Get To Know Skillet's Side Projects
NRT's J.J. Francesco explores the various side projects of the multi-talented members of Skillet.

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Posted: September 05, 2019 | By: JJFrancesco_NRT
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You know Skillet as the chart topping force of rock music that is one of the most beloved bands in both the Christian and mainstream markets. But the members of Skillet are more than just a one-trick pony. They have several little projects on the side to complement the massive success of their Skillet brand.

Eden: A Graphic Novel
Skillet’s newest project is moving into the world of fiction. Not content to just write a book, John Cooper and his Skillet crew have produced an entire graphic novel that’s set for release on August 30. With designs modeled after the band members, this fantasy-influenced story is sure to be a hit with the band’s fans and offer a more structured outlet for Cooper’s faith to be shared with a wide audience. Pre-order the deluxe package here.

Ledger & Fight the Fury
Both drummer and backing vocalist Jen Ledger and frontman John Cooper launched side projects in 2018 to better display their signature sounds that Skillet balances so well. Ledger, together with her own band, released a pop/rock gem that landed her a spot on this year’s Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. With hits like “Not Dead Yet” and “Completely,” Ledger has proven that she can carry the lead on radio hits. Skillet's Korey Cooper also was a major contributor to songwriting and production for the project. (And John leant his vocals to the rocking "Warrior") Meanwhile, Cooper launched Fight The Fury, a metal project meant to be an outlet for songs of his that are a bit too edgy for Skillet’s mainstream appeal. Featuring intense metal riffs complements of Skillet’s own Seth Morrison, as well as blood curdling screams, Fight the Fury offered Cooper the chance to explore a more intense version of Skillet's more mainstream rock sound, including darker topics not seen since Skillet’s Collide days. For example, lead single "My Demons" tackled issues like sexual abuse head on.

Check out Ledger on Spotify and Apple Music.
Check out Fight the Fury on Spotify and Apple Music.


John Cooper’s Beard Oil
At some point between Rise and Unleashed, John Cooper grew a full beard and the look stuck. Now it’s almost as signature a park of his rock star image as his tattoos. Of course, like the many hairstyles of the band members, beards require care. Consequently, Cooper released a beard oil through Hawk+Hatchet. This signature oil contains natural ingredients and a signature fragrance. So if you were wanting to grow a beard like Cooper’s, now you have a product to help you properly care for it. Order Yours Here!

Cooper Stuff Podcast
Earlier this year, John Cooper started a podcast called Cooper Stuff which covers his thoughts on pretty much whatever he wants, which can include anything from Marvel to what love is. And given his recent viral reaction to recent defections of popular worship figures from Christianity, would we be surprised to see another episode posted very soon.

Check out the Cooper Stuff podcast here

Ledger Artwork
When she’s not ferociously pounding away on her drum set or sweetly crooning to a Skillet or Ledger ballad, Jen Ledger has another cool hobby: drawing. Fans may remember that Ledger drew all of the album and single artworks for the band’s Rise album. Ledger sells some of her work on etsy. You can support her endeavor, or just browse and admire her talent here

The Panheads Fan Club
Okay, all of us Skillet fans call ourselves panheads, but there’s an actual official way to be a panhead. And that’s to subscribe to the band’s official fan club. The band offers exclusive goodies when you sign up as well as exclusive forums and access to advance ticket sales and exclusive news and content. Interested? Sign up here!

Korey’s Kupcakes
Korey Cooper opens up a bakery and sells Skillet song-themed cupcakes! 

Okay, not really. But Skillet did join in the fun with us this year for our little April Fool’s Day shenanigans. Check it out, in case you missed it! 
(That said, if Korey ever did decide to release a line of baked goods, we would totally buy some.) 

J.J. Francesco is a longtime contributor to the NRT Staff. He's published the novel 'Because of Austin' and regularly seeks new ways to engage faith, life, and community.

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