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"On My Knees" Lyrics [edit]
by AMP | from the album Amp

(Sam Ock)
You, my God, you epitomize Love
The word that only you are the definition of
You give it out so readily to all who desire
Even though behind your back, as sinners we conspire
How deep and amazing is your never-ending grace
Cause all were gonna do is smash it into your face
The kind of people we are man, were going down hill
We live to die, die to live, we readily kill
I must pain you to see people just like me
Who never stop falling to the ground, were so weak
Day in and day out we say were really true
But really sometimes Im hiding feelings from you
Use me, God, even though Im little in worth
Compared to your presence, Lord you made the great earth
And all I do is think about your own creation
Here I am, once again, facedown and Im on my knees
Im on my knees
Im on my knees
Lord, Im on my knees

I was nothing fore I met You
Committed in my ways, never understood that I was supposed to live for You
Weekly church, paying tithes, helping out
Thinking these works comprised the meat of what the Christian life's about
So my life consisted of my persistence in the things I could do for You
Naive to perceive the path that You set for me
Walking in selfish agendas, good intentions, but it was not what You planned for me
I made it all about what I can do for You, pursue these visions in mind
leading me down meaningless avenues
Till You renewed my mind, it's not about what I can yield
But humble myself so the King can live through me and be revealed
My hearts desire to depend on You for everything
Even when I'm confident of what to do, I'll ask my King
Jesus guide my path, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace
I lift all I am to You, so I'm on my knees
Im on my knees
Im on my knees, Lord
Yes, Im on my knees

Father, I'm aching for my generation.
I feel the anguish in my heart and all my thoughts are racing, I know that you are patient.
Even though nobody wants to give you praise
and people choose to blame you for all their troubles and pain.
I will stand in the gap for all the lovers and haters.
Stand in the gap for every single nay-sayer
that is living on my campus, who got it all backwards.
Will you please redeem this land and clean up all the damage?
Overwhelm my brothers who are facing displacement.
I know that you will over flow all the cups of the vacant.
I see that apathy is spreading quite rapidly,
Feeling like I'm powerless, revival isn't happening.
So here I am on my knees again.
I'm in awe of your glory, got a peace within.
So here I am on my knees again.
I'm amazed by your grace, got a peace within.
Im on my knees
Father, Im on my knees
Im on my knees
(Yea) Im on my knees

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Newsboys Announce New Album | Christian Music A-Z | Is Christian Music Cringe? | New Lacey Sturm

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