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Age: 29
Gender: M
Relationship: Single
Location: Illinois
Occupation: Other
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: "Is that like an important place or somthing?"
Favorite Music: Light rock to Medium rock along with pop and punk. and anything with good lyrics.
Interests: I'm a huge Cubs fan and baseball fan. and I love Christian music, and writting reviews.

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October 31, 2011, 20:01PM
I am also homeschooled and the oldest of 5 children i believe you have to believe alll or nothing when it comes to the bible totally agree with you :D
January 06, 2010, 20:28PM
Also, Yes I liked John Reubens CD, No Be Nah
January 06, 2010, 20:27PM

Can you Pray For My Uncle, He got Re-Called into the army to go to Afghanistan.

Just pray for saftey, and protection because he isn't saved but he's very close to becoming saved!

Thanks, :)
December 23, 2009, 16:19PM
hey, about rk, look at my other update thingie...apparently he's already married! :)
December 09, 2009, 17:31PM
You're welcome. I enjoy reading your reviews. Probably the ones I agree with the most often because they're honest. Keep it up! And thanks for the comments on cmaddict... I'm in the process now of getting content, reviewers, and contributers. And I just re-built the site. Ton of work.

Well God Bless & Merry Christmas,



Nathan Is...
Merry Christmas everybody.
Posted 12.24.11 at 6:47PM | Status History

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Is enjoying Switchfoot's "Needle & Haystack Life" and thinking that it should be a TV series theme song someday.
Posted 10.09.10 at 1:00PM | Status History

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Listening to Flatfoot 56... Black Thorn, oh yeah
Posted 04.26.10 at 7:55PM | Status History

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About Me
Itís Nathan here. The sometimes creative and always creepy critic who is devoted to bring you reviews which are sure to make ask yourself why heís a featured reviewer. Until the NRT guys figure out that Iím not Jay Leno you will have to put up with my reviews and, when I get around to it, blogs. By the way please comment on something. Negative or positive, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Iím homeschooled. I follow Christian music a lot and Iím a very big Cubs fan. Iím 3rd in a family of 7 children. I believe in God and the Bible, no ands ifs or buts. I enjoy most pro sports and know a thing or two about many sports, but my main expertise in Baseball and more specifically the Chicago Cubs. The Marvel Comic Book Universe tops DCís and Spiderman is the greatest comic book hero since ant man. I like to draw him when I doodle for school among other heroes or villains. I live on a farm and thatís Nathan in a nutshell.

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Latest Album & Book Reviews
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Pieces of a Real Heart by Sanctus Real
Since releasing Say It Loud on Sparrow records Sanctus Real has been a consistent voice is CCM. Hits like "Things Like You (Everyone's Everything)," "I'm Not Alright," and "We Need Each Other" have endeared pop lovers who enjoy the eternal prospective ...
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Breaking The Silence EP by The Letter Black
Known as Breaking The Silence, The Letter Black or a Flyleaf/Fireflight re-make, one Tooth and Nailís newest artists have now provided fans with their first project, Breaking The Silence EP. The band is actually The Letter Black while their EP is named ...
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Forget And Not Slow Down by Relient K
Forget And Not Slow Down sis not a Relient K album. Yes, on the side of an album is says ĎRelient Kí, but comparing this release to Relient Kís career is difficult. This Relient K uses five new weapons they have never unitized before, but now reveal on ...
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Attention by Philmont
After screwing around with EPs for most of the their career, Philmontís has finally released their first full-length album. However five tracks on Attention were previously released on the 2008 Oh Snap! EP, and the bandís best punk rock song ďHello ...
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Awake by Skillet
Comatose was huge. Almost as huge as it was unnecessary to tell you how huge Skilletís 2006 smash CD was. Throughout the bandís thirteen year career Skillet never came as close to success they enjoyed Comatose with any other album, despite tinkering with ...
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