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The Real Thing [edit]
by pureNRG | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 14, 2009

The high-flying trio is back at it again! After completing their second year on the 36-city Winter Jam Tour, impacting over 300,000 people across the country, Caroline, Carolyne, and Jordan returned to the studio to record their fourth studio project, The Real Thing, chock-full of the fun, upbeat songs kids and parents know, love, and have come to expect from pureNRG. Kids will be groovin’ all the way back to school with songs like “Radio”, “The Real Thing,” and “Can You Handle It”. Plus, The Real Thing includes 3 bonus sing-a-long tracks so kids can take center stage at home or in the car singing three pureNRG fan favorites: “Footloose,” “Here We Go Again,” and “Radio.”

Track Listing
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01. Radio
02. It's All About You
03. Before The Sun Goes Down
04. The Real Thing
05. Savior
06. Live To Worship
07. Sweet Jesus
08. Overwhelmed
09. Cover Of A Magazine
10. Can You Handle It
11. Here We Go Again (Sing-A-Long Version)
12. Radio (Sing-A-Long Version)
13. Footloose (Sing-A-Long Version)

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IronJedi (114)

Youth With A Mission | Posted July 24, 2009

It would be beyond easy to cynically dismiss pure NRG as just another imitative, gimmick act, riding the coattails of the success enjoyed by similar ‘tween Disney and Nickelodeon acts. The adolescent trio of Caroline, Carolyne and Jordan share the same polished presentation and image with their much marketed peers, but where the wholesome ‘tweens of kids’ T.V. tend to dilute, skirt or altogether avoid spiritual issues, the kids of pure NRG are unabashedly direct with “their” music.

The songs of The Real Thing, the trio’s fourth album, are bright, upbeat, and edgy pop/rock. Energetic, techno-influenced rhythms layered with guitar and keyboards are delivered with a highly polished gloss. All three members of pure NRG’s line-up are more than able singers, and several tracks of The Real Thing showcase each member’s burgeoning development as legitimate vocalists.

Whereas the popular cover albums of the KidzBop series only rehash material, pure NRG is able to avoid contrived cuteness by performing original material that strikes a surprising balance between fun and mature. The songs’ lyrical maturity no doubt benefits from tapping a veritable who’s who of Christian songwriters including: Scott Krippayne, Matthew West and Todd Smith. The Real Thing lives up to its name and will definitely appeal to fans of other ‘tween acts like Jump 5 or the Disney Double-Threats (re. Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, et al.), as well as artists like Jesse McCartney, David Archuleta and Britt Nicole.

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The Real Thing | Posted April 28, 2010
I love this album. I think this is pureNRG's best album so far. My favorite songs are It's All About You, Before The Sun Goes Down and The Real Thing. It is cool that they included some sing-a-long tracks.

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Abi_Jo18 (18)

The Real Thing! | Posted August 03, 2013
I love this PureNRG Album!! My favorite songs on this album are...... Radio, Its All About You, and, On the Cover of a Magazine,! I saw Radio and Its All About You LIVE for the first time in Graapevine Texas!

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LauraCC (256)

:) | Posted May 18, 2010
The first and only time I’d ever heard any song by PureNRG prior to this review, was on
WOW Hits 2008. Their song “What If” was included as a bonus track on one of the
discs. It read all the way through like a checklist except for the chorus. I’m glad to hear
that I can’t always judge a group by one song. As far as I’m concerned, The Real Thing
lives up to its name; a great blend of songs with appealing messages about Jesus and
Bible-based ideals.

One of the central themes is reliance on Jesus for everything they need. “The Real
Thing”, “Savior”, “Live To Worship”, “Sweet Jesus” and “Overwhelmed” all describe
this dependency in glowing terms. It’s refreshing to find an album in this genre (kiddy
pop) that incorporates worship songs into the mix. “Live To Worship” was my favorite
of this bunch for the same reason. It’s got a great melody and I wouldn’t be surprised if
it becomes a favorite outside of the youth groups. “Overwhelmed” does just that to the
listener; with its fast tempo and surreal sound effects, you might have to play it a couple
of times (or check the booklet) to figure out everything they’re saying! The song
describes being flooded with grace and the Holy Spirit (I’m overwhelmingly finding
myself addicted to Your Holy presence ; I’m overwhelmingly finding myself wanting to
be filled with Your spirit), which (at least to me) is rare for a song aimed at teens. So is
“Before The Sun Goes Down”, which reminds us to forgive the careless and hurtful
actions of others, because someday it might be too late. It also asks for strength to be
like God. There are so many songs about people who’ve been “done wrong”, but so few
about turning the other cheek.

The title song, “The Real Thing”, addresses something everyone can relate to; wanting
someone you can count on always. Plenty of people claim to be that one, but Jesus is the
only one who is infallible. “Savior” asks the listener if they’re looking for somebody to
fix things and support them, then goes on to introduce them to Jesus as (again) the only
one who has what they’re looking for. It’s a great concept for a pop song, but I think
the chorus would’ve been stronger if they didn’t repeat the same 3rd and 4th line twice.
(Let me introduce you to Jesus/Let me introduce you to Jesus/He’s got so much love for
you/That He opened up His arms and gave His life for you) “Sweet Jesus” reaffirms the
all-knowing, ever faithful qualities of our Lord.

“Cover Of a Magazine” is, message-wise, comparable to Jump5’s song “Diamond”
(from All The Time In The World). Although your self-esteem may take a dive after
seeing somebody else’s idea of beauty in magazines, this song reminds you that all those
pictures are touched up and nothing is as it appears. Someday when said pictures are
trash in a landfill, your legacy will live on if you just be who God made you to be.
(Incidentally, I’d personally like to see what day this was written; not long after a certain
teen idol with the initials M.C. appeared on the cover of a magazine, perhaps?)

“Can You Handle It?” (Can you handle it/If we go against the crowd / ‘Cause I’m
counting on you now / What if we push back / When we’re pushed around / Tell me can
you handle it) is an upbeat rally cry to rebel against the expected. It challenges youth to
stick together and fight for what’s right. The cheering really adds to the spirit of the
song. However, it ends too abruptly. I would’ve liked a cheering fade out better. “It’s All
About You” is an upbeat synth song that should have you dancing and remembering that
God is the real reason we have to be happy. Some of the lyrics are clichés, but I didn’t
really care. The spiraling sound of the chorus is cool, too.

There are also three sing-along versions of the songs “Here We Go Again”, “Radio” and
“Footloose”. Some of the vocals have been removed so you can sing one of the parts. I’
m guessing this would probably only appeal to the younger kids (with the exception
maybe of the last one; some parents might remember the song from the movie of the
same name.)

I think just about anybody could find something to love about this CD. The kids will like
the pop melodies, the parents will approve the message, and both will be encouraged to
get closer to God. I myself was pleasantly surprised, because I thought I’d all but grown
out of this genre. Little did I know.....

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On the contrary.... I love it!!! :D | Posted April 28, 2010
On the contrary [to lampafan's comment]... I think this is their best album to date.

Their vocals have matured to an outstanding level. All the lyrics on this album have real depth and meaning to them and send you the right message as to what/Who is The Real Thing.

I just love how the producers and songwriters took their voices and gave them each at least one song to lead on and showcase their vocals.

Jordan is actually sounding more like a boy! [Not a bad thing that his voice was high... it made him blend with the girls a whole lot nicer... but then there were some people I know that thought he was a girl... so his slightly deepened voice is good... :D And they can have so many more different harmonies and such now that they have a broader range... :D]

The Carol i/y nes actually sound like young women now, instead of little girls... :D

The energy, fun, and great messages packed into each song is sooo great! This C-D could be liked by a whole age range of people... :D

I love their song Overwhelmed It's a nice blend of harmonies and who takes the lead vocals... Jordan takes lead on the verses and then drops into a harmony during the chorus and the girls take over the lead... :D

The Real Thing is a great title track and gets out the message of their faith in Jesus loud and clear.

Before The Sun Goes Down is a great song reminding you what the Bible says about forgiveness: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, Ephesians 4:26b

It's All About You Is such a great song that shows the heart of what they do with phrases like:
I just wanna sing and dance, like everyday, don't wanna stop, turn it down, is that okay? And when they ask just what's got me going so crazy, I'll let them know , It's all about You.

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LampaFan (184)

Is this really The Real Thing? | Posted February 18, 2010
So I absolutely, positively, to this day still LOVE pureNRG's debut album. It was absolutely fantastic. Here We Go Again, their sophomore album, didn't hold up quite as well, though their Christmas and remix albums were quite good.

Their third studio release, The Real Thing is my least favorite to date. It feels rushed, muddled and not as much fun as the first two albums, especially their debut. While the lyrics are uplifting and the vocal harmonies are outstanding, the album falls a little short, and is also too short, only boasting ten tracks.

The first four tracks start the album off strong (with "It's All About You" being the standout track here. A+). Unfortunately, tracks 5 through 7 run together and are quite forgetful.

"Overwhelmed" is a disjointed, overwhelming (pun intended) song that lacks fluidity. "Cover of a Magazine" is again a little choppy, not quite as bad as the last track, but it just doesn't sound quite right (A+ on the lyrics though).

The album thankfully ends on a high note with "Can You Handle It", a snappy, exciting finale track. (There are also 3 sing-a-long tracks for your next karaoke party. Two from their two previous albums and "Radio" from this release.)

Overall, the album falls a bit flat for my taste, but is sure to entertain the Radio Disney/tween crowd (most of which I don't enjoy save for Miley Cyrus).

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Jackie (39)

LOVE IT! | Posted September 03, 2009
I love all the songs on here!! They are really amazing! All of the lyrics to the songs really show that they are living for God, that they aren't just for show.

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akgal (6)

A MUST! | Posted July 30, 2009
This album is a must if your a fan of pureNRG or jump5 , pureNRG's new album "The Real Thing" is amazing and the message inside the music is great. The new album includes: "Radio", "Before the Sun goes down", "Live to Worship" and "Sweet Jesus" pureNRG even included 3 sing-along songs. "Here we go again, "Radio" and "Footloose" You know when your a true pureNRG fan when you sing along with the sing-alongs. My favorite song has to be "Sweet Jesus" this song reminds me that Jesus is always there for you no matter what you're going through.

"Sweet Jesus, My Savior, You are my Faithful Friend. You hold me, You lead me, I'll follow to the end."

"And once more I must say on that beauitful day, when Your arms take me in.... Sweet Jesus, You are my Faithful Friend"

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LauraCC (256)

A pleasure to review | Posted July 18, 2009
I enjoyed listening to this for CMR early and hope anyone who listens to it takes something away from it. Here's hoping "Can You Handle It" becomes a single sometime.

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the best cd soooo far | Posted July 11, 2009
this cd is one of their best so far. if u want to listen to it go to to listen to it. it is really awesome. the best song i think is either "Radio" or "Live to Worship."

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