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Heaven & Earth (Bonus Track Version) [edit]
by Phil Wickham | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 17, 2009

Prolific singer/songwriter Phil Wickham continues to gain momentum with his modern style of vertical worship and poetic lyrics. Leading corporate worship nationwide, Wickham, known for hits such as "Beautiful" and "Divine Romance," describes the daily truths he is learning with a tender yet poignant voice and a passionate cry of worship. Heaven and Earth finds him creating melodies that are infectious with contemplative and honest messages of surrender and abandon.

Track Listing
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01. Eden
02. Coming Alive
03. Heaven and Earth
04. The Time Is Now
05. Hold On
06. Safe
07. I'll Always Love You
08. In Your City
09. Your Arrival
10. Because of Your Love
11. Cielo
12. Heaven Song

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Best Album Of 2009 | Posted January 04, 2010
I can't recall an album ever making me long for the coming of Christ the way this album has. After listening to Heaven & Earth, it's probably an obvious reaction to 12 tracks solely dedicated to the topic, but it goes way beyond that. This album puts a pain in my heart, makes the everyday seem downright trivial and I almost feel that the skies are opening as the album continues on. This album is an experience of one man's true connection with his eternal future, and you instantly want to be there with him, soaking in the pure radiance of our Creator, worshiping at the throne of the Almighty King. What a day that will be!

What connects me most to this album is not only the lyrics and subject, but the overall production. The songs feel as if they are coming to you from another time and dimension. Phil's vocals are echoed, as if being recorded in a massive canyon, and layered in a way that reminds you of an angelic chorus. You hear high notes on a keyboard in the background and long chords that fade in and out, breathing life into the music and taking it to the heights that match the lyrics. In a way, this is one of the few albums where the music compliments and even lifts the lyrics instead of the other way around.

I'll be honest--Phil Wickham's voice has always grated me the wrong way. But here, it works incredibly well. To give credit to the production is not fair to Phil, because his signature delivery is still very much prominent. I simply feel that the overall style on Heaven And Earth suits his vocals better than his previous efforts and it's a pleasure to listen to something so unique that still resonates to my spiritual core.

As a Christian music consumer, I'm always on the line between two mediums. I want to be entertained and engaged with amazing music that is well structured and accessible. As a Christian, I want lyrics that I can relate with, that encourage me and challenge me to be a better disciple of Christ. It's not often that both connect throughout an entire album. But on Heaven And Earth, the subject is so poignant and soul-stirring, the music so captivating and modern, that I have no other choice than to name this the best album of the year. In a way, I hope you're scratching your head and will pick up the album out of sheer curiosity. That way, we can sing these songs in heaven together before the King.

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Phil Wickham [Heaven and Earth] | Posted November 20, 2009
In some ways, the seed that eventually grew into Phil Wickham’s third studio album, Heaven and Earth, was planted while reading Donald Miller’s Searching For God Knows What, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite books. There is a chapter about Adam and Eve and how humanity falls in the third chapter of the Bible. Like Phil, I am also very moved thinking about the concept of struggling with our separation from God knowing that we had Paradise. First song “Eden” is all about that idea and right from the first notes of Heaven and Earth, Phil had me hooked both musically and lyrically. Even with the critical acclaim he’s garnered, for the first time in his career, Wickham feels that he has a story to tell: he wants to remind the Church for what and who we are created for. The album continues with “Coming Alive” and if you like mainstream Brit-rock artist Keane, then you need to get this album. Not only does Phil’s vocal style resemble Tom Chaplin, but musically his tight guitar licks and synth-rock style also reminds me of U2 and Coldplay which is pretty amazing company in my opinion.

What sets Phil apart from those best-selling mainstream artists is his sincere and unapologetic faith-filled Christian lyrics. Title track “Heaven & Earth” features Phil’s signature soaring vocals with these very convicting words: “these are the lines we’re choosing to cross, between heaven and earth.” That sentiment is really our calling as Christians to live by faith and be in the world but not of the world. Possibly the most catchy track on this very catchy album is next with “The Time Is Now”. The song has another calling for Christians: “let’s be the resistance, it’s time, the time is now for lifting souls, the time is now for letting go, let light and love come rushing through the door.” As I delved into the amazing lyrics the song swirled musically with a great electronic string melody that I’ve been humming all day. As if I couldn’t be more impressed musically, Phil knocked my socks off with next track “Hold On”, one of my favorite songs ever by Phil Wickham. If you like “Spiralling” by Keane, you need to hear this song. Musically it picks up where “Crumble To Pieces” and “Must I Wait” left off, but takes it up a notch with a synth-dance rock beat and extremely catchy and very sing-able lyrics: “love is going to make it right, just hold on, just hold on, there’s mercy in the morning light, when you’re weak, love is strong, hold on.”

The first single on the album, “Safe” also features a duet with MercyMe’s Bart Millard who just so happened to be passing through San Diego as Wickham was recording the song. The lyrics of “Safe” serve to encourage, strengthen and remind listeners that they are not alone as they say, “You will be safe in His arms, You will be safe in His arms, the hands that hold the world are holding Your heart, this is the promise He made He will be with You always, when everything is falling apart you will be safe in His arms.” The next four tracks “I Will Always Love You”, “In Your City”, “Your Arrival” and “Because of Your Love” all keep Phil’s emotional vocals and catchy musical style going as a great musical experience leading up the two closing tracks “Cielo” and “Heaven Song” which bookends the concept started with “Eden”. “Heaven Song” has Phil quietly confessing “Oh my God, I’ll be ready for You, I want to run on greener pastures, I want to dance on higher hills…my soul is getting restless for the place where I belong.” This album is just filled to the brim with Phil Wickham’s brilliant songwriting, singing and musical style. He deserves multiple GMA award nominations and is my male vocalist of the decade!

This is definitely Phil Wickham’s best overall album and one of my top 10 albums of 2009. For me the standout songs are “Eden”, “Coming Alive”, “Heaven & Earth”, “The Time Is Now”, “Hold On”, “Safe” and “Heaven Song”, which are all among Phil’s best songs ever along with his all-time classics “Divine Romance”, “You’re Beautiful” and “True Love”. I can imagine singing many of these songs with fellow believers and although Phil hasn’t really been a radio fixture in the past, these melodies are off the charts and any test audience will have a hard time not giving these songs 5 star ratings. This is a 5 star album.

Rating: 9.6 out of 10 (96%, A+)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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HEAVEN NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD | Posted March 23, 2010
If Phil Wickham's Heaven & Earth is indicative of the music of heaven, then I can't wait to die. Wanting to wake Christians up with the soul-shaking reality of the gospel story, the epic singer/songwriter's third album takes the listener on a journey that starts with "Eden," a song that gives a "before and after" perspective of sin via earth's first couple, and culminates with the healing cry of "Heaven Song."

Partially recorded at England's historic Abbey Road Studios and produced by Pete Kipley (MercyMe, The Afters), Wickham'sperceptive pop/rock receives the kind of top-notch treatment it deserves following 2007's critically acclaimed Canons, and considering the singer's conviction in redelivering eternal hope to a potentially complacent Church.

Musically, Heaven & Earth is extremely accessible, maintaining the worship leader's Brit rock tilt and toying with '80s retro-synths made current by popular outfits like The Killers. But its distinction lies in Wickham'svoice. Possessing an instrument that tenderly commands every verse, it's easy to hang on every word he sings. Backed by the flawless London Session Orchestra, the vocalist laces every line with heart and soul: the exact thing he hopes to revive in believers everywhere.

Wickham's musings of the "now and not yet" should spark a special chord in today's Christian music scene. It's not that what he has to say has never been said before; it has just rarely been delivered as beautifully. —Andrew Greer

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Heaven comes to Earth with Wickham's newest. | Posted December 07, 2009
Poet, worship leader, musician, genius, all words used to describe worship leader Phil Wickham. But the best words to describe his newest album "Heaven & Earth" would be: Heavenly, ethereal, worshipful, surreal. Following in the footsteps of David Crowder Bands' "Church Music", Phil continues to re-define worship music with this Electronica/80's Rock hybrid. For those looking for the Derek Webb-esque sound of his first album, this is certainly not for you, but those fans of "Cannons" and the aforementioned Crowder will be treated to musical candy.

The album opens with the beautiful "Eden", a piano and synth heavy rocker. It is a recollection of Eden, and puts very plainly "I want it like it was back then, I want to be in Eden!" The next track "Coming Alive" is sure to have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet. The title track continues the trend of the first two songs, but it maintains the flow wonderfully and isn't repetitive. The only throw back to the folksy style of his first album is "The Time is Now". It is an acoustic guitar driven (but still synth heavy, and even has some funky banjo thrown in for good measure) ballad and is a pleasure to listen to, extremely fun (I cannot emphasize that point enough), and still fits in perfectly. "Hold On" is a space age rock song that is unlike anything I have ever heard from Phil. "Safe" features MercyMe frontman Bart Millard, and is the only song on the album that I may skip on return visits. Don't get me wrong, it's good, and lyrically it's a true stand-out, but it's just a little too normal compared to the rest of the album. The rest of the album follows with the same kind of charisma and beauty that graced the first 5 tracks. "Cielo" is the only other song that really stands out from the rest of this phenomenal album. The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation are heavenly to say the least. It is easily one of the best on the album.

I would love to classify this album as groundbreaking in the world of Christian music, but other artists like Family Force 5, And Then There Were None, Krystal Meyers, Plumb, and David Crowder Band already broke that ground with all of their most recent offerings. But this album is just as good if not better than some of those recently mentioned projects, and you would be a fool to skip out on this fantastic release. This is sure to be a major contender for awards from Doves to Grammys. One of the best of 2009 for sure!

Pick it up on Nov. 17th and check him out on tour now with Chris and Conrad in a city near you.


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Heaven and Earth | Posted September 19, 2013
 This album is much more alternative than previous albums with its use of synths and modulation - overall quite a different sound to his other stuff. He brings the love of God to life by painting poetic lyrical pictures across each track. Eden is raw but that reflects the meaning of the song, back to basics - just like in Eden. Cielo is one of my favourite Phil Wickham tracks. But Because Of Your Love is the track that never gets old, it's the one I will listen to before going back to listen to the album through. 

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 21, 2011
 "eden" and "safe" are my two favorite songs on heaven and earth. i love this album.

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Heavenly Music | Posted May 07, 2010
this CD is amazing. Just plain amazing. Some of the music actually made me cry, not that it takes much to do so but... :P

Musically, Phil has taken it to the next level. His vocals soar, giving each of his songs the feel of a heavenly anthem. This album greatly reminds me of Leeland's "Love is on the Move" b/c you can feel that the music came from Heaven. It just overflows of God and His beauty and majesty. "In His City" makes me cry from it's beauty. The strings in "The Time is Now" bring joy to my heart. All the vocals and tunes are perfect on this CD. Incredibly catchy and beautiful. Heaven inspired.

The first, third, and last track sum up the message of the whole album. A longing for Christ and to be with Him. To have what we had in "Eden". To sing our "Heaven Song". To choose between "Heaven and Earth". We Christians should be desiring God and want to go to Heaven. We should want to be "In His City". We shouldn't be clinging to the false treasures of this world! We should be anticipating His "(Your) Arrival". We shouldn't be afraid of judgement and the rapture and the end of the world. We have God! Who cares what happens when He comes! It's JESUS COMING! To be with him should be the greatest desire in our hearts.

I know how it feels to be scared of the end of the world. I've always hated reading the book of Revelation and I always felt dread at the coming of God. I hated the idea of judgement and having to go through the horrors at the end of days. But that was b/c I didn't have a real relationship with Him. When someone really loves God, they can't live without Him. They have that constant urge to spend time with Him and read His word. I didn't have that. I can now honestly say I do. Phil Wickham's music has brought me closer to God and changed my view of Him. All I long for now is to see the sky break open and hear the trumpet sound. To be present for the coming of my Lord! I am "Coming Alive". "The Time is Now" to change your view of Christ's coming. To change your relationship with Him. To get closer to Him. To stop your hidden sins. To give yourself completely to him. Do it now before it's too late.

wow that turned out more like a sermon than a CD review :P.

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Same old Phil | Posted November 29, 2009
I really like the songs on the new album and if there is one thing I wish Phil would do a little more of is putting some more high energy songs on his albums. All in all though, good stuff!

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LauraCC (255)

Super-awesome! | Posted November 27, 2009
After hearing this album, I must say, Phil's quite the artist. Quite the poet, too, assuming any of these songs were penned by others. I don't have A favorite!!!!

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Hench (1)

Phil's Heaven and Earth | Posted November 24, 2009
This albumn reveals the growth in worship that is taking place in Phil's heart. Each albumn provides evidence of an ongoing, growing work of God's Spirit in his heart.
"Cielo".. "Because of Your Love", these songs 'breathe' worship and cannot come to fruition except from one who has their own personal and intimate relationship with the Father. God it seems has blessed Phil with a voice to match the words that are given to him for this particular style of worship music. I find it extremely easy to sit back and enter into that heavenly realm along with the songs.
My personal opinion is that any worship music must have the capacity to intrude into our busyness and cause us to refocus on the eternal. This albumn, as has Phil's previous music, accomplishes that.
My 'not to be taken serious' comment is this... The only negative side to this whole experience is the way this albumn makes it difficult for me to concentrate on my study and preparation for Sunday morning's service!!!

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Wow | Posted November 19, 2009
Wickham is an acquired taste, but honestly one of the most talented male vocalist/songwriter/musician of this decade. "Heaven and Earth" is by far the best solo male record of the year. The production is smooth, the sound crisp, and Wickham's vocals shine on every track. It is very hard to chose a "bad" song on this release, this CD is that good. It's surreal and humbling. A real treat. A must buy.

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