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What You Need To Know:
On their second full-length studio album,...

Old School Vibes All Day | Posted June-14-2018

What You Need to Know

5ive continues his grind with his latest offering Me Against The World, Vol. 2. This new album from the veteran artist furthers the gospel message to the lost world around us all while encouraging Christians to be strengthened in their faith.

What it Sounds Like

Me Against The World, Vol. 2 is an old school hip-hop album. No trap here. Just smooth east coast rap reminiscent of a simpler time. The project also includes smooth R&B vibes in "#MatW2 (feat. Victorious & Jordan Lucio)" and a nice gospel choir in "#StillWorship (feat. GHC Choir)." 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights

Each song is filled with a focus on God's power to help us overcome whatever we may be facing. In "#DestinedForMuch (feat. Illuminate, Jordan Lucio & Omar)" the verses focus on the greatness in each of us thanks to the saving grace of Christ. On "#DontMissYou (feat. Dru Bex & Korbvn)" the lyrics speak to how the power of Christ helps us overcome sin in our lives. The thing we don't miss in this glorified life is sin.

Best Song on the Record

There is something about a feature from J. Carter that just makes me groove a little more. On "#iNeedYouMore (feat. J. Carter)," 5ive's bars mixed with J. Carter's lyrics, all combined with an honest prayer asking for more of God, gives the listener a hip-hop song that can easily become a worship song

For Fans Of

Json, Datin, Eshon Burgundy, Bizzle

Final Word

In a time when the culture is delivering turn up tracks and fun party tracks, Me Against The World, Vol. 2 puts the C back into CHH. 

Find it on Spotify and iTunes.

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Without Challenge | Posted May-08-2018

What You Need to Know:

Jackie Hill Perry is not your average CHH artist. First of all, she is a she in middle of the misogynistic rap game. The secular world is offering us Cardi B who, although making moves of her own, continues to personify women (at least outwardly) as something to look at rather than to be heard. Secondly, the Christian church can too often come across as a misogynistic culture in general where women are still fighting to be seen as equals. The mold-breaking Jackie Hill Perry is returning with her sophomore album Crescendo almost four years after her initial release, The Art of Joy. This new project re-acquaints us with a familiar voice as her first album was an instant classic, raising the game for all emcees.

What it Sounds Like:

Crescendo is a hard-hitting hip hop album. It harkens back to a day where lyricism was put above "getting turnt." Crescendo is not youth group rap or merely a collection of random songs that needed to be rushed in order to meet a contract deadline. The album tells a story, starting with a person in despair in "Lamentations" and moving along their journey of faith, which ends in a "Crescendo" of praise.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

If you are familiar with Jackie's body of work, including her poetry and other feature verses, then you will immediately know that what is being presented is something that has depth and meaning. A clear example of her lyricism is on display on her collaboration with Ambassador, DA Truth, Shai Linne and Humble Beast labelmate Braille, titled "Hymn." Here she raps: "You can't afford the price for life, like you little rich with the keys / Between them black bars, lying flat, that's a major key. / He's the best, you can bet ain't no change in Him. / Penny pinching freedom / it ain't Lincoln that slaves needed, the grave beat it / and moonwalked when he raised. / Even the stars know his fame stays daily, it's reign season, His name's Jesus."

Best Song on the Record:

If albums were to have bonus levels that only get unlocked after listening to the whole album, then "Crescendo" is that track. I cannot remember the last time that a rapper spit such a strong verse. When Jackie got to the final 16 bars of "Crescendo," I found myself awestruck at each and every component: the beat, the flow, the lyrics, her breath control and her ability to just get locked in the pocket and go until the beat stopped.

For Fans Of:

Propaganda, Da T.R.U.T.H., Beautiful Eulogy, Eshon Burgundy

Final Word:

Crescendo from Jackie Hill Perry is easily the best hip-hop album, front-to-back, of 2018. 

Listen on Spotify or iTunes.

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Powerful Praise | Posted April-10-2018

What You Need to Know:

When you ask most people at church about Australian Worship Music, their first reaction will be Hillsong, or maybe the brothers Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY. However, if you want all of the depth of worship of Hillsong but with the stage presence of fK&C, you have to look no further than Planetshakers. This latest release, Heaven on Earth - Part One (Live In Asia), delivers on both the fronts of powerful worship and high energy praise. Probably best known for "The Anthem," which released in 2008, Planetshakers delivers a succinct little package with this 4 song EP.

What it Sounds Like:

Heaven on Earth is classic Planetshakers. The EP contains 2 high energy worship tracks which will have you dancing, and 2 worshipful tracks which will leave you on your knees before a mighty God. The theme is consistent throughout the 4 songs, which makes it an excellent worship set for a home group or even a time of personal worship. At 24 minutes in length, it is easily digestible on a morning commute or, with the high energy tracks, a fast 5k run. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

The constant theme throughout is the faithfulness of God and His promise to never leave us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). High praise is reserved for "The Greatest." This song is pure praise and worship and all about lifting up the name of Jesus. The comfort of God is the core theme of "Not Alone."

Best Song on the Record:

"The Greatest" is just a great song to jam out to. Turn it up loud, gather the entire family together and have a worship dance party. Even have a contest to see who shouts "you're the greatest!" the loudest.

For Fans Of:

Hillsong Worship, Passion, Mosaic MSC

Final Word:

Heaven On Earth is a refreshing worship album that is full of power and praise. I am looking forward to part two.

Listen on Spotify and iTunes.


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Stronger Than Ever | Posted April-03-2018
What You Need to Know:

Florida based artist Roy Tosh is back after almost three years with Above The Water. Tosh continues in his melodic hip hop ways with a ten track album released on the Reflection Music Group (Derek Minor, Deraj, Tony Tillman) imprint RMG Amplify. Tosh's execution on the record shows a new level of maturity for the artist and a definite growth and willingness to color outside any preconceived lines.

What it Sounds Like:.

Above The Water brings together a blend of melodic urban vibes and south Florida hip-hop. There is a depth to the layers of production throughout the album. The beat is always out in front, but when you lock yourself in to listen, the subtleties on the tracks "Never 2 Late," 'What A Year" and "Day 1" shine through and brings a new appreciation for the artistry on the album.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

Although the album is not an exercise in lyrical theology, it does not fall short in the area of openly proclaiming the goodness and faithfulness of God. The opening track, "Never 2 Late," encourages the listener to trust God in the process and sow the talents we've been given. "Day 1" provides a biblical outlook on the relationship of husband and wife. The title track, "Above the Water," speaks openly of the daily struggle while confirming God's presence-- it is reminiscent of a modern-day Psalm, not unlike King David's many worship psalms when he was in the wilderness.

Best Song on the Record:

"Day 1 (feat. J. Paul)." Even though it has become cliché on many CHH albums for there to be a song about the artist's wife, this is a well-executed track melodically and lyrically, and J. Paul on the hook is never a bad thing.

For Fans Of:

TobyMac, KJ-52, Aaron Cole, Andy Mineo, Benjah, Deraj

Final Word:

Above The Water is Roy Tosh's strongest album to date. As he grows as an artist, he continues to build and solidify his own style and flow while paying homage to those that had the greatest influence on him.

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Liberating Praise | Posted February-06-2018
With their much anticipated first full-length album, Zealand Worship has delivered with Liberated. The album they have presented is a perfect mix of anthems, heartfelt cries of worship and prayerful meditations. It has been almost two years since Zealand, led by former Newsboys bassist and vocalist Phil Joel, released their inaugural EP. That EP whet the appetites of many fans, and what Phil and the gang have delivered is worth the wait.

Studio worship albums are difficult to do well. There isn't the natural atmosphere of the venue and the people in the audience lending itself to the richness of the project. But production on Liberated did not leave me feeling empty as some studio worship albums do. The richness of the basslines, the well-placed harmonies and the use of different instrumentation and orchestration add a fullness of sound to the project.

This stage is set early with "Spirit Sing." This song is a perfect introduction to the project, welcoming the listener in to sing along. It truly exalts the Spirit of a mighty God who causes our own spirits to sing. The title track, "Liberated," is a ministry song. It is an encouraging anthem that speaks of our freedom in Christ. It is reminiscent of the Newsboys classic "We Are Free," and I can easily see it added to Sunday morning worship sets.

"Deeper Water" is a song of surrender, a song declaring that we are okay with the work that God has been doing in our lives, inviting Him to take us into something deeper and more meaningful with Him. There are times in our lives that we might complain about the pain of life or the stretching that happens. This song thanks God for those things and encourages us to fall into the loving arms of a Father.

Perhaps one of the biggest lies we fall into as humans is the need to be something we're not. To find identity in likes, views, shares, retweets, followers and friends. To have an identity judged purely based on the filter we apply to our lives. With "Beloved," the lyrics declare who we are according to the One who created us, allowing us to declare whose we are along with who we are. This is a song that many of us will turn up loud and sing out at the top of our lungs.

Each song on this project has moments that make me smile. It weaves through emotions of joy and pain and offers songs for every season of life. In the busiest of seasons, "Still" and "Sanctuary" can be the songs we sing. In times of thankfulness, there is "Land of the Living,"  and for times of surrender and desperation there is "End of The World." 

The Bottom Line: Phil Joel and his Zealand Worship bandmates have given the Church a gift with Liberated, an album that will grow on you with each listen. Shut out the outside world and get alone with God and this album and let it speak to you.

For Fans Of: Newsboys, The City Harmonic

Song to Download Now

"End of the World" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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A Soundtrack For Reflection | Posted December-19-2017
Many people say that Christmas is a feeling, a state of mind, that we can hold Christmas in our hearts year round. Although this is somewhat true, for the majority of Christians, it is one of the foundations of our faith. It is a time of peace and joy, tradition and wonder. Hillsong Worship's new album Christmas: The Peace Project evokes all of these emotions and more. This project is filled with both new takes and traditional treatments of classic carols and a few worship songs that deliver the gospel message and would be as much at home in July as they are during the Lenten season.

The album opens with new, yet respectful treatments of "Joy to the World" and "Hark." While "Joy to the World" sticks mainly to the classic rendition we all have come to know and love, "Hark" is a modern take on "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."  

Along with these traditional carols, the team from Hillsong gives us a new rendition of  "O Come All Ye Faithful" that builds from a simple acoustic guitar throughout into a large chorale ensemble. The drums build and draw us into the place of worship that we are so used to being in with Hillsong. Rounding out the updated carols is "Noel."

If Hillsong has become known for one thing, it is the ability to provide worship songs for the Church that are timely for the here and now. Whether it be the contemplative "Seasons," the worshipful "Prince of Heaven" or the radio friendly "When I Think Upon Christmas," the worship team at Hillsong has provided us with new music that will quickly become classics for the season.

A highlight on this album is the treatment of "O Holy Night." The song holds a special place in my heart as it was during this song 23 years ago that I first felt the presence of the Lord, that opened my heart to walk with Christ. I get offended when the song is mistreated or changed, so it was at this song that my heart rested and cemented Christmas: The Peace Project as an album I will replay again and again.

The album ends with "Peace Upon The Earth." A beautiful lullaby set to Chopin's "Nocturne op.9 No. 2." This new creation from something old is perhaps the most ambitious moment on the album. The lyrics are beautiful and endearing, however, I was longing for soaring vocals to match the composition.

The Bottom Line: Hillsong Worship has given us a very special project with Christmas: The Peace Project. It is the perfect soundtrack as you sit and reflect on the goodness of God at this time, remembering the most precious gift that we ever received: Jesus.

Song to Download Now

"O Holy Night" (Get it on iTunes here.) 

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A New Royal | Posted November-04-2017
It's been three years since the last release from The Royal Royal. Their newest release, Rococo, is a step forward in the musical artistry of the Canadian duo. 

"Rococo music" is defined as an 18th-century reaction against the baroque style. Less formal and grandiose in structure, it was a graceful rather than a profound style, more hedonistic than venturesome. I don't know about the hedonistic part, but the brothers Finochio have definitely moved on from a standard pop sound to something more ethereal, something more graceful.

We are welcomed into the album with the prelude, "I-90." It is here that the tone is set: we will be moving through the album on a journey, rather than merely through a collection of songs put together to tickle the ears of listeners. The prelude mixes seamlessly into "Water." After welcoming and preparing the listener with "I-90," this track welcomes God to the conversation. Although not a typical corporate worship song, "Water" could easily find its place as the opening song in a worship set. The pre-chorus alone could be sung on repeat to fuel a congregation with the simple refrain "Holy Spirit fill me / You are the water / Living, moving, cleansing / You are the water."

My ears sensed something familiar when "Champion" began. It took me a moment to flashback to the 80s and remember, but it was the homage to Toto's "Africa" in the instrumentation that caught me. The album takes a bit of a turn at "God Who Saves" as it moves from the earlier "high-art" feeling to something a little more standard. This is quickly recovered on "Everything," which returns us back on track to more thoughtful lyrics and the production style of the first portion of the album.

The final three tracks on the album, "King," "Perfecter" and "Love 3," focus on the character, spirit and nature of God, each containing incredibly moving sections. Even with the upbeat tempo of "Perfector," the cry of the heart can be heard. 

The Bottom Line: On initial listen I was somewhat underwhelmed by the offering set before me. However, further listens proved that The Royal Royal has delivered a project worthy of such a title. In a world filled with so much noise and flourish, a musical landscape filled with so much sameness, Rococo puts the focus back on songwriting and on art.

For Fans Of: Citizens, Kings Kaleidoscope, Hillsong United

Song to Download Now

"Perfecter" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Space X Meets Jesus | Posted September-11-2017
Veteran CHH artist Derek Minor continues to release music at the speed of light. It seems like only yesterday that that the RMG artist released Reflection, perhaps due to his prolific single releasing throughout the period between albums. His latest release Your Soul Must Fly is the first in a series of four EPs that will be released in the Up and Away series over the next four months.

Your Soul Must Fly can be described succinctly as a smooth banger. The first track "Take Off" hits hard and features KB, Ty Brasel and RMG labelmate Canon. Minor introduces the flight theme early on the project in the most logical place: the runway. 

"Astronaut" comes up next, featuring Deraj and the lesser known (but no less talented) Byron Juane. This track comes at you, and the beat gets you right in the gut. This is a turn up track with a smooth hook. It has a distinctive Derek Minor vibe that invites the listener to bob their head.

After more strong tracks found in "Anti-Gravity," "Jumpin" and "Level," the project closes with the introspective title track "Your Soul Must Fly." When Derek slows it down is when he is at his absolute best. His own voice shines on the chorus. If any track had the opportunity to be the radio single of the project, this would be it. Derek goes deep into social justice issues, but encourages the listener to follow Jesus and let their soul fly. What starts as a turn up album takes a turn at the end and wraps everything up in the arms of Jesus. 

The Bottom Line: No one will ever question whether Derek Minor is a Christian rapper or a rapper that is Christian. He still carries the original mantra of being unashamed long after his Reach Records days, and as he prepares us for the rest of the Up and Away series, Your Soul Must Fly is a perfect launch pad.

Song to Download Now

"Your Soul Must Fly" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Approach With an Open Heart | Posted June-28-2017
It has been three years since we have heard spoken word/hip-hop stylings from Propaganda, the west coast based Christ-follower, artist, activist, father, husband and podcaster. His latest project Crooked is a welcome addition to the current CHH landscape, especially given current headlines. Fans of Propaganda will welcome his no-holds-barred approach to balancing faith and social justice, while others in the church will question his motives and perhaps even accuse Propaganda not focusing on the goodness of God.

Crooked is not an album that a person puts on for fun. This is an album that deserves an honest, open-hearted listen. While worship albums require an open heart to receive what God has for us, this album requires an open heart to understand how broken we truly are as a society. As a white man listening to this album, I find myself becoming uncomfortable at times, but this discomfort is merely a result of the realization that I am broken and recognizing that at times, I have had moments where my whiteness resulted in a lack of understanding of what other races may go through.

From the brokenness of mankind in "Crooked" to the complication of relationships in "Bear With Me," through the powerful questions asked in "Cynical" to racism within the black community in "Darkie:" this album has levels. Propaganda has a way with words that is unrivalled in CHH. He can reach into the heart of the matter by using something as simple as a hatred for cats to explain the foolishness of racism as he does on the spoken word piece "I Hate Cats." 

However, it is not just the message that is presented, but the humility and heart of where the message comes from. Propaganda doesn't merely bring these things up in angry street corner prophet style. His words come from a broken heart and true feelings. He is open about his owns shortcomings with self-esteem and his deep love for his wife and daughters. The full renaissance man that is Propaganda is on display here. 

In writing a review of the album, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the depth and breadth of the production and features on the album. With production credits from the likes of Daniel Steele, Courtney Orlando and DJ Efechto, there are multiple layers to the production, just as there a levels to the themes. Each song feels original, yet they feel cohesive at the same time. 

In terms of features, everyone is represented. There's the unique sound of Marz Ferrer, the hot bars from Sho Baraka and Jackie Hill-Perry, off-the-chain hooks from Courtney Orlando and Micah Bournes, the reflective sound of Aaron Marsh (Copeland) and Audrey Assad offering her unique voice (including singing in Syrian). For anyone who would label Propaganda as anti-white, the features on the album speak volumes to inclusiveness and diversity, painting a true picture of the global church.

Before writing off Crooked as another black lives matter protest against the church, perhaps the approach to take would be to set our offenses aside and listen deeply to the struggles of our brothers and sisters, seeking first to understand and then to be understood. Without truly opening our hearts to understand the point of view of other followers of Christ, putting our guilt and shame away and setting aside our defenses and offenses, we will not truly comprehend what those not in the dominant culture are going through.

The Bottom Line: Crooked may leave you with more questions than answers, but these questions should be ones that create a dialog inside the church around the topics presented--a dialog raised from the opening of our hearts to truly empathize with how others are feeling and what they are going through.

Song to Download Now:

"Cynical" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Music for The Finals | Posted May-23-2017
Veteran artist Rawsrvnt is back with his latest EP, Shut it Down. It has been two years since we had a new project from Rawsrvnt, and this time around, Rawsrvnt sticks to a simple script: braggadocio and basketball. The basketball references are consistent; in the five tracks I counted two references to Hakeem Olajuwan, a sportscenter reference and of course references to Jordan, Pippen and Kobe. 

The collection doesn't dive deep into any one subject, as that would be difficult given the short form EP. The best verse on the album comes from Teron Carter (GRITS) on the second track, "All In." The delivery is smooth, and Carter's flow is in the pocket through all 16 bars. The only issue is that the verse has strong Israelite references, and even though Kendrick Lamar has put a spotlight on the lesser-known religion, its place on a Christian Hip Hop album may be slightly misplaced.

The album ends on a high note with "On the Line (feat. Japhia Life)." The initial verse whets our appetite for something deeper to come, however, the rest of the song falls flat. The production is good on the track and the beat is nice, but it would be nice to have a little more of Japhia's rapping.

After listening through the album a few times, there are a few further highlights that stand out. The beats hit hard on "Shut It Down" as well as on the opener "There Go That Man." 

The Bottom Line: The production on this EP is well done. It is the lack of any meat to chew on lyrically that leaves me wanting more from Shut It Down. 

Song to Download Now

"On The Line feat. Japhia Life" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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