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Five Two Television [edit]
by KJ-52 | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: September 22, 2009

Five time Dove winner KJ-52 is back with his astounding new record, "Five-Two Television". Gathering influence from multiple genres, KJ and a wonder-team of producers and engineers (Aaron Sprinkle: Anberlin, The Almost/ David Bendeth- Paramore/ JR McNeely- Jeremy Camp, Kutless) have created a fierce sound that shatters all expectations. KJ-52 has become one of the most trusted names in music as a songwriter, producer, minister, and comic poet, in spite of many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Let's not forget: He is an unabashed follower of Christ, he is white, and he is a rapper. Most have said these things cannot be combined at all, let alone form an equation for success. But KJ has grown more than accustomed to facing his nay sayers head on.

Track Listing
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0. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Five (1:25)
01. Five-Two Television (1:02)
02. Adventures Of Tweezyman (3:23)
03. End Of My Rope (2:36)
04. The Chris Carlino Story: Day One (1:24)
05. Headline News @ 5 (Ft. Theory Hazit) (2:20)
06. He Did That (3:50)
07. Let's Go (Feat. Trevor McNevan of TFK) (2:54)
08. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Two (0:56)
09. Are You Online? (3:15)
10. Calling You (Co-Starring JR) (3:04)
11. Headline News @ 11 (Co-Starring Braille) (2:16)
12. Picture (3:39)
13. Shake It Off (2:29)
14. Gonna Be Alright (2:56)
15. Help Me Change (Ft. Rob Beckley of Pillar) (3:27)
16. Swagged Out With Tags Out (4:02)
17. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Four (1:20)
18. Fuego (Ft. Funky) (3:36)
19. Tweezy Dance (3:35)
20. Let It Go (3:32)
21. Firestarter (Ft. Group 1 Crew) (3:28)
23. Broken People (3:25)
24. Dear God
24. Dear God (4:38)
24. Dear God

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Don't miss the show! | Posted September 27, 2009
It?s time for five-two television! All the way from the record?s zany into, Christian rapper KJ-52 promises you ?a show like none other? and delivers well in what may be his best studio album yet. KJ maintains his signature humor and fun beats throughout the album, mixing fast-paced rockers like ?Let?s Go? and ?Gonna Be Alright? with some more serious, slower-tempo tracks like ?Broken People,? ?Dear God,? and the heart-tugging true story ?Picture.? Technology provides the underlying theme for this album, as alluded to in the title, and KJ cleverly uses comparisons of social-networking, texts, and phone calls as a metaphor for our spiritual lives. Also hiding just under the surface is the story of the imaginary and mysterious character of Christopher Carlino, who KJ says is what he envisioned himself becoming had he not accepted Christ as a teenager. Pausing between chunks of songs, each narrated-blog interlude will bring you closer to piecing together Chris?s story. But will we ever know what happens? Does the struggling Chris ever completely break down his spiritual barriers and let the Lord of the universe into his life? You?ll have to find out for yourself! Containing cameos from a host of other amazing artists and even a super-fun Spanish rap song and hilarious ?autotune intervention?, Five-Two Television is one show that you won?t want to miss!

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Wow, just wow! | Posted September 23, 2009
This album just is great from start to finish. I think "The Yearbook" was probably his worst release. He TOTALLY revamped his style and this suits him much better. To me, the style is more like his "Remixed" album.
"Five-Two Television" is definitely worth the money!
Go and buy it now either on iTunes or at your local CD store!

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Kj52 has rocked it with 52 Television | Posted September 22, 2009
I'll be honest I have always liked Kj but his music has always needed a little help. Not so with 52 Television mixed very well and suits him and his voice extremly well. For those who purchased a song here or there may want to reconsider doing that this time because 52 television totaly rocks it from start to finish.
As a matter of fact God has answered my prayers and has made Kj52 sound the way he should have always sounded. I can finally listen to a Kj52 record all the way through without skipping songs.
Every song is good but Let it go just keeps coming back to me. It's really the way Christians are supposed to do let it all go and give all are past hurts and pains to God. So that we can live a life free of our past and concentrate on living our lives free the way God originally intended for us. Let all bitterness, resentment, srife, hatetred go and give it all to God. God actually commands us to do that great song Kj should be a huge hit.

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He did do that! | Posted December 17, 2009
I have been a fan of KJ's for a while now, but not a fanboy. There were only a few songs here and there that I would tell people about. I have to say, this one is great. The whole album fits him very well. There is good fun stuff mixed in with some great Godly lyrics. Well worth the cost of the album. 24 songs, some that will make you giggle and some that will make you stop,look up and pray. Praise God. Thanks KJ, well done

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L7 (22)

its alright.. | Posted September 28, 2009
Maybe its because I wasn't a true fan to begin with but i thought I would give KJ's new cd a try after hearing a song on the latest Hip Hope Hits. Well i bought the whole thing when i should have just spent a few bucks on downloading some of the tracks. The ones I would have purchased are THE ADVENTURES OF TWEEZYMAN, HEADLINE NEWS AT 5, HELP ME CHANGE, and SWAGGED OUT WITH TAGS OUT. The other songs get skipped.

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