back in 08?), and a Grammy. Needless to say, after the success of his 3rd album ?Portable Sounds?, people were gonna expect a huge follow-up ?and ?Tonight? delivers just that.

When Toby describes this album as being more sundry stylistically to any of his previous work, he?s not kidding. It starts off with the clubby sounding ?Tonight? , featuring the brilliant edition of vocals by John Cooper, lead vocalist of Skillet. It brings a new level of complexity to the song that I enjoy. ?Get Back Up? boasts what would make a fantastic radio single with lyrics that hit home with everyone, no mater how many times we lose our way, we need to remember to get back up and not let our situations hold us down. One of my favorites songs of Toby?s off any of his albums. And might I add, I rather enjoy the auto tune on it as well.

?Funky Jesus Music? (featuring vocals by Siti Monroe and new CCM artist Beckah Shae) brings back a somewhat 70?s jazzy feel, heavy with horns and a thicker beat, while the first single off the album, ?City On Our Knees? goes very pop mellow and electronic. Many people have vocalized that they weren?t very pleased with this first single, but I enjoy the depth in the flow and the beauty in the lyrics, far from anything he?s ever done stylistically and I enjoy the diversity (no pun intended). One of my favorites.

The album kicks up once again with ?Showstopper?, which is without a doubt going to become a fan favorite to hear live, the addiction of Bryon ?Mr. Talkbox? Chambers take it to a whole new level. ?Changed Forever? brings back a hip-hop flair with Nirva Ready from his Diverse City band on vocals alongside Toby. ?Hold On? offers a message of hope while synth vocals take this song with a bit of a modern R n?B melody to new heights, almost a ?City On Our Knees? feel.

truDog AKA Toby?s son Truett makes his return in ?Loud n? Clear? alongside his 3 year-old brother Judah?I won?t give too much away since I know how much fans look forward to a new ?truDog? track, but I will say this?it?s impossible to NOT smile while listening to it.

?Hey Devil? takes on the topic of temptation and rebuking the enemy, a topic I sure wish more artists would tackle, I was pleasantly surprised by the rawness in the lyrics, I?m happy that he has the guts to take it on in a modest and yet, still bold way. Musically, I love the 80?s pop feel to it. I hope to hear more songs like this by other artists in the future. Musically, but also lyrically.

?Wondering? throws in a cameo vocal from Relient K frontman Matt Thiessen (a nice edition to a somewhat mellow song). If you ever wondered what a tobyMac worship song would sound like, ?Captured? answers that in it?s entirety. It?s VERY reminiscent of dc Talk?s ?Consume Me?, and maybe that is why I enjoy it so much, modern worship lyrics to a breathy and upbeat melody. I?d love to hear this as the next radio single.

?Start Somewhere? with a very Latin feel and ?Break Open The Skies? (a reggae inspired song with the addition of Grammy award winning worship leader Israel Houghton) take this album to a very calming close. It?s unlike his ?Portable Sounds? album that ended with a bang like ?Lose My Soul?, but it fits ?Tonight? well, after dealing with such deep topics and at time, rather melodically radical songs, it feels right to end on a softer note.

Everything on this album works together so beautifully. tobyMac fan or not --I say this from a music enthusiasts perspective when I say that I really can find NOTHING that I don?t enjoy on this album. Musically diverse, multiple styles, catchy hooks, deeper lyrics than any of his previous albums, and God?s Word shines FAR above any of it. What more could you ask for?

This is an album I have found myself to not only enjoy more than I expected to (and believe me when I say that I had high expectations and excitement for this album, all that were met and MORE) but one that I will no doubt find myself listening to frequently. There is something here for everyone, and whether you?ve liked his albums in the past or not, this is the album people will want to pick up and see for themselves. I have a feeling more than one person?s opinion might change by albums end.

This is by far one of the most anticipated albums of 2010, and in my opinion? It?s also one of the first ?must own? albums of the year as well. DON?T miss this one --you won?t regret it.

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tobyMac [Tonight] | Posted February 05, 2010
Starting with dcTalk, and then going solo when the group disbanded in 2000, TobyMac still clings to such notions as hard work, persistence, patience and the power of music, which he insists is still what keeps him going. Tonight is easily the most anticipated new album of the new decade, and is truly amazing and a great way to start off the year. If you are a long-time Christian music fan, you?ll hear that classic blend of rock, hip-hop and worship that made Jesus Freak one of the all-time greatest albums in the history of Christian music. Toby grabbed me immediately with opening track ?Tonight,? featuring John Cooper from Skillet, which is a techno-style rock song that rivals ?Say The Words? by dcTalk, both in intensity and catchiness. Toby?s vocals have never sounded better and he and John blend seamlessly as they both sing their hearts out on this fantastic opening song expressing our urgency for God. One theme that runs loud and clear throughout the album is the idea that we all need God, and we need him now, this morning, this afternoon, tonight. ?Right here, right now / Under the stars / I promise You my heart / ?Cause it starts tonight,? Toby sings on the chorus of the title track.

If you are looking for a hip-hop song in the style of ?Made To Love,? look no further than second song ?Get Back Up.? The melody and music is so catchy, I was bouncing in my seat as I listened to the song. ?Funky Jesus Music? is next and I can?t remember any album since Portable Sounds that has three opening tracks as strong and upbeat as the first three songs on Tonight. If the start of the album wasn?t incredible enough, next comes Toby?s GRAMMY-nominated song ?City On Our Knees.? ?If you gotta start somewhere why not here? If you gotta start sometime why not now?? he asks on ?City on Our Knees,? which is a great song to cool down and worship before the next two songs get you moving again.

?ShowStopper? might actually live up to its pretty impressive title as it has even more grooves than ?Boomin?,? which was previously my favorite ?party song? by Toby. The bridge ?so rock me, drop me, but you will never stop me? sums up the energy level of this great song. ?Changed Forever? has a confessional message and features some great guest vocals from Nirva Ready. ??Hold On? is very personal,? Toby says. ?Many lines are there to encourage my wife, but I know those lines could encourage anybody in a relationship. As for ?Start Somewhere,? any time you?re in love with somebody, you?re going to bang heads from time to time. I don?t know how many times I?ve been lying in bed, sweating it out and thinking, How am I going to make this right? But then you reach that moment of apology and forgiveness. And then there?s ?Wonderin?,? in which Toby reminisces about the past with Kevin Max and Michael Tait in dcTalk I?m wonderin? ?bout the way I spend my days / Wonderin? if it?s even worth the chase / Wonderin? if they?re stealin? me from You.? There?s even a healthy dose of reggae on the album closer ?Break Open the Sky,? where Toby flexes his Jamaican family ties while Israel Houghton provides guest vocals. Other visiting vocalists include Relient K?s Matthew Thiessen on ?Wonderin?.?

This is one of those albums that requires you to move your body along with the unbelievable hooks to truly ?feel? the passion of these songs. Tonight should probably come with a warning label for people who get motion sickness. If these songs don?t make you move, you may not have a pulse. Right now, this is the top Christian album of the year and the best overall album by tobyMac in my opinion. Tonight will certainly be holding a place in my top 10 albums of 2010.

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THE MAC IS BACK | Posted March 23, 2010
Very few performers have the ability to co-front a seminal group and then be equally influential in solo territory, but TobyMac is indeed an anomaly. Outside of a genre-bending role in dc talk, his solo career's ascended with every album released thanks to his ageless ability to keep a finger on the pulse of pop culture and craft some of the most catchy beats and rhymes of the past two decades.

On this follow-up to the triumphant Portable Sounds, Mac skillfully combines that veteran experience with youthful enthusiasm, channeled once again through his remarkably consistent rap/hip-hop/alternative rock aura, but with some extra juice and more attitude than ever before. Anyone who caught an early glimpse of the single "City On Our Knees" can attest to its immediate infectiousness, though tracks like "Get Back Up" and "ShowStopper" are easily rivalable singles.

Besides the bounce-heavy solo cuts sung over a rhythmically robust band, the record is peppered with several prominent collaborations, starting with what's arguably this year's most anticipated duet. Mac teams with tour mate John Cooper of Skillet fame for "Tonight," a monstrous rap/rocker that will seriously blow the roof off of any stadium they visit this spring.

Other joyful tag teams include the piano pop-tinged "Wonderin' (with Relient K's Matt Thiessen), the playful stomper "Loud n Clear" (the first full TruDog song) and the neo-soul glow of "Changed Forever" (accompanied by Nirva Ready). All the while, Mac's message remains boldly evangelistic with a street savvy undercurrent, encouraging both believers and seekers alike to make the most of this life, while never forsaking those in need. -Andy Argyrakis

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DGray (4)

TobyMac - Best solo release? | Posted May 14, 2010
To say Toby Mckeehan is a legend in music is a gross understatement. As front member of DC Talk, arguably the most influential band in Christian music history as they were known around the world mainstream, he won five Grammy Awards and an astounding 18 GMA Dove Awards between 1989 and 1999. In 2000, the three band members took an indefinite hiatus and pursued solo careers. "TobyMac" 's solo career success has been synonymous with DC Talk with a 2009 Grammy Award (Best Rock or Gospel Album: Alive and Transported), five Grammy Award nominations, and 10 GMA Dove Awards, including his work he contributed on Music Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (New World). He has three studio albums, two remix albums, and one live album in his solo repertoire up to 2007. After three years, he has yet again dispensed another epic album.

Tonight is conceivably the best project TobyMac has made and that is saying a lot considering his past success. Tonight combines a beautiful mixture of rap, rock, latino, club, and reggae in array of songs that speaks to the heart. In the opening album track "Tonight" he and John Cooper of hard rock band Skillet make the decision once and for all, to give their lives up to Christ and live a new way realizing that their own ways have only caused them to be "locked up, held captive, and in the clutches of their own doubt." TobyMac

In an acoustic twist, TobyMac goes in a different direction on "Get Back Up". He conveys the struggle and nightmares that every single person has at more than one point in their life and how we start "Pulling away from the Love that would’ve been there and start believin’ that our situation’s unfair." He proceeds to say that in the midst of any situation we are in, God is panting for us to trust in His love. "Funky Jesus Music" is, put simply, a dance track. He shouts out all through the song how he cannot rest until he has the hip-hop, funky, soul Jesus music and that if you don't have it, he doesn't want it. This song could be easily be played at a wedding reception, in a dance routine, or just in your headphones as this club sounding song makes you want to move.

In his most successful single up to date, City On Our Knees (133,000 copies sold including 17,000 in the first week of its release), he describes a moment where every person in the world comes together and all of our differences and judgments fall by the wayside and love comes in and fills in the cracks and we all turn our vision to the One who unites us. Toby escapes his usual forté by using violins and piano in a unique transcendent blend. Toby remakes the song as well as putting the original successful radio version at the end of the album that was first released back in August 2009. It also was Grammy nominated for 2010 Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Song which brought his total up to 6 solo career Grammy nominations.

"ShowStopper" is a hype rock track that puts you in mind of songs from his first solo album Momentum while in "Changed Forever" he provides us with a 'Paul on The Damascus Road' scenario (Acts 9:3-19) of how he experiences God for the first time in the midst of his sin and blindness to Him. "Hold On" is smooth and comforting telling us as people to hold on to God just a bit longer and how our troubles are almost gone and that nothing in this world can stop His crazy crazy love (yes, TWO crazy's) from breaking through in your struggle.

On every studio album and remix album, Toby has featured his son, Truett, in a short interlude song. "LoudNClear" is by far the best song by his protegé. Tru-Dog, as he has been called, takes on a very solid hip hop beat that makes the bass system bang in cars. Although the lyrics are humorous, Truett shows his off swag as a hip-hop artist as he competes against a very special guest in a hip-hop battle whom he's very close to and that has not appeared on any of the previous Truett interludes.

"Hey Devil" is an upfront confrontation where a girl straight up disses the devil, and tells him he has no control over her while "Wonderin' " is a pop happy melody ballad written to the other two members of the former band DC Talk Michael Tait, who is now lead singer of long time band Newsboys, and Kevin Max. With help from Matthew Thiessen of alternative band Relient K, Toby renders his feelings on the three came together and made songs that God had put in their hearts and how they toured and made money, all in bringing glory to God and how they thought it would never end. Though it was sad when they eventually did split, the break up caused his personal dreams to open up and that although they have gone their own ways, the memories and influences of them will remain in his heart.

"Captured" tells how we can be gratefully trapped in God's plan and that the further we go in His plan, the more of Him we want where to the point where we don't want to go anywhere else. The guitar riffs and wailing of Toby's voice reminds the listener of his previous single Burn For You of the 'Welcome To Diverse City' project (released in 2004)."Start Somewhere" addresses when you and an ex-friend have been in a long-time fight where you both have done something wrong to each other and that if you want to make progress, one of them first must step up and extend love, admit they have done wrong, apologize, and ask for forgiveness. In this uptempo, big band, Latino track, Toby utilizes his brass options using trombones, saxophones, and trumpets that drive the melody to make this number feel confrontational and exciting.

TobyMac ends the album with a collaboration with the 3-time Grammy Award winner, praise and worship leading sensation, Israel Houghton in "Break Open The Sky" where they sing praises for Jesus' return to the earth. This is a pure reggae sound that makes you feel like your right in Jamaica as they shout to "turn off gravity so we can fly" to God so we can see our King. He brings back the trombone one more time while Ayiesha Woods to help the two sing a magnificent praise to Jesus.

The deluxe version of this album contains remixes of "Captured" , "Hold On", and "Tonight" along with two videos entitled "Making the Album 'Tonight' " and "From The Studio to The Stage."

Tonight has further more set Toby Mckeehan in as one of the top great Christian music legends of all time as every song comes with strong delivery and witty lyricism with a message that is clear, positive, hopeful, and realistic.

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Really Good!! | Posted September 29, 2013
 This album was one of the first albums I bought and I was very impressed! This album has no bad songs, and only one or two fair songs. All the rest are Amazing! My favorites are: The whole cd!! Totally recommend this album!!!!

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Nothing short of amazing | Posted March 02, 2011
This album nothing short of amazing! TobyMac has done it again with his fourth studio album, Tonight.  He keeps his reputation for upbeat songs with uplifting messages alive.  This album is one of the best I've ever heard.  Toby also has many songs on this track that feature other artists, which keeps the tracks somewhat varied so the listener doesn't get bored.  TobyMac has so much to offer on this album - from upbeat songs such as the title track, "Tonight" to slower, more consequential songs such as "Changed Forever."  He has uplifting songs with great Christian messages such as "Get Back Up," along with lighter-hearted songs such as "ShowStopper."  All in all, this is a GREAT CD and it is a must-have for any tobyMac fan or any lover of upbeat, contemporary Christian music!

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Tonight Brings Awesome Hits to Live By | Posted August 18, 2010
I had already heard several of the songs from TobyMac's newest album, Tonight. With songs like "City on Our Knees," "Tonight," "Wonderin'," "Get Back Up," and several others, this album has some great songs that speak of how Christians should live their lives. This album is a great one and brings with it everything we've come to expect already from TobyMac as well as a few surprises. All and all, it is my new favorite album from him.

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wow... | Posted July 08, 2010
never thought i'd be doing this, but here i am writing a review for a Toby Mac album... :0

honestly i've never been too wild about Toby Mac, and really don't care for his music, but City On Our Knees changed my mind... :D not saying that i'm a fan of his now, but i love his song City On Our Knees! :D it's definitely one of the best songs of all time!! :D

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Sorry Toby | Posted April 05, 2010
Alright so I've loved Toby ever since DC Talk days, well that is until now. Dont get me wrong he is still a good artist but he has abandoned his rap and gone with a more pop sound. We after listning through the album (and im sorry to say it) there are maybe three songs id buy off line but the rest where dissapointing. I would get City on our Knees, Tonight, and maybe the truedog track(because this one is really the only rap track on here)

So sorry Toby but i couldnt get into it, i miss your old sound man

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username2 (375)

Portable Sounds part 2 | Posted March 25, 2010
If you enjoyed Portable Sounds, you will love Tonight. The songs follow the hip-hop?rock combination introduced in Portable Sounds but there is more hip-hop in this one than on the last album. Of course no tobyMac album is complete without an appearance by his son Truett. It was cute on ht efirst 3 albums but here it just sounds out of place. (He needs his own record deal and should put Justin Beiber to shame.) At least we get to hear Toby's other little boy on this album. I hope we hear him on the next album. Overall, it's a fun album to listen to and is a great addition to anyone's music library.

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A Moving and Grooving Meaningful CD | Posted March 10, 2010
Tonight is TobyMac's newest CD, the most anticipated album of 2010. The album opens strongly with the track "Tonight" , with guest vocals done by John Cooper of Skillet. The popular song has elements of techno thrown in. In fact, the whole album is a great blend of different genres such as rock, pop, urban, and hip hop. "Tonight" features a theme that runs through the whole album-we need God. And we need him now and forever. We need him Tonight.

I wanna feel a new day
(There's gotta be more than this)
I wanna live a new way
(There's gotta be more)
I wanna feel a new day
(There's gotta be more)
I wanna live a new way
(There's just gotta be more)

Right here, right now
Under the stars, I promise you my heart

Cause it starts tonight!

It's an anthem about our ever-present need for God. The album continues to entertain and uplift with "Get Back Up", "Funky Jesus Music", "City on Our Knees", and "Showstopper". "Changed Forever" is basically a redemption story, Been touched before but never Your embrace, had a soul to lose and the world to gain, but then You whispered my name. Then the lyrics pick up at the chorus with Then I saw Your face just a glimpse of Your face, and my whole world changed. Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever, changed forever now. Nirva Dorsaint-Ready (Toby's supporting vocalist) does great guest vocals on this song. Her voice adds a ton of musical depth to the song.

"Hold On" "is very personal,” Toby says. “Many lines are there to encourage my wife, but I know those lines could encourage anybody in a relationship. " "Loud n' Clear" is truDog's 2010 return, his best addition to an album yet, I think, featuring his 3 year old brother, Judah. "Hey Devil" is basically about a girl telling a guy she doesn't need him in her life and he's ruining her. "Wonderin'" (featuring Matt Thiessen) is a song in which Toby reflects on dc Talk. "Captured" is a great song singing of how we are captured by choice by God's love. He's so amazing we just want to be with him and only him. Talking about choices and struggles in a relationship is "Start Somewhere". This song states that we need to do something and not just sit by and wait for the problems to get worse. Israel Houghton and Toby sing to God to reveal Himself in the Jamaican-influenced song "Break Open the Sky". The CD finishes off with the a radio version of the GRAMMY-nominated "City On Our Knees".

Tonight is one of those CDs that makes you want to get up and move. But it's not just a dance CD, it's a powerful and meaningful record. A hymn to God for grace and mercy, crying of our need for Him here and now. Though it has serious tones, Toby's songs are catchy, and usually once you hear a song or two, you'll find yourself humming it for the rest of the day. If you don't like songs with a beat or good messages, then stay clear of this album. It's definetly Toby's best CD, and now one of my all-time favorites.

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!! | Posted March 04, 2010
to everyone who thought this album would be FANTASTICAL, i got news for you:


this algum is indeed pretty awesome!! i bought it about 2 days ago and i LOVE listenin to it. my FAVE songs: basically all of them cause like i said, it's a RLY good album!!

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