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Beautiful Monster [edit]
by Thi'sl | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: July 26, 2011

Beautiful Monster is a follow up to Thi'sl's 2009 chart-topping release, Chronicles of an X Hustler, which landed at No. 4 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart and made Thiísl one of Christian Hip Hopís emergent artists. In anticipation for the upcoming album, Thiísl has released the electrifying title track ďBeautiful MonsterĒ ft. Swoope and Skrip.

Since 2009, Thiísl has toured the U.S. performing in over 40 major markets, partnered with Kanakuk Kamps for a national college tour and also toured internationally in London and Australia. Recently, he was featured on Tedashiiís Blacklight, Flameís Captured and Lecraeís Rehab: The Overdose. Beautiful Monster, a title that points to the attracting false beauty of sin, is said by many to be Thiísl best work to date.

Track Listing
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01. Beautiful Music
02. Let it Knock (feat. PRo)
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03. The First 48
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04. Beautiful Monster (feat. Skrip & Swoope)
05. Beautiful Mind (feat. Pastor AD3)
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06. Hope Road (feat. Jai)
07. No Walls (feat. Alcam)
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08. My Radio On Drugs
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09. Money
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10. Hey Momma (feat. Fitzgerald)
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11. Itís Not About Me (feat. Pettidee)
12. Signed Up To Die
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13. Iím So Gone (feat. Kenny Deshields)
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14. Hold On (feat. Fitzgerald)
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15. I Need You (feat. Michelle Bonilla)
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Best Thi'sl Album Yet! | Posted November 21, 2013

I haven't had a chance to listen to the new album so keep that in mind.

This is my favorite Thi'sl album. The concepts in "Beautiful Monster" are thought provoking and inspiring. Every track has hard hitting beats, but none more than "Let it Knock". The title track "Beautiful Monster" and following track "Beautiful Mind" really express Thi'sl's style and unique flow. My favorite track has to be "My Radio on Drugs" Thi'sl expresses his disgust with Hip Hop's focus on drugs and bragging on dealing drugs. "When your song goes off I think I need to take a drug test" Thi'sl says on the track. The most inspiring song has to be "Signed up to Die" He speaks on the reality of persecution in ministry. "Death don’t have a hold on, so death don’t put no fear in me... I signed up to Die" He repeats on the track. We could all learn a lesson in Godly courage from this song.

If you enjoy Rap/Hip Hop with a Southern sound... Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster is a great album.

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L7 (22)

"all they talk about is dope dope dope dope" | Posted August 02, 2011

Beautiful Monster is Thi'sl's metaphor for sin, comparable to Lecrae's Killa. He talks about how appealing it is yet will do nothing but kill in the end. Thi'sl was heavy into the drug game before Christ saved his life and he doesn't shy away from letting the world know. Many may miss out on some of the drug references if they've never lived the life. It would seem that those who still "trap", those who still use, and those still in the culture are Thi'sl's target audience with every album. 
"Let it Knock", "Beautiful Monster", "Radio on Drugs", and "No Walls" would have to be my favorites. "Let it Knock" is one of those songs that you let down the windows, crank the music up to the max and ride out to. "Radio on Drugs" is a complaint to secular hip hop radio and artists about how the glorifying of drug use and drug selling saturates the air waves and ultimately the minds of our youth. He even says "When your songs go off, i feel i need to take a drug test."
For those who dont care to much for the hard rap then you can probably over-look this cd. This is hard Christian rap for those who can feel what he's talking about, or those who just love the sound.

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Jam Out | Posted August 01, 2011
 He's definitely up there with Lecrae, Flame, Trip Lee, Tedashaii, etc.  He has that harsh sound (much like Tedashaii) that most wordly rappers have.  I am more of a fan of the less harsh hip hop/rap singers like Lecrae and Trip Lee, but I still enjoy listening to the harsher-sounding songs when I want to jam out.

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Bangin' | Posted July 26, 2011
This has to be Thi'sl's best album to date. With the opener, "Beautiful Music," Thi'sl drops the line that if it weren't for Christ he'd tell the critics were to stick it, and that they can keep quiet cuz they don't know him. Well, with this album, the critcs will have their mouths stapled shut. Thi'sl doesn't hold back and does his best to minister to the muddy waters he once swam in. He knows the hood, he breathes the hood, he raps to the hood. With tracks like "My Radio on Drugs," he calls out those who are leading the youth in the hood astray and points out their hyprocisy (basically, he talks about how secular rappers rap about doing drugs, but know nothing about what they are rapping about. He also says that they are 35--I think--and they need to grow up). Each track is heavy on the theme that the hood won't save you, nor does it have to define you; it's Christ who does this. The title song is in the same vein of "Killa" from Lecrae, and "Beautiful Mind" is an honest rendition of This'l inner thought life. This is raw, this is heavy, this honest. Thi'sl often gets overshadowed by artists such as Lecrae, FLAME, PRo, Trip Lee, The Ambassador, and the D.A. T.R.U.T.H, but on "Beautiful Monster" Thi'sl breaks ground and breaks out. This is a sonic thrill ride of epic proportions, and solidifies Thi'sl's place in the HHH market.

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