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Storiez [edit]
by Shai Linne | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: November 18, 2008

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. Testify
03. Wake Up
04. Wake Up Unveiled
05. Passover
06. Simple Love Story ft. Keran Sabir
07. Penelope Judd ft. Epiphany Kidz
08. High Priest
09. Alone Foreshadowed ft. Eric Westbrook
10. Work It Out
11. I'm The One
12. As The Hour Draws Near ft. Evangel & Ant
13. Letter from the Grave
14. Martyrs ft. Json, Evangel, God s Servant & Techniq
15. Alone ft. Eric Westbrook
16. Spurgeon
17. Greatest Story Ever Told ft. Flame
18. Alone in Retrospect ft. Eric Westbrook
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Entry last edited by ChristAboveAll on 08.02.09

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L7 (22)

the art of story tellin | Posted August 28, 2009
in keeping with the age old tradition of story raps, from Sugar Hill Gang to Slick Rick to Tupac and Biggie to present day rappers, Shai Linne brings a new a refreshing light to the scene. With introductions by Rick Horne, you are takin thru bible and biblically sound stories. The first actual song is Testamony. It dwells upon how three people came to the Lord. Then there's Wake Up You're Alive. Here Shai narrorates a dark story of overcoming an evil force in his room which at the end is revealed to be himself, rather his "flesh". Then there is Passover. "Mr. Shai" uses the kids from his church to help him tell the story of a father talkin to his young daughter during the night of the final plague, the death of the 1st born, and describing how it got to that point and why the blood was needed. This song and Penelope Judd are particularly geared for the kids but as C. S. Lewis is quoted on the cd, "A children's story that is only enjoyed by children is a bad children's story." Later we get to As the Hour Draws Near, three monologues of patients in a hospital who are minutes away from death. This track is beautifully done in that each persons story is done to different music. The first patient isnt sure about his final destination even though he was a pastor, the second is anticipating the glory of God, and the last person is ready to go but is adament about not excepting Christ. Which leads us to Letter From the Grave, modeled after the story of a man sent to hell wanting and unsuccessfully trying to warn his family to accept Christ, lest they join him in hell. The song Martyrs also uses the different beat concept for each monologue. This is definitely a cd worth checking out. The style is definitley east coast but the messages transend all genres and styles. If you like good stories in your music then that is what you'll find here and you will not be dissappointed.

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Great! | Posted June 29, 2012
I Praise the Lord hearing this album! Amazing songs, with a grea artist. I hope to buy another CD to gave in a gift to my girlfrind! :) I pray for the Lord kee pblessing this masn: Shai Linne and your music!

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pacemaker (319)

good music | Posted June 28, 2012
if the z at the end of storiez doesn't show you that this is a good album and stands out, then i don't know what will. it is such a unique and different album and has it's own sound. i enjoy shai linne.

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PEPE (1)

This is an example of good christian music. | Posted August 29, 2009
We need christian artist's that are prepare in the Word of God, Shai dont base his lyric's in only one verse(like most popular christian artist's), but insted in the whole context of the Inspire Word of God.... Shai say's heavy theology, but wiht the practical aplication's.....
Christian artis's please study the Word of God.... becuse it's like preacher that does not study and pray to deliver the messege in a propper way so that the Glory, goes all to God; singing its another way of preaching.... and you will give account to the Lord.... 2Timothy 2:15.

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