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"Shine" Lyrics [edit]
by AMP | from the album Amp

This song is dedicated to folks who are heavy laden.
Driven by a hoax that the world provokes with a couple statements.
Do whatever you want in your life and live as you please.
Hedonism is the end and knowledge is the means.
We're created in His image,
God began a work that He will finish, bro this ain't a gimmick.
We were once separated; living as a desolated
race, wasting our praises on idols. Now we're feeling vacant.
But thank the Father for Jesus who was spit on,
shunned by His kids, skin whipped, but did no wrong.
The Son took my wrath cause he was the perfect lamb
sacrifice; now I'm in the light and on the narrow path.
Redeemed through His blood, forgiveness of sin
We gotta understand that we have been adopted.
Riches of His grace and mercy overflow so we will go
and shine for Christ using our gifts and more! (OH!)

We will shine.
We will shine.
Lord, we will not be ashamed.
We will shine.
We will shine.
Lord, please cast our fears away.

Given abilities to bring the gospel vividly
Explicitly without vagueness or ambiguity
A chosen generation set aside to sow and reap
Radical movers for the Kingdom, wake up from your sleep
Passion's defined as the state of being acted on
By external forces, so where is passion from
Some outer force is driving you toward the goals you set
Notice you have the ability, so goals are met
The parable of talents, each one was given some
According to his ability, the task was done (Matthew 25:15)
The Lord begins to stir passion inside of you
According to your ability for good works in Christ prepared for you (Ephesians 2:10)
The Spirit's living and giving the ammunition for fishing;
The Great Commission, condition the hearts who listen; (Matthew 28:18)
Rendition of Scripture written through talented exposition
Break complacent dispositions, sold out for Christ who's risen!


(Sam Ock)
I know its not for me that I am given this,
but still my pride, my sin it's hard to let it go.
may i not be a lamp that's hidden by it's shade
but a sound-full of love and air-full of praise Lord
break me down and build me back up and fill me
with purpose, motives aligned with yours.
I'm afraid to give everything to you,
but please let me shine.

We're gonna shine with everything we got!
We're gonna shine with everything we got!
We're gonna shine with everything we got!
We gotta stop putting the gospel in a box yo!


+ Entry lasted edited by jen2aya on 08.14.12


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