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Anything Worth Saying [edit]
by Aaron Shust | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: August 23, 2005

Most little boys in Pittsburgh grow up dreaming that they are going to play football for the Steelers. Aaron Shust wasn't like most little boys - he was going to be a professional beach volleyball player or a surfer. Regrettably, the beach scene in Pittsburgh was not thriving. Fortunately, Aaron had music as a fallback. At the tender age of four, Aaron sang his first solo in church. By the time he was seven years old, he was playing piano. At ten, he wrote his first song, and at fourteen he took up guitar. Aaron worships God through his music and wants people to worship with him from the depths of their hearts. Aaron has called Perimeter Church in Atlanta home since 2000. He has led worship solo with piano or guitar and with his full band. He has also had the priviledge of leading worship to people of all ages at retreats, camps, conferences, local ministries, and church plants across the United States and abroad. Aaron's first album, Anything Worth Saying , is bursting with catchy, well-crafted pop songs. The stellar production and memorable choruses will have the listener singing along before each song is over. Aaron is singing his heart out to God.

Track Listing
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01. Give Me Words
02. Glory to You
03. Matchless
04. Let the People Praise
05. Stillness (Speak to Me
06. More Wonderful
07. Give It All Away
08. Change the Way
09. My Savior My God
10. Stand to Praise (Psalm 117)
11. In Your Name
12. One Day

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Nathan (188)

A hit for the genre! | Posted August 31, 2007
Aaron Shust's first CD anything worth saying, is a impressive worship album of today's standards. His song writing is solid even with his two songs that are not even a combined minute and his re writing the hymn, the dove awarding song "my Savior, my God.

His other singles "matchless" "give it all away" are nice. Overall his music is fresh, opposed to other worship artists who just play other peoples songs.

Anything worth saying is a nice CD that will satisfy a worship music fan's taste.

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art10 (114)

Move Over Chris Tomlin | Posted August 02, 2007
Move over Chris Tomlin, you're good, but this CD is better. "Stand To Praise" is one of the best praise songs I've heard in a long time. Most of the songs on here are church quality music, and music I wish they would play. But there's some great worship, and some great praise. If it's a good praise and worship CD you want, pass up Tomlin, because you won't be disappointed with this. This is one of the best genre's best talents in a long time.

Note: I loved Aaron Shust before the craze. I bought his CD six months before "My Savior, My God" was released on radio. So don't say I ride the waves, I came before the wave. In fact, I created the waves. Alright, that might be an exaggeration.

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My Savior My God | Posted May 12, 2013
Looove the song "My Savior, My God"!! The lyrics are very touching, and the melody is perfect! It was the first Aaron Shust's song that I heard. It was so amaazing that I went looking for more songs from him! 

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Review. :D | Posted August 16, 2011
The debut album, by worship artist Aaron Shust, totally knocked me off my feet. By far, the best worship album I had heard to that point. Each and every song has a different message, but all flow together wonderfully. Though this is the time I usually say: "My favorite song on this album, is ____", I honestly couldn't bring myself to pick just one. All songs hold a different place in my heart. :) I honestly love them all. If you are a fan of Chris Tomlin, or any worship artist really, this album is just right for you. ;)

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Ok.. | Posted May 11, 2010
Although Aaron Shust is not my favorite artist, this is my favorite album by him. The best songs off of this album are Matchless, My Savior My God, and Gave It All Away. The rest of the songs are just ok. Thereís not a whole lot I have to say about this album because this isnít really my favorite artist or kind of music but he definitely has a few songs worth getting on this album.

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different, for my taste of music anyway! | Posted November 19, 2008
Most of the music that I listen to is more upbeat than Aaron's style of music. But I still love listening to this album. I first came to know of his music because my mom would constantly play him in the car. I don't know how she came to know of him and his music. The first song I ever heard of his was "My God My Savior." AMAZING song by the way. I also love "Stillness(Speak To Me)" and "Give It All Away." His songs on this Cd are all amazing but those are just a few of my favorite. :)

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bjburly (28)

Great album | Posted May 28, 2008
After hearing his first radio single "Matchless", I was totally an Aaron Shust fan! I bought Anything Worth Saying almost immediately after its release, and it has not disappointed. Each song ranges from pure worship numbers to upbeat acoustic tracks, and each song is filled with awesome lyrics that glorify God. Highlights include the aforementioned "Matchless", "My Savior My God", and "More Wonderful". Anything Worth Saying is a solid debut that will give Shust many fans with his true vocal and songwriting abilities, both of which are featured on this album of catchy tunes and heartfelt ballads. Nice work!!

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bull42 (50)

An Excellent Debut | Posted April 01, 2008
Atlanta native Aaron Shust came on the Christian music scene in 2005.His hit song "My Savoir,My God" went to number 1 as well as helped Aaron attain theDove Award last year as best new artist. This is a great song. This Cd has many more such as "Matchless","Give It All Away", and my personal favorite "Glory To You". There are some "catchy" tunes as well such as "Let The People Praise" and "One Day". I do not know why these songs were not promoted more for CCM radio. These all could have been #1 songs.This is an awesome CD. It crosses age and gender lines. It is a CD for all to enjoy and to lift your praises to Yaweh on high. Once you acqiure this CD, you will agree with me that Anything Worth Saying is saying a lot.

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great lyrics! | Posted February 02, 2008
my sister has this cd, and I like it A LOT! my favorites are "matchless", "give it all away" and "my savior my god", but I like the whole CD. I thought it was really cool on the dvd(my sister got a dvd with her CD) and on it Aaron Shust talks about how he wrote the songs and what inspired them and stuff like that, and a bunch of them were actually hymns. I thought that was cool (if u read the "about me" thing on my page, it will tell u that I like hymns, but I think it was really cool how he made them more modern with a faster tempo. :D)

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Aaron Shust | Posted August 22, 2007
This is an awesome CD! Aaron Shust is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter and has created an awesome album!

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