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Air For Free by Relient K Air For Free by Relient K
 I wasn't expecting a lot from this album, Relent K seemed to be on the decline, but this record...
A Midwest Summer by Abandon Kansas A Midwest Summer by Abandon Kansas
As a new fan of Abandon Kansas I jumped into A Midwest Summer without any pre-conceived notion and was Iblown away! Now like I said I'm a new fan of AK so my review isn't based off of anything they've...
Say No More by House Of Heroes Say No More by House Of Heroes
Everything House of Heroes’ records turns to gold. The guys from Ohio are awesome and each album is incredible. This one though has a special feel. From “Bucket for Bullet Wounds” to...

ZAPPIN is Happenin | Posted November-11-2010
ZAPPIN, the greatest hits compilation of John Reuben, is an extraordinary cd! As a long time fan of John Reuben I was very glad to see him get rewarded with a Greatest Hits album. ZAPPIN does a great job at representin each of Reuben's six full length albums, from his debut "Are we there Yet?" to his most recent "Sex, Drugs and Self-Control". The only thing that keeps it from being a five star album is the lack of John Reuben's dark cd tracks like his testimony "Identify", his truly dark look at the darkness inside our addictions in "X-Ray" or his thoughts on how we follow other humans blindly in "Follow your Leader". But even with the dark songs lacking, the listener still gets Reuben's thought provoking lyrical genius. ZAPPIN also comes with an awesome bonus in the form of providing a link to the buyer where he can download all twelve of John's excellent music videos.

I highly recommend ZAPPIN to any fan of John Reuben's, any hip hop fan, and even to those who enjoy incredible lyrics.

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Blown Away! | Posted September-14-2010
Upon picking up Reuben's debut album , I already had heard his music so I had some expectations but this album Blew them away! Reuben showed unbelievable passion in this album and relayed that passion so well! During songs like "X-ray" and "Identify" the listener feels as if he is right there in the moment, thanks to John's excellent sound and incredible lyrics! Along with Reuben's seriosness comes also lighter playful songs like "Her Her,He She" and "Gather In". I highly, Highly, Highly recommend this to any person who remotely enjoys music!

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Audio Awesome | Posted August-01-2010
One of the highlights of my music library is the "Bloom" album by Audio Adrenaline. This is one of Audio Adrenaline's finest albums, from their rocking songs ("Secret", "I'm Not the King")songs that have a powerful message for Christians ("Never Gonna be as Big as Jesus" "Walk on Water")even a remake of an older song! ("Free Ride") I found myself hooked on the album for the first week I had it, and even singing along in the car to the catchy lyrics! I highly recommend the album.

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Great Album | Posted July-08-2010
This Greatest Hits album of newsboys was one of the best I have heard. There was a very good mix of old school newsboys, hits from once newsboys got rollin', a few of the newer hits that had garnered huge praise from fans and also a couple of new releases to top it off! And with this assembly of songs I found myself singing along and just cruising listening to the songs.

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Let the banging of the drums take you Higher! | Posted May-25-2010
The Master of beats is back with his latest release,the "Bang the Drums ep". Flynn's release was one of the releses I was most looking forward to hearing and I was not dissapointed. Every song on the ep, five songs long, is a thrill ride,not only in the great lyrics, but also in the easily addicting jammable beats that make you wanna move. And the beats should come as no suprise, as Flynn takes alot of time on his beats making sure there is zero filler in his songs. I highly recommend the Bang the Drums ep to anyone who enjoys hip-hop, fun songs, or all around great beats.

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cool compilation | Posted May-19-2010
This is a great compilation album! It does an excellent job spanning the decade of music that the supertones gave to us. Each song is an example of the great lyrics,vocals,and of course the horns and trumpets that enabled the OC Supertones to introduce the genre SKA in a Christian way. So if you're wanting an album that has thought provoking songs,songs that get you moving, praise songs or ones that do all three,ReUnite is the album for you!

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Great! | Posted May-18-2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this album. It was two greatly talented halves,not only were the songs from one of the most ground breaking albums ever,but the songs were covered by the impressive roster that Gotee records and Mono vs Stereo boasts. One of the biggest things was being careful with remaking the songs since usually tweaking the song can ruin it,but the artist did a great job at making the songs sound as good if not a little better. All in all the Freaked! album is a great addition to any music library.

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Professionally Awesome | Posted May-04-2010
John Reuben keeps impressing and impressing growing in the geniusness contained in his music,this is shown in his album Professional Rapper. Every song is contained with a message whether it is of not being afraid to go after a dream ("Move") or about how we need to have a relationship with Christ ourselves instead of letting others control how we see Jesus,because if not then we just end up in a difficult place ("Freedom to Feel")or a track about his wife and how she continues to help him grow in faith, and with Reuben's diverseness there are also fun songs like "Higher" and "Treats". And with the messages come great beats that make the music soothing to an ear.

I personally recommend this album to any music lover or lover of meaningful lyrics,because no one writes as powerful lyrics as Johnny Reubonic!

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A Great Album | Posted April-07-2010
I highly enjoyed Until My Heart Caves In by Audio Adrenaline,though it might not be as rocking as earlier records by the group,I think this is good because it shows Audio A can also do a great job when branching out to slower or worship songs. The album is packed with great new songs,from the opening song "Clap Your Hands" which is a terrific rocking song,to the album finale "Losing COntrol" which is a slow almost acoustic song. Some of the highlights that I felt to be great were "Starting Over" which I thought was a very deep song,"Are You Ready For Love?" and "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher" which made me just wanna jump up and praise the Lord! Though Mark's trademark vocals don't fill the whole album,I still think this is a great album and highly recommend it.

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Awesome!! | Posted March-23-2010
The release of Jesus Freak by dc Talk can be described in a variety of ways,for one it was the beginning of Christian albums garnering mainstream attention,it is arguably the greatest cd ever assembled with the songs it includes,and among the songs it includes is "Jesus Freak" which is one of the most ground breaking songs ever put forth in all of music.

It starts with the rocking song "So Help Me God" then into dc Talk's two most recognizable songs "Colored People" and "Jesus Freak",and this is just the start of an action packed thrill ride for your ears that includes dc's first mainstream hit "Between You and Me",two of their most thought provoking songs in "What if I stumble" and "Wish We all Been Ready" and two of my personal favorite "Day by Day" and "Like it,Love it,Need it". It is not hard to see how this album paved the way for Christian artist to succeed in mainstream without dropping Jesus in their music,and proudly proclaim that they are Jesue Freaks!

I highly recommend Jesus Freak for any music lover,it is a piece of history as well as 57 minutes and 53 seconds of the greatest songs released.

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