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"Hummingbird" Lyrics [edit]
by AMP | from the album Amp

Hello hummingbird, will you hear my song?
Can you tell me if I'm really right, or if I'm wrong?
'cause I feel like I'm walking oh so aimlessly
Is this really who I want to be?

(Sam Ock)
So Iím sitting at my table staring at my bowl of Cheerios
Dreading the full day routine that's ahead of me
Puttin' on my shoes, my jacket, checkin' on my clothes
Starting the car, thinking "is this what I want to be?"
To be a product of the next, new trend
To be a product that was created by my friends
To shape the way I am just to gain some acceptance
What exactly defines your independence?
Can I really say "Yes, I am satisfied"?
When I know deep inside that I never really try
Will I find some worth in that new, shiny thing?
At the end of the day, am I worth anything,
Or not? Will I rot in my own complacency?
Is this path that I'm walking helping me to be free?
Free as a bird try'na fly with clipped wings
Sometimes I just want to break out and sing


(Sam Ock)
So for the second verse, let's try double-time
Get a new state of mind. Can I just go with the flow?
Do I show by the way that I walk and I talk
It ain't lip service, I'm breaking the mold
So cold, your shoulders they turn away
Even though you may try so hard to fit in, you simply can't relate
Can I get an "amen" to the fact that everyone is an attention whore?
Even though three 'lefts' make a 'right' it don't mean that you gotta even the score (jerk..)
So bored, can I really just live this way?
Waiting for the next big thing, just biding my time 'till everything comes my way
Yes, I'm lazy, my favorite thing to do is to "YouTube"
With a big stack of Oreos and a glass of milk (oh, you too?? I see.)
Maybe I should really consider just doing some actual work
'stead of watching this anime, it's truly turning my mind to dirt
We say "screw the media!" but it's like an I.V. into our veins
Just try going two weeks without connections, makes you go insane.
If only we could make some better use of our time
I know! I'll end this verse with me singing in rhyme (it go)


Oh man, I gotta go to work tomorrow. Bro I'm dreading it.
This job is killing me, I just wanna get rid of it.
But I can't cause it pays the bills and fills my belly with a lot of meals.
I gotta plow this field. Feels like a routine, I'm running in a circle like a potter's wheel.
I think I'm wasting my time, my mind, and my energy.
I'm being stretched thin; I'm vexed and I'm stressed
while I'm drenched in a pool of repetitive mediocrity.
I'd rather be a mother lugging kids around wearing soccer-tees.
So everybody wants to know what my future holds, I don't really know.
Everyone of my friends got a future goal on a golden road, told you before
I'm not like Socrates, full of purpose and direction.
Can you tell me where to go, yo where is my destination?
I'm getting impatient, I've been waiting for a statement
to be written up on a billboard or a sky scraper.
I just want to move forward and see a brighter day.
So while I wait I'll just sit here and say.

+ Entry lasted edited by jen2aya on 08.14.12


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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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