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Phase III by SFC Phase III by SFC
Thanks to a friend of mine, i came to this piece of audible gold 20years late. I wish I new about this cd (or tape) much earlier. I havent stopped bobbing my head to it since track 1. DJ Dove and...
Gravity by Lecrae Gravity by Lecrae
Lecrae is back with another album that reminds those...
Beautiful Monster by Thi'sl Beautiful Monster by Thi'sl

Beautiful Monster is Thi'sl's metaphor for sin, comparable to Lecrae's Killa. He talks about how appealing it is yet will do nothing but kill in the end. Thi'sl was heavy into the drug game before Christ...

YEAH | Posted December-22-2009
"the Christian by identity is a missionary..."

all i got to say is this is probably the hottest cd to come out this year, that i've heard anyway. its up there with Lecrae's REBEL. Reach Records never dissappoints.

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excellent book | Posted October-06-2009
Its only 96 pages so i read it in a couple hours. That is definitely a plus for anyone with not much time on their hands. Aside from the introduction the entire book is a conversation at firt between a fictitious guy named Richard who is being driven to India's holy city of Mathura. The guy driving is a true historic figure of the early 20th century named Subramaniam who converted from Hinduism to Christianity. The rest of the book is Subramaniam imagining a dialogue between the Hindu god Krishna and the Jesus of the Bible. Then Subramaniam joins in. The purpose of the conversation is to point out the differences between the two religions; that although there may be some superficial similarities on the surface they are totally different underneath. The good thing about the book is that Jesus and Krishna speak from what is written in the text of their own scriptures and not from books written about their scriptures. My favorite line in the book is when Jesus says, "If you believe one lie, you are often lead down the path of many lies." The book is an excellent tool for learning about the Hundi religion and religious rituals, but it's purpose is to expose the problems Hinduism teaches.

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its alright.. | Posted September-28-2009
Maybe its because I wasn't a true fan to begin with but i thought I would give KJ's new cd a try after hearing a song on the latest Hip Hope Hits. Well i bought the whole thing when i should have just spent a few bucks on downloading some of the tracks. The ones I would have purchased are THE ADVENTURES OF TWEEZYMAN, HEADLINE NEWS AT 5, HELP ME CHANGE, and SWAGGED OUT WITH TAGS OUT. The other songs get skipped.

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the art of story tellin | Posted August-28-2009
in keeping with the age old tradition of story raps, from Sugar Hill Gang to Slick Rick to Tupac and Biggie to present day rappers, Shai Linne brings a new a refreshing light to the scene. With introductions by Rick Horne, you are takin thru bible and biblically sound stories. The first actual song is Testamony. It dwells upon how three people came to the Lord. Then there's Wake Up You're Alive. Here Shai narrorates a dark story of overcoming an evil force in his room which at the end is revealed to be himself, rather his "flesh". Then there is Passover. "Mr. Shai" uses the kids from his church to help him tell the story of a father talkin to his young daughter during the night of the final plague, the death of the 1st born, and describing how it got to that point and why the blood was needed. This song and Penelope Judd are particularly geared for the kids but as C. S. Lewis is quoted on the cd, "A children's story that is only enjoyed by children is a bad children's story." Later we get to As the Hour Draws Near, three monologues of patients in a hospital who are minutes away from death. This track is beautifully done in that each persons story is done to different music. The first patient isnt sure about his final destination even though he was a pastor, the second is anticipating the glory of God, and the last person is ready to go but is adament about not excepting Christ. Which leads us to Letter From the Grave, modeled after the story of a man sent to hell wanting and unsuccessfully trying to warn his family to accept Christ, lest they join him in hell. The song Martyrs also uses the different beat concept for each monologue. This is definitely a cd worth checking out. The style is definitley east coast but the messages transend all genres and styles. If you like good stories in your music then that is what you'll find here and you will not be dissappointed.

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A must have... | Posted July-23-2009
For any fan of Da T.R.U.T.H. or Christian Hip Hop for that matter this cd is a must have. It starts off strong. The first track is "U Ready?" and he makes u wonder what he has in store on the rest of the album. Kirk Franklin blesses the album a few times with interludes but never on a real song, which i found to be different and refreshing. The shining moment on the album for me is "Trumpet Blow" ft. Trip Lee. If you're expecting a hot 16 from Trip on here you'll be dissappointed, but then again maybe not. The song is blazing. One of the best in Christian rap to come out this year. The strongest tracks on the album to me were 1-7. After that its a bit of a let down, in my opinion. But that does not mean i stop listening after #7. The cd speaks truth like only Da T.R.U.T.H. can. The lowest point of the album was "President" in which Da T.R.U.T.H. borrows the line from Young Jeezy "My president's Black, my Lambo's blue." But this isnt a braggadocious record. This is a song that takes a close listen to see that he is boasting on our Lord. Not a bad message but, to me, he could have taken a different route. All in all this is an extremely solid album from production to lyrics to collabos.

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Absolutely Stunning | Posted January-22-2009
After hearing "He Is" and "In my Mind" on her previous releases. I decided to purchase AUDIENCE OF ONE, especially seeing that this was a gospel release. The album opens with Heather singing "I am a Christian, do you know what that means/ it means I'm far from perfect, but simply redeemed." I was hooked onto every word from that moment on.
One of the singles is a cover of Lionel Richie's "Jesus is Love." Although I prefer the original, Heather's intensely melodic voice makes this version a worth keeping in heavy rotation on the iPod. Other gems are praise and worship songs that many will be familiar with such as "Here I am to Worship" are "I Need Thee Every Hour." For me "Running Back to You" brings imagery of the prodical son. It reminds me of the time I felt unworthy to be back in the grace of God, but yet He welcomed me.

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a new favorite | Posted January-16-2009
I bought this cd 3 months back and, after the first couple of songs, turned it off and shelved it. Last night i thought i would give it another listen. This time i read the included lyrics as i listened. Not only did i have a new appreciation for the music but the lyrics had me in awe. I kept "Bullit", "All I Need" and "Wont Back Down" on repeat. I cant see why i didnt really give it a chance the first time. Matt is definitely now on my list of talented song writers. He's a pretty good lyricist too.

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dating Christian style.. | Posted January-13-2009
this book was great. I believe some people may find it to be a bit too conservative for their tastes. But Josh makes sure to let the reader know that some of the testamonies he identifies in the book arent for everyone. I think the best chapter was the longest chapter. It was about twice the size of the others. It was the chapter on purity. The whole book definitely deserves to be read by anyone of any age who may be dating or considering dating.

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you wanna know Him, gotta dig in. | Posted January-07-2009
this album was instrumental in my growth as a recommitted Christian. i found it at a time when i was starting to read the whole bible starting with the NT. and it helped me understand certain parts of the Pauline Letters and brought more attention to certain scriptures that i read but didnt dig deeper into the meaning. there is no eisegesis when it comes to the 116 "choppin up" the text. this is truely doctrinely sound Holy Hip Hop.

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ehhh... | Posted January-06-2009
I read this book a couple months ago so its not very fresh in my mind, but certain aspects really stuck out to me. Some i enjoyed and found deeply edifying and some i am just not too sure of. When the "Holy Spirit" took Mack out to the garden and spoke of the order within the chaos, i was blown away. i also enjoyed Jesus' and Mack's discussion on the dock as they gazed at the stars. One problem i did have was of the portrayal of "Papa", or God. I felt as if the Father was shown as semi-holy and semi-sovereign. I undsterstand that in the book He was revealing Himself in an unfamiliar way to the main character because of preconcieved ideas and issues with his own earthly father, but this God seemed a little too new age for me.
I would recommend this book to those who strong in their Christian faith. As a witnessing tool, i would recommend getting a book thats a requires a little less room for interpretation.

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