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Age: 26
Gender: F
Location: United States
Occupation: High School
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: ""
Favorite Music:
Interests: books, music, movies and...that's pretty much it. :D

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June 06, 2008, 23:22PM
Hey DSTAR! How is life at home? I miss you alot but I am hoping to make some friends out here, that way I don't get to bored. Good luck with the garage sales. And don't kiss that keychain of yours too much! LOL, jk! Love ya! Anna
February 10, 2008, 16:23PM
Hey Dstar! =) How art thou? I like yogurt too! Comment back! =)=)=)=)=)
February 05, 2008, 17:42PM
hey I love yogurt too!! lol
I'm a newbie like you. Awe man you've got more points then me! well that wont be for long! lol jk


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About Me
here are some strange facts about me (ok ok. here are some WEIRD facts about me. :D) I like old movies and old hymns. (I mean, I like the new stuff, but I like the old movies and songs too.)I am addicted to finger Jell-o and applesauce. I do NOT like heights. (and yes, this means that the ferris wheel is NOT a fun ride! :D) I have absolutely no ability whatsoever to do flips and cartwheels, etc. I hardly even trust myself with a summersault. (ok, this isn't exactly abnormal, but give me a break! I have to have SOMETHING ordinary about me in here! I'm not a COMPLETE psycho! at least not yet! :D) By the way. If you read my reviews, u will hear my mention 'my sister' or 'my sisters' a lot. Do NOT misunderstand me! I do NOT have like, 11 sisters or anything! I only have 2. :D (just thought I would make sure that u knew :D)

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searching for perfection [read more]
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Latest Album & Book Reviews
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Five Score And Seven Years Ago by Relient K
I love this new CD cuz they keep coming up with funny new songs that are upbeat and original. ("bite my tongue" and "crayons can melt on us for all I care" are some of the funniest in my opinion.) I have heard people saying (not on here) that Relient ...
[read more]
Live Like We're Alive by Nevertheless
I heard their song "time" on the radio, and absolutely loved it, but it was on a station that NEVER says the names of their songs (kind of annoying) and I could NOT find it ANYWHERE!!! I looked ALL over the place, and it drove me INSANE!! Then I finally ...
[read more]
Love, Peace & Happiness by Out Of Eden
I don't know where I heard of them first, I probably saw them in the bookstore (I have an addiction to going in there and just dreaming about all the stuff I would buy if I had all the money in the world. :D) and I heard the song "soldiers". The rest ...
[read more]
Galactic Conquest by eleventyseven
I love this cd even more than their first one. My sister told me about them when they just had one cd out, and I bought that, and when I heard that they had a second cd coming out, I was sooo excited! I previewed it online and decided that I was going ...
[read more]
What Are You Waiting For? by FM Static
My sister bought this cd, and I liked it, and so when I found it at a Goodwill in Nebraska like, idk a year later or something for 4 dollars, I was very extremely happy. I was a little worried it might be scratched, but I decided to go ahead and buy it, ...
[read more]

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