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Age: 28
Gender: F
Relationship: Single
Location: Boone, Iowa
Occupation: Student
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: ""I'm not Perfect, I'm just human, I"m not who I want to be, Still all this time you're reaching for me, though you can see that underneath it all, I'm not perfect after all" ~Robert Pierre //////"Oh SNAP"///////"You have bewitched me body and soul and I, I love you." -Mr. Darcy Pride and Prejudice"
Favorite Music: Just about everything.... ~~Artists~~ 3union, Everfound, Robert Pierre, This Beautiful Republic, Search The City, And Then There Were None, He Is We, The Icarus Account, Heyhihello!, Group 1 Crew, Press Play, The Washington Projects, Eleventyseven, Britt Nicole, Remedy Drive, Chasen, Family Force 5, Philmont, Mission Six, Mary Mary, Tenth Avenue North, Nevertheless, TobyMac, Capital Lights, Fireflight, Owl City, Ivoryline, Superchic[k], Addison Road, Plus One, RelientK, Grits, Tru Serva, Sanctus Real, Skillet, PureNRG, JUMP5, The Almost, The Afters, The Rubyz, Luke Benward, The Classic Crime, Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart, Fly Leaf, Brandon Heath, Wavorly, These aren't all...I love music!! :P
Interests: Music/singing, Photography, writing poetry, swinging, riding my bike to a random spot in town, listening to my tunes, reflecting on good times, hang with my friends, going to ledges with a group of friends, College group [R.E.A.C.H.], Going to Tijuana, Mexico, and playing Ultimate Frisbee!! :)

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October 26, 2010, 18:49PM
Homework :)

What have you been doing lately?
October 14, 2010, 22:56PM
How did you like it? That stinks, but helping out is just as fun.

No biggie, I haven't been on here for awhile either.
August 04, 2010, 18:55PM
I've been to Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Sounds fun. What age group do you have?
August 01, 2010, 18:29PM
how are you doing today?
I'm doing good. Made some chocolate covered strawberries today will helping with the child's ministry and I just finished making some cookies.
July 30, 2010, 15:59PM
i put up two a few days ago.


MillieRenae Is...
Still recooping from shoulder surgery last week
Posted 09.11.14 at 5:19PM | Status History

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Leaving for Mexico tomorrow!!! :D
Posted 10.01.10 at 11:49AM | Status History

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Played ultimate Frisbee in the rain the other day... that was the Most most I've had in awhile... lol :] Can't wait til the next rainy day to pay again... :D
Posted 05.27.10 at 4:40PM | Status History

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About Me
I am 22 and have been homeschooled most of my life, I went to preschool. lol:D
Graduated in 2010.

3union is my favorite band. Love hanging out with them, they almost feel like family. If you've not heard of them you definitely should check them out.

I love spending time with my relatives they are all so amazing;I wish everyone knew them!

I am a young Christian that loves God. I love to show my love for God through music, poetry, and photography.

I come from a Christian and musical family; four of my relatives are pastors and the rest are involved in other ministries in their churches. I go to an Open Bible Church and love all my friends there. One of my uncles is an AG pastor.

My dad and uncle are in a gospel quartet with some other guys from church. They are good and fairly popular with most people I know. You can check them out at .
[[who would've ever thunk, Four midwest guys singing southern gospel!?! lol:D]]

Currently I am the worship leader for the AWANA group at my church and we have a blast every single week, but boy is it exhausting! :D

Ever since I was little I've dreamed of singing somehow for God, yet I'm quite shy.. though God has helped my break out more. I'm such a different person than I was just a year ago, but god is good and it's for the better... :D

I hope to someday become a singer [either single artist or a backup vocalist or in a traveling worship band or just the worship Leader at my church] or a photographer.

I love playing Ninja with my friend Poodle and my little sister; they have like lightening reflexes!

I love playing Ultimate Frisbee with my youth group and at camp; even if I'm the only girl playing.. ;)

I have been to Tijuana, Mexico Five times now and love it there! It's like my home... :D Summer 2011 I had an internship at the missions base, Puente De Amistad, there.

**Yo Tengo a un amigo que me ama que me amo, me amo, Yo Tengo a un amigo que me ama, su nombre es Jesús**

Oh yeah, I went to Norway with my choir in June of 2010. Well that's about it, that I can think of now, so God bless!
Ha det!
Hasta luego!

Millie Renae<3
--Matthew 6:34
--Jeremiah 29:11
--Proverbs 16:3

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Inside Out by Robert Pierre
Robert Pierre's debut album is a great start to his now blossoming music career. Since Pierre is just 14 on the album he still has his angelic child voice giving him a wide range of singing. Robert's parents were a part of the song writing and helped ...
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The Real Thing by pureNRG
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Tonight by TobyMac
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Tonight: Deluxe Edition CD/DVD by TobyMac
This album is simply amazing! This is by far my favorite album from TobyMac, at least for now. :D The first two remixes are awesome, but I think that the original of 'Tonight' is the better song; but that could just be my opinion of things. lol :) Haven't ...
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Sierra Jensen Collection #1 by Robin Jones Gunn
I Love these books! I have the whole series, all separate books instead of sets. :D I think as of now I read through the entire series about four times! I love how these books are written, they pull the reader in and make them feel as though they ...
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NRTeamAdmin edited the album Take Time To Be Holy by Joseph Habedank
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