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"Touch" Lyrics [edit]
by AMP | from the album Amp

I wanna share a love with you uncanny, indescribable
Beyond all fathom and understanding incomprehensible
There's a love that goes beyond what you could ever think of
Someone who loves despite the wrong you've done or lies you made up.
Knowing your every move, yet died for you, mistakes He cleaned up
Pursues to speak to you when you refuse to view the Maker
He knows your pains and trials, challenges when life is weighed up
In the troubles of this world, but that's all been paid up
He's poured out everything and overcame this world of sin
Iniquities of men removed from those who believe in Him
I apologize for views of Christ that's given falsely
By condemning Christians, Jesus came to save the lost sheep
For He came not to condemn the world, but to save
He wants to save you, question is will you believe today
And it's grace through faith, believe in the One He sent
Jesus Christ, crucified for all so all may come to Him
Repent confess your sins to Jesus, watch Him wash you clean
And listen to the Holy Spirit teaching you what Scriptures mean
God wants relationship, no religious principles
For He will mold you how He sees fit, if you learn to just let go

For those who've tried the church and been treated like dirt.
There's no excuse to justify the hurt we caused.
We're not perfect, full of flaws. Quick to anger, slow to pause.
I know that we tend to go and bark at others, while pointing with filthy paws.
But the men of God are standing up, the boys are starting to man it up.
The beautiful bride of Christ is shining and setting the standard (What?).
We're here to love you and bear the image of Jesus Christ.
No glitz and glamor, no fancy grammar or flashing lights.
I drop the stones of hate and pick up my cross on my shoulders.
I won't jabber or jab you cold knocking out your molars.
My God will raise up that prostitute or beggar, in fact.
He'll wipe them clean, then lead 'em forward never looking back!

I just want you, not who you want to be.
I just want you (just you).
I just want you, not who you want to be.
I just want you.

(Sam Ock)
Justification through faith, not works, I know it well
Even with that reassurance, Lord, I can tell
My current state of mind is drifting far away from you
What do I do, what do I do, I wanna be renewed!
It’s so hard to let go of this guilt, I know that
The battle’s already won by your son, I know that
You empathize with my every pain but still
And Lord, it’s hard to stand here with my arms open
‘Cause I feel that my spirit will remain broken
But Lord, even in this drought give me strength
To hold on tight to this faith and to your grace
I just want to feel your love like I used to
I just want to feel your love like I used to
I just want to feel your love like I used to
I just want to feel your love like I used to


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