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  • "Oh Earth" from All Is Not Lost
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    The Brilliance
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    In a world where hate is the language of the day, racial tension runs high, violence is a means to an end and shootings are a common occurrence, it's easy to give in to despair. Yet, in the midst of New York City, one of the country's most diverse and socially involved cities, lies a musical collective creating art that's counter cultural. With their second full-length project in partnership with Integrity Music, David Gungor and John Arndt, otherwise known as The Brilliance, are suggesting that perhaps All Is Not Lost.

    The two men have shared a brotherly bond since childhood when their fathers played in a wedding band together in the '70s. Throughout college, they made music together in a variety of bands. When David began leading worship at Trinity Grace Church's Tribeca Parish in New York City, he wanted to write original music for his congregation that followed the liturgical calendar, so he sent some ideas to Arndt, and a unique musical journey began as the two, along with an ensemble of musician friends, began recording under the moniker of The Brilliance. Inspired by neoclassical music, their sound is built on piano and string arrangements and rarely follows traditional pop form.

    Their critically-acclaimed Integrity Music debut, Brother, was a peacemaking opus that introduced the duo's eloquent use of minimalism in the vein of Sufjan Stevens and Philip Glass to an audience beyond their faithful legion of fans who followed them during their years as an independent band. The title track became an important anthem of unity, breaking down barriers between race, religion and socioeconomic status. Moreover, Worship Leader magazine named Brother their No. 1 album pick in 2015.

    Now, with All Is Not Lost, The Brilliance hopes to continue the conversations they sparked with Brother, inviting listeners farther along on a journey toward peace.

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    RT @davidgungor: Part two of my conversation about being an 8 with @iancron on the @TypologyPodcast
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    RT @charitywater: Today is the official launch of #ThirstBook! Pre-order your copy right now at 100% of @scottharr…
    Posted by @brilliancemusic on 05.08.18 | View Tweet
    @Geneao Email us
    Posted by @brilliancemusic on 05.07.18 | View Tweet
    @Geneao Hey “Earth” isn’t up anywhere besides YouTube:)
    Posted by @brilliancemusic on 05.07.18 | View Tweet
    Hey just want to say thank you to everyone who ever has listened to our music. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us
    Posted by @brilliancemusic on 05.07.18 | View Tweet

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    belisbud (93)
    Powerful Beauty | Posted March 31, 2017
    Gorgeous music, impassioned vocals, and worshipful lyrics all combine for a powerful musical experience. I especially love their song "Hear Our Prayers"- and am really looking forward to hearing more of their great songs :) .

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    fesh (93)
    Music | Posted February 13, 2017
    Brother was an amazing album. Can't wait to listen to their latest (All is no lost).

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    Brilliance | Posted November 11, 2016
    The Brilliance is a different and wonderful band that surely knows how to play worship songs. The bestessays uk have praised the group for their commitment towards the genre and incorporation of faith in it. There is probably no other group that solely produces worship music and does so with great success.

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    bull42 (384)
    Hi | Posted March 10, 2015
    I can't wait to hear more from this album !!

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    Noisetrade | Posted March 03, 2015
    First heard these guys on Noisetrade. Not sure if it's still available, but check it out if it is.

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