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Best "Breakup Album" Ever!
Posted May 07, 2010
By sadie_hawkins94,

I got this CD for Christmas *yay me*! Ok so here's my review of FANSD. I would have done just one review of the whole CD but it's so...idk, really really complex and each song is really individual so idk I guess each song needed it's own little review...btw I love this CD. It's my third favorite of theirs. :D

1. Forget and Not Slow Down
-this song is hands down the best one on the album. It is really the only song that's not about a girl/relationship (not that I'm opposed to those) but it has a really great message. Not to mention that it is REALLY catchy- I heard it about 3 times before I got the CD and I already had it stuck in my head

2. I Don't Need A Soul
-this is also one of my faves on the CD. It is kinda about a breakup but it's done well and I also think it has a great message. We really don't need anyone but Jesus to live (for). And it also is really catchy .

3. Candlelight
-I really like this song. Classic RK style- clever cute lyrics, and a nice catchy tune. I also like the "Flare" after it (the way it's sung drives my sisters insane, I always sing it *the solar flare shines through her hair...* )

5. Part of It
-this is a nice song but it's not one of the best. It does have some good lyrics and isn't a depressing breakup song. So it gets props for that

7. Therapy
-I like this song. One of the few breakup songs that's not a pain to listen to.

8. Over It
-I must say I dislike this song. There are very few RK songs I actually don't like but this is one of them. It just isn't the best lyrically and the feeling it gives me is not the best (one of those kinda depressing breakup songs...)I don't even love the tune (maybe b/c it's a little jazzy)

9. Sahara
-I do enjoy this song. It sounds a little like "I Need You" from Five Score (or let me say it makes me think of it...). Nice song, with cool lyrics. I like it alot. Their best "rock" song. It has a lot of depth and emotion.

11. Savannah
-this song isn't amazing but it's catchy, clever and cute

13. If You Believe Me
-like Savannah, it's not especially good but it has slightly better lyrics I think. Just not one of the strong points of the CD.

14 and 15. This is the End (If You Want)
-I can't say how much I love this (these) song(s). Words can't describe it's awesomeness. Matt's raw emotion in it is just plain amazing- it makes me cry every single time I listen to it. Plus it has BEAUTIFUL piano . There's only on bitty phrase I don't like but the rest of the song makes up for it. It's definetly one of RK's best songs ever- one of their masterpieces...

I do think this CD is worth the buy, but if you don't like breakup songs and sad songs, then I wouldn't exactly reccomend it.

just my two cents

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