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"Be Still" Lyrics [edit]
by AMP | from the album Amp

(Sam Ock)
God, why am I so obsessed with me?
Don’t I proclaim that you’re the only one I see?
Don’t I believe that your son, he set me free?
Why do I challenge this path you set for me?
Seems that we’re adamant on chasing these dreams,
Bent on the images from television screens
Why do I hog all the blessings that you lent?
Why can’t I get myself to give more than ten percent?
Job security, my business, my ministry,
My own idea of what the church should be…how
Did I get so jaded, so lost to the fact that I should keep my hard instead of yours, God?
May I go where you go, hurt where you hurt,
See what you see especially in the church
Will I pray for just enough to get by
Or will I keep on believing that your will is for the good of my life?
Not for you or your people

As I'm sitting patiently waiting for the Lord to speak
Wait a minute, to be honest, I'm too anxious to sit
Be still and know that He is Lord
My biggest struggle cuz all the time I'm taking matters into my own hands
Like Abraham and Sarah, looking to Hagar to give birth in whats promised
Relying on my own experience and logic
Lord, the passion I had for you has turned to what I do
My eyes are fixed upon the ministry instead of fixed on You
Father, I used to sit in peace soaked in Your presence still and quiet
Listening to Your voice that calmed the mental riots
But now I'm fighting with my strength walking in Your calling
Lord help me cuz my feet will always be 2 steps from falling
I desire to be in Your secret dwelling places
Take this ambitious drive inside of me and bless me with serenity
That I may be weak in the presence of the Son of Man
Strengthened by the peace that transcends all to understand

Sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture.
It's hard to see that God is working on something within you.
He promised that He had a perfect plan for me.
He said I am highly favored and His masterpiece.
So why do I sit here and mope?
when I should be joyful and filled up with hope. oh
But wait I see most of my friends chasing careers
determined to make a solid living in the next four years.
It's surreal, I feel like I am falling behind.
I don't see myself making 6 figures in my lifetime.
My family urges me to be the provider.
To be a wealthy businessman with a Benz as my ride.
But no, I'm at a fork, I'm torn; God, what should I do?
I don't wanna disappoint my parents or deny You.
I know that in my weakness, Your power is perfected.
I know that in my weakness, Your power is perfected.

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