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Looking Up
Posted November 09, 2018
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Connor Flanagan's newest EP SKYSCRAPERS keeps thing fresh as we move into the doldrums of fall. The Cleveland, OH native's third album blends hip-hop, house, and techno in a sonic buffet.
What It Sounds Like:
The album opens strong with "Make A Way," where there is a modern hip-hop sound with a slight techno influence. Flanagan's vocals are clear throughout the album and the production on the first track sets off the vocals as the highlight. "Landslide" has an electronic worship feel that is quite different from the opening track. "Into The Wild" feels a little like NF's earlier musicthe flow is similar and the sung hook is definitely reminiscent.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Connor Flanagan's tagline is "Where Hip Hop Meets Worship" and the album lacks in neither aspect, from "Make A Way" where there is a shout of victory, to "Anchor" where Flanagan raps about God's security and presence in a life filled by self.

Best Song On The Record:
The title track "Skyscrapers" has a nice vibe. It is about looking up to God and not merely looking at earthly things. This song has the potential to be a commercial success on CCM radio; however, given the different sounds throughout the album, the song still fits perfectly.
For Fans Of:
Roy Tosh, TobyMac, Matthew Parker, Chris Howland 

Final Word:
With his third studio project, Connor Flanagan is finding his sound, and his versatility is reminiscent of other multi-genre artists. His sound is welcoming for every mood from turn up to worship, and Flanagan gives us a sound for each floor in our own personal high rise.

Buy Skyscrapers on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify.

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