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"Hope" Lyrics [edit]
by AMP | from the album Amp

(Sam Ock)
There are times in my days when around me comes a wave of doubt
I just want to scream out loud,
“What the heck am I doing here? God, why does it seem like you’re really just ignoring my tears?”
I thought that when I’m founded in you, I’d kiss my fears a sweet farewell too…
But why can’t I go out and defend your name,
While the world is attacking all the ones who hold faith?
I save face, instead of willing to be despised
And I forget that there’s only one set of eyes
Looking down upon me, with a heart full of love
No matter how much I fall, you still say “enough,
My child, I’ve already won the battle for you,
All you need to do is to cling to my truth”
Lord, while I’m climbing this slope
Please help me to keep you as my only hope

When I struggle in the storm, I choose to rejoice.
When I'm weak and feeling helpless, I choose rejoice.
Even though my situation isn't getting better
I will choose to rejoice and praise my Lord.
When I feel like I'm alone, I choose to rejoice.
Whenever I get spit on, I choose to rejoice.
Even though my situation isn't getting better
I will choose to rejoice and praise my Lord.

There's hope through addiction, hope through affliction
Hope when everything seems emptied and missing
Tears of sorrow pouring down your cheeks like waterfalls
Last memories of happiness difficult to recall
Scarred and hardened by the challenges we face in life
Broken hearted cuz nothing ever seems to go right
Hope has lost its meaning, attitudes are shifting
Pessimistic perspectives has birthed a state of drifting
Discouragement steering the sails above depressing waters
No matter where you look, sorrow and pain appearing larger
The walls are closing in, escape is looking dim
But there is Someone reaching through the mess your drowning in
He's the lover of your soul, He'll never let you go
Knowing the times are hard, but perseverance builds and molds
Shaping the shattered clay, scraping the matters away
Hope in His grace can bring rejoicing through the rain


(Bridge x2)
Face to the floor, hands held high.
Can't take it anymore; Lord, I'm tired.
Will I see Your joy coming in the morning sky?
Will I see Your joy coming in the morning sky?

I heard of many victorious stories.
Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of a burnt glory
that stood up in the past, columns were pretty sturdy.
They were all the big shots something like Robert Horry.
They boasted about the bricks they built upon the sand.
Stood in a band of thirty men with similar plans.
Then the tsunami arrived and washed away their kingdoms.
Their castles and accolades demolished in an instant.
But amidst all the horror, there was the redemption.
Exemption from the debt, the past wasn't even mentioned.
Healing of the hurt, cleaning of the dirt.
Rays of light were beaming on the surface of their shirts.
I thought that the grass was greener on the other side.
Now I see my struggles are vital for me to thrive.
God calls me His beloved every single day.
No matter the circumstances my hope will never sway.

+ Entry lasted edited by jen2aya on 08.14.12


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