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Ard Goes Hard
Posted July 13, 2018
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
When you think of places that your favorite rappers come from, the cities that immediately come to mind are New York, Houston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Rookie CHH artist, Cory Ard, may have been born in Washington DC, but was raised and still lives in Colorado Springs--not exactly hip-hop central.

What It Sounds Like:
Cory has a classic hip-hop sound. The Blackout starts with the worshipful piano vibe "Be Him" but then the sound switches to something more familiar with "Levels" and "Good Fight." Sonically, the album has several flavors of hip-hop, from boom rap to trap and everything in between. There's even the spoken word piece, "12:11," in which Ard gives his full testimony.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
"Be Him" encourages us to be like Jesus and not necessarily just good church folk. "No Pain No Gain" gives us several scriptural references. Even though the album is not lyrical theology, it is still very much a Christian Hip Hop album and the gospel message is clearly presented.

Best Song On The Record:
The track that had the most impact for me was "12:11," but since it is a spoken word piece and not necessarily a song, the title on the album would go to "Good Fight." The track hits hard and Cory's talent as a rapper really shines as he stays right in step with the feature by Steven Malcolm.

For Fans Of:
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Final Word:
The existence of several styles on the album does not detract from the cohesiveness of the project. After several listens, the album stays fresh.

Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.

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