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Say No More [edit]
by House Of Heroes | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 18, 2006

Formed as a garage punk band when they were teenagers, House Of Heroes have slowly evolved into the sound they have always meant to have. This three-piece band from Columbus, OH has crafted a musical style that rests comfortably in the genre of emotional pop/rock (heavy on the rock). This band's commitment to integrity can be heard throughout their songs, a trait sometimes discarded in the glow of fame or the attraction of making money. They refuse to sound like a carbon copy band. They have also built a unique fan base sharing the stage with everyone from Ted Nugent to Relient K. House Of Heroes are a band trying to make some different music in a scene of monotony.

Track Listing
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01. Buckets for Bullet Wounds
02. Fast Enough
03. Friday Night
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04. The Invisible Hook
05. Mercedes Baby
06. Serial Sleepers
07. Make a Face Like You Mean It (Vampires)
08. Metaphor In Parentheses
09. You Are the Judas Of Cheerleading Squad
10. Pulling Back The Skin
11. Suicide Baby
12. Angels In Top Hats
12. Angels in Top Hats

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Can't Say Enough! | Posted May 31, 2013
Everything House of Heroes’ records turns to gold. The guys from Ohio are awesome and each album is incredible. This one though has a special feel. From “Bucket for Bullet Wounds” to “Angels in Top Hats” the honesty is so in your face. The band holds nothing back in their call for wrongs to be made right and once you add in the catchy songs of “Friday Night” and “Make a Face Like You Mean It” then you have a recipe for an incredible audio experience! The album also ages well, there are some new releases that do not carry the same excitement that the 50th time through this album will carry, which is extremely impressive!

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username2 (378)

4/5 | Posted July 07, 2010
Say No More is basically House of Heroes' debut album in a deluxe edition that is more accessible and easier to find than the material it comes from. It's their debut album with two bonus tracks that fit in well within the track listing. As I listened to this album I seemed to notice two different sides of House of Heroes that are apparent on here. One side is a hyped up party band that want to get you up and dancing with catchy beats and riffs, (the 1st half of the album) and the slower, thought-provoking band that still retains its crunching guitar sound yet uses it in a way that highlights an important point lyric wise that makes you think about what is being sung. Say No More is a great album that no HoH fan should miss out on and other people should listen to if they are tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again.

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loooove it so much | Posted October 08, 2008
Even though I'm reviewing this record more than a year after it's release,I'm still absolutely in love with it. I listen to it on a weekly basis.This is an awesome cd !!!!!!!!!!

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its pretty good! | Posted July 11, 2008
This cd was pretty good. the first song i ever heard by house of heroes was serial sleepers or mercades baby. and i began to like it now i think they are a pretty good band and this is a great album!

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irocketh (89)

Good | Posted April 07, 2008
I'm not a really big fan of emo music but this is something special. From the best track on the album (Buckets for Bullet Wounds) to the last thought provoking line of "Angels" this is just great music.

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Phil413 (45)

Say No More | Posted January 02, 2008
Great CD, with an unique sound. Mercedes Baby was the only song that grabbed my attention the first time I played the disc, but the other songs sounded different enough for me give them a few more plays and I ended up liking nearly everyone.

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dreambig (120)

Say No More | Posted November 02, 2007
I think the first song i've heard by House of Heroes was "Friday Night" or "Buckets for Bullet Wounds". both of which are amazing. this whole CD is incredible.

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