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Inside Out by Robert Inside Out by Robert
Robert Pierre's debut album is a great start to his now blossoming music career. Since Pierre is just 14 on the album he still has his angelic child voice giving him a wide range of singing. Robert's parents...
The Real Thing by pureNRG The Real Thing by pureNRG
On the contrary [to lampafan's comment]... I think this is their best album to date. Their vocals have matured to an outstanding level. All the lyrics on this album have real depth and meaning to them...
Tonight by TobyMac Tonight by TobyMac
I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite TobyMac album. The musical diversity/variety makes the album even better and shows you how flexible TobyMac is with switching between genres. 'Tonight' has an...

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Need a laugh? here's a good one! | Posted January-14-2010
Need to laugh but can't find anything good, clean, and suitable for the whole family? I propose that you get 'Full Range of Motion' by Tim Hawkins. This DVD of a performance by Tim Hawkins is bound to get you rolling on the floor laughing. I watched this with a friend and then suggested it to my family and they loved it! There are so many quotable lines from this DVD; ones that you won't be ashamed of when your children repeat them in public! :D I hope all of you that watch this enjoy it as much as my family, friends, and I did!

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Amazing | Posted January-14-2010
These guys are awesome! They came to my church as a part of their tour about a year and a half ago before that I hadn't really heard of them I now I hear about them all the time and even on the radio! My favorite songs on this album are 'Life in The Fire' and 'Glorious'. When they preformed Glorious live it was so amazing, you could really feel God's presence in the room as we all started singing along.

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Great CD | Posted January-11-2010
This is a great CD. It would be an awesome CD to give to a new mother and father, they would completely agree with the lyrics. :) In My Arms is my personal favorite on this album. Sometimes if I can't fall sleep I use these lullabies to help me fall asleep! :)

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Awesome | Posted January-11-2010
I don't know about any one else, but personally I think that this album is better than her debut. The sound is more mature on The Lost Get Found but you still get the catchy tunes and great lyrics. Like her first album, Say It, Britt's second release has a variety of 'themes' and 'messages'. From making new believers, The Lost Get Found, to messages of encouragement, Headphones. This album is a great addition to any music lovers collection.

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Love it!! | Posted January-06-2010
The album Who Speaks For Planet Earth by And Then There Were None is such a great album. The upbeat techno/pop sound is something that many people will enjoy. I really like their songs Thank The Watchmaker and Right Here Waiting.

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Ordinary Dreamers | Posted January-05-2010
Ordinary Dreamers by Group 1 Crew is like the best hip-hop c-d you can get that has good lyrics as well. Not only are the lyrics good but the tunes are catchy. You need some tunes for a party? grab this c-d at your local book store and you'll be set!

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Not Too Young: great mesage | Posted January-05-2010
Mission Six's newest album Not Too Young holds many songs with messages that teens everywhere need to hear. Their sound has greatly improved since their debut album. Their song Not Too Young encourages teens to make a stand for God and tell people about him and that they should go with the popular rule that you have to be older to make difference, because you're never too young. The song Forever is a sweet song saying that the vow to stay pure for their future wives and is a good encouragement song for other teens to do the same.

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Identity rocks | Posted January-05-2010
Robert Pierre's Sophomore album Identity is simply amazing! The album not only has great song lyrics for encouraging others, but has nice up beat songs as well as some slower songs. I love listening to this C-D. I'm sure that parents and kids alike will love this C-D! This C-D is so amazing that I can't wait for another one! God has truly blessed Robert Pierre with the gift of singing and a great voice!

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