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Nothing Left To Lose [edit]
by Mat Kearney | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 18, 2006

For singer-songwriter Mat Kearney, Nothing Left To Lose is about how the echoes of your past can guide you through what lies ahead. On the title-track of his major-label debut, Kearney retraces the long road that brought him from his hometown in Eugene, OR to his adopted home in Nashville, Tennessee. Written to make sense of his life, Nothing Left To Lose looks at the past to see the future

Track Listing
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01. Undeniable
02. Nothing Left to Lose
03. Crashing Down
04. Girl America
05. In The Middle
06. Can't Break Her Fall
07. What's a Boy to Do
08. Wait
09. Bullet
10. All I Need
11. Renaissance
12. Where We Gonna Go From Here
13. Won't Back Down
14. Breathe In Breathe Out

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Nathan (188)

Nothing left to lose by getting this album. | Posted May 21, 2009
What could alienate people from getting Nothing Left to Lose is the fact that Mat Kearny’s debut album Bullet contains six of the thirteen songs on Kearny’s latest. That could discourage fans who were blown away by “undeniable” and “train wreak” and the other stellar adult contemporary tracks on Bullet, but those who do choose to pick up the album will not be disappointed with the add-ons mixed with his first albums best..

Mat Kearney’s genre would be called contemporary with some rap, but terrific would be another way to describe his music. The hit single “undeniable” has more of the rap beat to it but was ear friendly enough to be a hit with superb music. The single “Bullet” is a rap song all the way but the chorus and pre-chorus are both accessible and the beat moves along quickly enough that one would think Kearny was born to rap. The Kearnys emotional voice adds a tremendous boost to his already sound songs, particularly on the title track which is phenomenal.

Those songs which did not get as much exposure are non the less fantastic. The soul riveting “renaissance” is beautifully crafted from every stage of the song and the adult contemporary, emotional “in the middle” which is a terrific pace to the song especially the refrain. The emotion and maturity of “can’t break her fall” is just wonderful, as every facet of the music is crisp. “Girl America” is a more oddball tune with it’s guitar driven tune which beat is similar to a rap tune though the bridge is incredibly strong.

The single “crashing down” doesn’t have the flow that other songs do but the emotion and the solid music keep it good. similar to “crashing down” is “wait” where Kearny employs a more solemn tune that is more melancholy than usual. The extremely potent ballad “all I need” is almost entirely piano driven but the sentiment and intensity in the song, chiefly the bridge is spectacular. Lesser ballads like “Won't Back Down” and “what’s a boy to do” are good but get shadowed by better music.

The lyrics are a piece or work as it shifts from Kearny’s seemly reluctance to show his faith to the point where it slaps you in the face. The mature “girl America” should not be taken lightly but is well crafted song that eventually points to the solution in very clear language (‘And I can see we've strayed so far/A king born under that morning star/As a crown of thorns was placed to erase/And his palms and sides were pierced with spears/He hung in love just to draw you near’). The shady “can’t break her fall” is up for interpretation and will probably cause some head scratching; one thing for sure about the song is that it’s clear the singer wants to help the girl who is in trouble.

After those two songs it’s clear sailing from the blatantly obvious rap worship song “undeniable” (‘It's undeniable how brilliant you are/In an unreliable world you shine like a star’) to the hopeful “won’t back down”. Sacrifice is stressed on “bullet” is an extreme degree (‘I would take a bullet for you/I would lose it all, I'd take my fall/To show you it's for real’) while lessons on pressing forward appear on “in the middle” and “nothing left to lose”. Don’t be surprised if you hear “all I need” at a wedding some day.

Some might be suspect because of “Can't Break Her Fall” and some of Mat Kearny mainstream lyrics but in reality he sings not about moral things but biblical themes. That and the before mentioned problem is the only real reason that fans should not get a incredible group of songs called Nothing Left to Lose.

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art10 (114)

Kearney Delivers Like UPS | Posted July 17, 2007
I first heard Kearney when the Weekend 22 did a feature on him back in 2004, or least I think it was 2004. The show was doing a new artist spotlight on the guy, and my ears were wide open. There's almost nothing better nowadays than a fusion of genres, and Mat Kearney mastered the fusion with his first album. However, like most fusions, it didn't catch on.

Fast forward to 2006, and Kearney signed to the same label as John Mayer, Kearney had gone mainstream. He released a semi-new album, and the public ate it up, and is still savoring the flavor that is "Undeniable" after his Christian fans had been savoring it for two years.

Mat's fusion with his music really creates some real gems, i.e. "Undeniable", "Bullet". But don't forget his catchy, emotional tunes, i.e. "Crashing Down", "Nothing Left To Lose".

However, his mainstreamness does present a problem, while there is nothing wrong with it, he has to learn the lesson not to tour with people like Kelly Clarkson. Although the mistake came back to bite him, he needs to learn not to majorly associate with such sad saps.

Overall, I've like Kearney for the past two years, and I'm just happy he's getting some attention, even if it is from mainstream. Hopefully, he can build on his success, and show the fools on the top 10 charts how real music is made.

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username2 (375)

4.5/5 | Posted August 29, 2011
Mat Kearney's mainstream debut Nothing Left to Lose is an amazing album full of well written lyrics and music that highlight this man's talents in extraordinary ways.  He seemlessly blends his wonderful and unique singing voice with his surprisingly good rap skills and creates something quite unique and quite special to listen to.  The main theme of this album is about looking into the past to prepare yourself for the future.  Mat uses personal examples in most of the 13 tracks here and they do help us understand his main message even more.  

With great lyrics and a unique rapping/singing combo, Mat Kearney proves that, for him, there really is nothing left to lose.

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Sweetness... | Posted May 14, 2010
From some of the reviews I was expecting an only vaguely Christian cd, but I had heard enough songs by him to fall in love with his music. I was surprised at the messages that he brilliantly wove through his songs. Songs that convey Christian messages this beautifully with such an incredible sound should not be looked over, even though secular radio stations are claiming them as their own. I LOVE Mat Kearney's sound and the parts of his soul he carries into the music, and I think you'll enjoy this cd too. His music is a bit like a cross between Coldplay and TobyMac, however his style is so unique

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No Fillers! | Posted July 22, 2009
Mat Kearneys "Nothing Left to Lose" is an incredible album that is filled with emotion and showcases the level of talent Mr. Kearney possesses. Their are no fillers in this album just 14 well done songs in this album. Great work and keep it up!

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L7 (22)

a new favorite | Posted January 16, 2009
I bought this cd 3 months back and, after the first couple of songs, turned it off and shelved it. Last night i thought i would give it another listen. This time i read the included lyrics as i listened. Not only did i have a new appreciation for the music but the lyrics had me in awe. I kept "Bullit", "All I Need" and "Wont Back Down" on repeat. I cant see why i didnt really give it a chance the first time. Matt is definitely now on my list of talented song writers. He's a pretty good lyricist too.

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Nice, smooth album. | Posted December 20, 2007
I remember hearing of Mat Kearney but never really got into him untill...Nothing To Lose! I guess cuz he signed with (....) some major label now. Hear him on the radio now. But he has real talent. In each song, his voice really smooths it out. Really relaxing. One of my fav songs is 'Girl America' background story is great. Overall, this is vocally-lead and focused.

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great album | Posted August 30, 2007
mat is a great artist. he has the voice and the talent. I love the song "Nothing left to lose".

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Mat Kearny | Posted August 22, 2007
Mat Kearny is a great artist. I love the song Nothing Left to Lose. This is a fabulous CD!

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