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Blink [edit]
by Plumb | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 09, 2007

I make records as almost live journals, recording thoughts and feelings and stories of where I am at the time. And during the recording of 'Blink' I was a new mother and pregnant with my second. I had learned very quickly how fast time flies. So in order to capture moments that I know will not only never come again, but that go by so quickly when they do...I made a record inspired by the 2 new men in my life, Solomon and Oliver Lee, who make every day a brand new and never seen again miracle. "Blink" encompasses the songs I sing and wrote for them in an to attempt to make the most out of our time together.

Track Listing
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01. My Sweet My Lovely
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02. God Will Take Care Of You
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03. In My Arms
04. Always
05. Children Of The Heavenly Father
06. Blink
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07. My Child
08. Me
09. Sleep
10. Solomon's Song

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Nathan (188)

Blink: Plumbs back | Posted October 03, 2007
Blink by Plumb is a collection of songs that Tiffany Arbuckle wrote while was a new mother, leaving a different type of music from Plumb that we may not have been expecting.

The first fact about this album is it is not rock, unlike other plumb releases. The only song with an a decent beat is "sleep" and that's not rock at all. However it does let's Plumb emphasize her powerful and great vocals more. The music is mostly light, like the first track "my sweet my lovely", but still sounds good.

Her first single off of this album was a hit "in my arms", but she may struggle to put any other hits on the radio because of the similarity of style of music and the almost unchanging themes of her songs. "God will take care of you" sounds almost like a hymn, and "always" sounds like plumb we have heard before but on a more regular basis. The title track "blink" is one of the best songs on the album; the rest is pretty runs the same style of music.

The lyrics are all about a mother with her children, which is very touching at times, but it does get a little repetitive. "Always" is a good song reflecting motherhood and "me" talks about being blessed with children; a song which is pretty meaningful in this time. Everything except for, and even somewhat, "God will take care of you" is about motherhood in someway.

A different album by Plumb than we are used to seeing, as she takes us down a different path of music and lyrics to where Plumb is very passionate. This album will likely attract new fans but might turn older ones way.

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Plumb | Posted February 25, 2013
 This is the most beautiful album of lullabies that I have ever heard. I want to sing all these songs to my child when I grow up. Her voice is beautiful and haunting and the words are lovely. I need to get more into Plumb.

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Great CD | Posted January 11, 2010
This is a great CD. It would be an awesome CD to give to a new mother and father, they would completely agree with the lyrics. :) In My Arms is my personal favorite on this album. Sometimes if I can't fall sleep I use these lullabies to help me fall asleep! :)

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LampaFan (184)

Blink and You Will See Beauty. | Posted November 13, 2008
This album is beautiful and touching. Some of my favorites are "In My Arms", "Always" and "Solomon's Song". You can tell she really loves her kids. Nice album Plumb!

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aylaeh (203)

calming and lovely | Posted December 16, 2007
i bought this album earlier today. i wasn't sure if i would like it... and then i saw a song on the album that i grew up singing - children of the heav'nly father. i smiled and knew that i would like it when i saw that song.

this album is a bit off the norm of what i usually listen to. it's more of a lullaby than almost anything else (music wise) that i own. plumb has a lovely voice.

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kl1995 (52)

Come Back Plumb | Posted November 07, 2007
Plumb has made a nice comeback with this album. You have to love 'God Will Take Care Of You', 'Children Of The Heavenly Father', and 'In My Arms'. This is a cool album. I highly reccomend it.

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soft and soothing | Posted October 16, 2007
I enjoyed this album and it's soothing music. I am a big Plumb fan and enjoyed listening to every song. Something different and unique plumb style..

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LOVE it | Posted October 11, 2007
This is a little different than what I'm usually used to from Plumb. Most of the songs are slower, whereas most of the time, she at least has a few faster songs. However, I still love it, and even more, I love the lyrics. Great Job again Plumb!

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plumb blink | Posted October 11, 2007
love doubt this is a great album

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Great Album | Posted October 09, 2007
I think this is a great album. I have two small children so I feel the lyrics really speak to me. I feel myself in her shoes and know that no matter what God will take care of us always. That is so comforting to know.

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