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Age: 27
Gender: F
Relationship: Single
Location: Quincy, Illinois
Occupation: College
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: " Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can't always see The pain someone feels "
Favorite Music: I like rock, punk, hardcore, industrial, country, powerpop, ballads, electronica, new age, progressive, pop, metal anything like that.
Interests: I like music, BMX, guitar, coffee, piano, hockey, drums, tea, football, slushies, pizza, concerts, band tshirts, promoting bands, Monster Energy drinks, snakes, Rockstar Energy drinks, pizza, the color black(lets not be technical), the number 13, my horses, dog, and cat, reading, watching movies, posters, and swimming.

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May 27, 2011, 13:45PM
Hello there! :)
Thanks for the add. Great to be friends! Btw, your profile picture is AWESOME! Is it you with EleventySeven? That is SO COOL! They're awesome!
March 25, 2010, 12:45PM
hey, i posted pics of the piggie. :D
March 25, 2010, 11:45AM
Hey,np! :D That's great to hear! I'm good. :)
March 21, 2010, 18:01PM
haha no. :) i do know some band members but no. well...they're either free concerts or i win tix on the radio! :D lol trust me, i'm not rich. so yeah...and a lot of them i saw were just like little bands so they're cheap shows! :D idk God has totally blessed me! :D aww, that stinks. my mom loves to go to concerts with me unless they scream. then sometimes she'll tolerate it. :) the next concert would be six flags hallelujah jubilee with tfk, relient k, and britt nicole! it's in april. :)
March 21, 2010, 13:32PM
Hey thanks for the add! :) How are you?


Jakodog92 Is...
This is a little delayed, but if you want to hear a song called "Wasted" from Eleventyseven's new album "Sugarfist", you can go here to listen to it- http://www.indievisionmusic.com/2011/08/28/indie-vision-music-presents-punk-never-dies-vol-1/ It's a really awesome song, I love it!
Posted 09.19.11 at 10:25PM | Status History

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Wanna free song? Go here and tweet or post on FB in exchange for a song from Somewhere South of Perfect.It's awesome. http://www.tweetforatrack.com/SomewhereSouthofPerfect
Posted 09.10.11 at 08:53AM | Status History

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Use promo code ST0026 to get Cellofourte's new Skillet Tribute album 25% off!
Posted 04.09.11 at 7:08PM | Status History

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Quota - EP by eleventyseven

Quota is yet another album that fully depicts the energy of Eleventyseven, just one listen to the album and you'll be totally hooked on it. Each song will have you singing along with it halfway ...
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Crazy Love by Hawk Nelson
Here’s my thoughts and ratings on them. I always listen to a cd twice over before reviewing it. I sum up the cd at the end.

1.Tally Ho-I like it ok, but it kind makes me think of Santa Clause when he says ho-ho. Kinda punchy and sounds like ...
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The Light Sides by Hawk Nelson

1.California-This one kind of disappointed me, I was expecting an acoustic guitar to play along with. I didn’t really like the style they did it, kind of choirish and Beach Boyish(not that I don’t like the Beach Boys, I do).  Anyhow, ...
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My Paper Heart by Francesca Battistelli
Paper Heart is my personal favorite by Fransesca Battistelli. 1.Free To Be Me, the first track, is a fun spunky song. 2.I'm Letting Go is an ok song, it's kind of carefree sounding. 3.Unpredictable is a good song too, it's one of my favorite ones ...
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Horseshoes & Handgrenades by Disciple
I just love how Disciple has Bible verses that go with each song, I spent over an hour listening to the album because I looked up all the verses. The verses give the songs deeper meaning. My favorite songs were Dear X You don't Own Me, Watch It Burn, ...
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