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Age: 26
Gender: F
Relationship: Single
Location: Amherst, New Hampshire
Occupation: Student
Denomination: No Answer
Favorite Saying: ""Well some day the world is gonna end, and then the enviroment isn't going to matter anymore." - Matty T"
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock, pop punk, metal, electronica, indie
Interests: I love God and Jesus with all my heart, music (especially Relient K, Skillet, Leeland, Owl City, Deas Vail, and Stellar Kart), writing and reading, photography, baking, babysitting, writing songs and singing, blogging, and making graphics.

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May 30, 2011, 23:28PM
Hey! No prob, I've been really busy myself. College was a little bit of good and a little bit of bad, but it's over! I definitely learned so much about my faith there though, which was the best part of it all. And I made so many great friends there. It's just disappointing because I'm not going back there cause it's so expensive, and I don't think that is where God wanted me to be. So I'm just trying to figure out what I should be doing in the fall. How have you been?
October 14, 2010, 22:51PM
Yeah, me too. I actually like it here a lot. It is so beautiful! I can't wait for it to snow. It is really cold though, and I don't think the school turns on the heat because it has been really cold in my dorm lately. And I love the old buildings around here, they are so amazing. What is the name of the church you go to?

How has the music been going?
And how have you been doing? I haven't been on here for awhile.
October 02, 2010, 15:48PM
but i totally get how hard it is. sometimes...oh idk it's like we don't have a clue why things are happening and we're all freaking out...but i think God is just smiling...thinking "if you would just trust ME I've already got all this taken care of! it's soo easy!" haha so idk that's the way i look at things. but it does get hard.
September 29, 2010, 22:07PM
ahhh, i know the feeling. but don't freak out, God has a plan. :)
September 24, 2010, 12:43PM
lol hmmm,'s school??


sadie_hawkins94 Is...
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now a fan of Underoath :D
Posted 09.23.10 at 10:32PM | Status History

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Jessielauren at 12:42AM on 09.24.10
woot woot! :D

still obsessed with owl city!! :P listen to his band Sky Sailing if you haven't already!!
Posted 09.13.10 at 1:10PM | Status History

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About Me
I'm 16, have lived in 4 different states, play piano and sing, hope to play guitar and/or drums soon, and am planning to try and record an EP within the next five years. I would love to eventually start a alternative rock or indie rock band and be the background singer and keyboard player for said band. I want to spend my life woshipping God with music!

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Birds & Cages by Deas Vail
This is the sophmore album for the indie rock/emo band Deas Vail. It's a great CD with great lyrics, great tunes, great music, great vocals, just about great everything :P. Deas Vail has previously released a couple of EPs and one full length album. This ...
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Unbreakable by Fireflight
Fireflight is a Christian post-grunge/alternative metal band. I recently bought this CD. It's a cool CD. It's not amazing but it has some great songs. The highlights of the CD are... Unbreakable The Hunger Stand Up So Help Me God Forever Wrapped ...
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Ocean Eyes by Owl City
The first Owl City song I heard, like many other people, was Fireflies. I had never heard of the band until I saw how popular this song was on iTunes. I fell in love with the whimsical lyrics and catchy music. I soon after bought Vanilla Twilight and ...
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Of Men And Angels by The Rocket Summer
Track Listing 01) Roses 02) You Gotta Believe 03) Hills and Valleys 04) I Want Something to Live For 05) Walls 06) Pull Myself Together (Donít Hate Me) 07) Of Men and Angels 08) I Need a Break But Iíd Rather Have a Breakthrough 09) Nothing Matters 10) ...
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Brand New Eyes by Paramore
No one can deny that Hayley Williams (Paramore's lead singer) has talent. Her voice is amazing and she just rocks out on stage. The band has a knack for writing catchy tunes. Most of their songs are (musically) very well written. I love their style ...
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