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Age: --
Gender: F
Location: United States
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: "Music is what I do; Christ is why I do it. -Jon Foreman."
Favorite Music: Christian. Some alternitive. A little folk. But mostly Switchfoot.
Interests: Music, Family, Switchfoot, Concerts, Photography, NRT, but most of all, serving my King.

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March 27, 2012, 15:06PM
Hello, Bama-dear. :)

So I just got done getting caught up on your blog posts, and I really don't know what to say. You are so thoughtful! Like, you think everything to the very bottom. And it's awesome. You really encourage me, and I'm sure others. :)

Love you!
November 06, 2011, 15:07PM
Oh-muh-gosh!! I can't beleive i haven't had time to get on NRT since September!! *die*
How have you been? Its been a long time since Elvie has said anything about you. Hope your ok.
Thanks about my profile. I love rambling like that. ;)
I'm glad you ahd fun at Celebrate Freedom (despite how long ago it was).
Have you heard that Skillet is going to be in Winter Jam!!? (or was it you we heard it from?? Can't remember...) I am so going to see Skillet. :)This is a long post... I better stop now. ;)
Talk soon!
November 01, 2011, 16:45PM
Don't listen to ashleyhale!! She's lying. . . I've only seen them 3 times!!! hahahaha!!!
October 31, 2011, 17:17PM
I have seen him live I saw him last year at Winterjam. It was so cool. I really want to see Tenth Avenue North live. My friend Abi Miller has seen Tenth Avenue North like 5 times live in concert she is so lucky.
October 30, 2011, 17:36PM
Thanks for accepting my request. Whos your favorite singer out of Jason Castro, David Crowder, or Mike Donehey? Mine is David Crowder.


AlabamaLove24 Is...
It's official: I will be editing concert pictures for the rest of my life. But I'm okay with that.
Posted 09.08.12 at 01:35AM | Status History

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Goodness.. I need to update this thing more often. Anyways. Feeling super blessed lately. God is awesome. :)
Posted 05.25.12 at 00:34AM | Status History

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WOW! I haven't updated this thing in ages! Been a busy and fun last few months. But over all, life is good, and I'm living for and serving one AMAZING God.
Posted 02.22.12 at 01:45AM | Status History

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About Me
I'm Allie. :) Thanks for stoppping by.
God is my everything. I was saved by His AMAZING Grace January 7th, 2001.
I love church, family, friends, Switchfoot, Instagram, Switchfoot, concerts, Switchfoot, More Switchfoot.. Did I mention Switchfoot?
Here's a few more things about me..

1. I love Switchfoot.

2. I've met and seen Switchfoot 6 times. But I've met Jon Foreman 7 times.

3. Musically, other than Switchfoot, I enjoy Aaron Shust, Tenth Avenue North, Fiction Family, NEEDTOBREATHE, Seabird, Anberlin, Paper Route, Remedy Drive, Natalie Grant, for KING & COUNTRY ... And more. :)

4. I think I'm actually meant to live in Middle Earth, not Earth. Absolutely crazy about everything and anything Lord of the Rings.

5. I LOVE photography. It's the bomb.

6. My iPod's name is Switchy.

7. I play piano, cowbell, and harmonica.

8. I've seen a Dove Award in person (but never received one..).

9. I've been to 21 concerts.

10. My youth group is the best.

11. They're taking the hobbits to Eisenguard.

12. I've always wanted to go to Australia. Or a laundromat. Whichever works.

13. I die a little inside whenever a band I love breaks up. It eats away at my soul.

14. I love writing blogs! (hint hint)

15. I have a (small..ish) Switchfoot monument in my room.

16. Doctor Who and Sherlock. Need I say more?

Thanks for reading! :)

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Young Love by Mat Kearney
The newest release of Mat Kearney's, "Young Love", is by far my FAVORITE record out of all his previous work. Though Mat is probably most well known for "Nothing Left to Lose", this album is highly underrated. From catchy, fun ...
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God's Not Dead by Newsboys
The first ever worship album by the newsboys, and the 2nd full length album with new lead singer, Michael Tait, the newsboys have easily gotten into the groove of their new feel (since former lead singer, Peter Furler, left the band). I, personally, LOVE this ...
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Vice Verses by Switchfoot
Alrighty, I'm just going to get right to it:
This is by far, the best album EVER. Like, ever ever. It's almost hard to describe in words.. Just the power and message in each individual song, is outstanding. Not only that, but each song flows together ...
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Legend of Chin by Switchfoot
In 1997, Switchfoot, formed a year earlier in 1996, released their first album, entitled "The Legend of Chin".
Okay, I'm just going to say it. This is probably one of the my favorite albums ever. Personally, I think it's one the most ...
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This Is What We Believe by Aaron Shust
I must say, I've been highly anticipating this album ever since Mr. Aaron Shust's 2009 release, Take Over. I knew this album was going to be good, but I wasn't sure if it would be as good as Take Over, since I loved it so much. But man, ...
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