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Age: 30
Gender: M
Relationship: Single
Location: State road, North Carolina
Occupation: College
Denomination: Other
Favorite Saying: ""Awesomeness is a state of being, not doing." - Jeremy Lucas"
Favorite Music: I like most everything. Really, I like most every style of music, expecially pop/rock and Indie.
Interests: Writing, Music, Writing Music, Wasting Time, Bloviating, Movies, TV, Cooking, Reviewing Stuff & Things OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

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December 23, 2010, 01:06AM
Miss having you around Art10. Hope you are doing well!
April 29, 2009, 21:55PM
Thanks for the encourageing words you put on my blog. I know you also have taken some flak for reviews (panamore springs to mind...)
April 21, 2009, 22:39PM
Thanks for the nice comment. You need to make a comeback on NRT because the occasional blog and review just isnít enough(nice JOC review by the way).
December 28, 2008, 19:37PM
October 07, 2008, 23:00PM


art10 Is...
Over 10,000 views for that Perry/Thiessen blog post. Wow. Seriously, Wow. Thanks to all that have read it. Apparently it's a go-to reference when referring to that piece of gossip across the Internet.
Posted 03.16.11 at 02:33AM | Status History

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Still awesome. Busy in college. Still passionate about music, but just not writing about it anymore. Man, I had such good times on here...
Posted 03.16.11 at 02:26AM | Status History

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Google "Katy Perry and Matt Thiessen" and see what you get. Yep, out of 33,000 results, my NRT investigation pops up first. Cool! What's even cooler? That blog was read over 3,000 times. I'm blown away right now... Thanks to all who read!
Posted 03.08.10 at 10:47PM | Status History

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About Me
The Distinguished Egoist, Handsome Geek, Random Independent & Purveyor of Bad Jokes

I currently go to Appalachian State where I do stuff.

I'm a writer of fiction, and non-fiction. My writings have been featured in Carolina Country Magazine,,, and The Elkin Tribune. I've contributed to, where I'm a featured reviewer. I'm also a successful reviewer on where over 200 people and counting find my review of "How To Train Your Dragon" helpful. I've also been featured on the podcasts "Firewall & Iceburg" and "Behind The Screened Door."

Here's a link to a review I did for, where I reviewed Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Special Edition) by Relient K.

Here's my review of The String Quartet Tribute To Relient K also at JFH.
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Latest Album & Book Reviews
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Presents The Christmas Classics EP by House Of Heroes
In lieu of last year's turning point for the band, House of Heroes has been doing their darnedest to make sure you remember them, all through a series of three 3-song EPs. First it was acoustic, then it was a Beatles cover EP, and now it's a Christmas ...
[read more]
Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5)
It seems that every year I hear yet another person expressing their hate for Christmas music. After all, it's the same classics spelled the same different ways, by the same voices. For these people, there's a sub-genre called 'Dysfunctional Christmas,' ...
[read more]
Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot
I'll admit it. After such a long drought of a solid album (their whole career), and the recent draught of even a decent album (Since 'Beautiful Letdown'), I kind of gave up on Switchfoot. Add to that the fact that this album is three years in the making, ...
[read more]
Forget And Not Slow Down by Relient K
After 10 years of mostly solid albums, surely it must be time for a least some type of a fluke, right? While there is some jarring changes in the album, this is Relient K, they NEVER disappoint! Relient K is also like Tiger Woods in that they are constantly ...
[read more]
Live Life Loud by Hawk Nelson
In my top 5 most anticipated Christina music albums this came at #4, and I wondered if Hawk Nelson could keep up with their momentum-based music. The answer? Not really. It has its moments, but none of them are exactly memorable, and they seem to have ...
[read more]

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