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Bloom [edit]
by Audio Adrenaline | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 20, 1996

Combining musical styles from '70s classic rock with a heavy dose of funk, Audio Adrenaline uses catchy rhythms, a driving beat, and raucous guitar riffs to spread the good news! These 13 new songs include "Secret,""Good People,""Gloryland,"and a rollicking remake of the Edgar Winter Group classic, "Free Ride."

Track Listing
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01. Secret
02. Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus
03. Good People
04. I'm Not the King
05. Walk on Water
06. See Through
07. Free Ride
08. Man of God
09. Gloryland
10. Jazz Odyssey
11. Bag Lady
12. I Hear Jesus Calling
13. Memoir

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Their Second Best Album - Fun To Still Listen To | Posted August 02, 2007
Bloom was Audio A's third studio album that reevaluated the signature sound that defined the band in the early 90s. The instantly accessible hooks that peppered Don't Censor Me are pretty much gone, though "Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus" does come close, both musically and lyrically, to the tone they've taken before. Like the previous album D.S.M, this album delivers lyrics that will be sung for generations to come. This new sound was edgier and simply put, more fun than their previous albums.

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Audio A is Blooming | Posted August 20, 2015
As one of the premier CCM bands of the 1990’s, Audio Adrenaline has gained a loyal following over the years. Though their popularity skyrocketed after “Big House” debuted on Don’t Censor Me, Audio A had a rough start with their first and self-titled album from ForeFront Records in 1992. At first, they had an almost hip-hop vibe, like fellow band dcTalk, but eventually they evolved into a rock band, starting with Bloom. This was followed by Some Kind of Zombie in 1997, Underdog in 1999, Lift in 2001, Worldwide in 2003, and Until My Heart Caves In in 2005. They disbanded in 2006 due to lead singer Mark Stuart’s damaged vocal cords.

Bloom (1996): 13 tracks, 50 minutes

If you’re familiar with Audio Adrenaline’s music, you know that their sound on Bloom is very similar to that of the rest of their music career. Their debut and sophomore efforts were developing and maturing their sound. Bloom was a risky endeavor for Audio A, but it definitely paid off. The guitars and bass are spectacular, nor does it really get repetitive.

While at times the lyrics probably could’ve been improved upon, “Man of God” is a deep song about the ups and downs in the Christian life. If you really listen to it, Bloom has a lot of great stuff spiritually, while at some times it’s just goofy (i.e. “Jazz Odyssey”).

But what really shines on this album are the instruments. Having learned the entire album on guitar, I can attest to the genius of guitar player Barry Blair. On the heavy side are “Secret,” “I’m Not the King,” and in certain spots “See Through,” “Bag Lady,” and “Memoir.” The band does a cover of the classic rock tune “Free Ride,” and quite well, I must say. My favorite would probably be “Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus,” with classic Audio A sound and excellent lyrics to back it up. The guitar and soloing work on this song are worth noting. Will McGuinness on bass shines through especially on “I’m Not the King” and “Jazz Odyssey.”

All things considered, Bloom was a milestone for Audio Adrenaline. They developed their signature sound for this record and they were forever launched into Christian music stardom after it. In the nineteen years since its release, it doesn’t really show its age. Though the lyrics are far from spectacular, they still show Audio A’s passion for the gospel (“Secret,” “Gloryland,” and “Bag Lady”), while retaining relevance in a way that secular listeners can understand.

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Audio Awesome | Posted August 01, 2010
One of the highlights of my music library is the "Bloom" album by Audio Adrenaline. This is one of Audio Adrenaline's finest albums, from their rocking songs ("Secret", "I'm Not the King")songs that have a powerful message for Christians ("Never Gonna be as Big as Jesus" "Walk on Water")even a remake of an older song! ("Free Ride") I found myself hooked on the album for the first week I had it, and even singing along in the car to the catchy lyrics! I highly recommend the album.

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username2 (375)

Excellent | Posted April 29, 2009
This album really made me like Audio Adrenaline even more than I already did. Full of great guitars, amazing lyrics and also has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. My only complaint is the track Jazz Odyssey. It just feels out of place. Other than that, this album is amazing.

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=] | Posted October 14, 2007
There is a few good songs on here (Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus, and a cover of Free Ride), their recent stuff is more appealing to me.

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aylaeh (203)

love the sound! | Posted September 10, 2007
Love the sound on this album. it is edgy and different than some of their other albums. this is an album that i will be listening to for a while.

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Audio Adrenaline | Posted August 24, 2007
Bloom is an awesome Audio Adrenaline album! It sounds different from the ones before it, but in a good way. Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus is a great song. Their cover of Free Ride, formally sang by The Edgar Winter Group, is also pretty good. Great CD!

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