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13 Letters [edit]
by 116 | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: June 19, 2007

"Where music meets scripture" This album is great, 13 Letters is a must have for any Christian Rap loving person. With strong messages and lyrics, this CD is like a portable sermon.

Track Listing
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01. Begin With The End (Lecrae)
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02. Dig In (Trip Lee Feat. Tedashii)
03. Gospel Music (Shai Linne)
04. Break It Down (Lecrae)
05. This Is My Heart (Sho Baraka)
06. Justified (Sho Baraka)
07. My City (Flame)
08. To Live Is Christ (Trip Lee)
09. Let No Man (Json)
10. Keep The Faith (Tedashii Feat. Diamone)
11. Stand Strong (Tedashii)
12. Instructions (1-Lyfe Feat. Lecrae)
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13. It's Yours (Lecrae Feat. Rick Trotter)
14. Sound (Trip Lee)
15. Take Em' Back (Dillon Chase)
16. Get Loose (Trip Lee Feat. Lecrae)
17. Evolution (Sho Baraka)
18. Carry Mine (Tedashii)

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justrun7 (14)

Bible Study Music | Posted October 23, 2009
This music is great. It is easily one of the heaviest doctrine laced albums I have ever heard in any music style. This is one of my favorite albums because it brings so many great artists together and shows that they have great knowledge in what they represent. This cd is great for any believer or non-believer because it can challenge or preach. There are not many albums on this level so get it if you don't have it.

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L7 (22)

you wanna know Him, gotta dig in. | Posted January 07, 2009
this album was instrumental in my growth as a recommitted Christian. i found it at a time when i was starting to read the whole bible starting with the NT. and it helped me understand certain parts of the Pauline Letters and brought more attention to certain scriptures that i read but didnt dig deeper into the meaning. there is no eisegesis when it comes to the 116 "choppin up" the text. this is truely doctrinely sound Holy Hip Hop.

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Paul's Letters | Posted September 18, 2008
This album was pretty decent. 116 in my opinion has the best rappers in the Christian market. The point of 13 Letters is they take the Pauline Epistles from Romans to Hebrews and create a song for each one. One of my favorites is the song called Brake It Down by LeCrae. The song is just so clever and done so well. If you work with Youth at all you should have this Album in your library for them to listen too.

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13 Letters | Posted April 05, 2008
This CD was a great idea to break down a few books of the Bible. I love listening to this CD again and again. I recommend this Cd to everyone everywhere.

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The Truth | Posted March 03, 2008
13 Letters is the newest album from the 116 Clique. It features Reach Records artists Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka along with guest appearances by 1-Lyfe, Rick Trotter, Diamone, Dillon Chase, Shai Linne, and Json. The album breaks down the 13 Pauline epistles"that is the book of Romans through the book of Philemon"and presents them with banging beats and hot lyrics all mashed together to create truth-injected songs. Along with the 13 songs based on the epistles, the album features 5 bonus tracks of brand-new, never heard before material""Begin with the End", "Dig In", "Get Loose", "Evolution", and "Carry Mine".

13 Letters presents the truth of the Gospel in a very listener-friendly way. You will not want to hit the stop button on your CD player or MP3 player. While listening make sure to listen closely because you will gain a better understanding of the Bible if you just listen up and that's what you want right?

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13 Letters | Posted December 26, 2007
I really enjoyed listening to 13 letters. Everytime I hear it, I just think how awesome it is! How it just breaks down the letters so that anyone can understand it! I think it will be a good tool for teaching my boys!

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=] | Posted September 21, 2007
this is a great cd!! I love ALL of the songs!!

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sk00 (9)

Maybe I Do Like Rap | Posted August 21, 2007
I've never been much into rap and hip-hop, but that may have changed. This has by far one of the strongest bunch of lyrics I've seen in a long time. The melodies work nicely, but the lyrical summaries of the letters of Paul are just very well done. Props to the genius that thought this thing up.

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Solid Rap | Posted July 24, 2007
this stuff is raw, real, in your face. I just love him and all of the people on this cd. Lecrae is also a seperate rapper himself. He's so awesome and you don't want to have a cd collection without this album in it.

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Shaggy60 (29)

Loved It | Posted July 12, 2007
This CD is awsome, would recommend it to anyone.

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