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Jesus Freak [edit]
by DC Talk | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 21, 1995

dc Talk's most recognized album to date. From the high-energy trio that has won Dove Awards, Billboard Music Awards, a Grammy, and has shattered the secular barriers of MTV comes 13 new songs that showcase a range of vocal styles from alternative rock to rap to melodious pop harmonies. Includes "Day by Day," "What If I Stumble," and the hit title song.

Track Listing
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01. So Help Me God
02. Colored People
03. Jesus Freak
04. What if I Stumble?
05. Day By Day
06. Mrs Morgan
07. Between You and Me
08. Like It, Love It, Need It
09. Jesus Freak (reprise)
10. In the Light
11. Mind's Eye
12. What Have We Become?
13. Alas My Love

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The Best? It's Close! | Posted January 29, 2008
Jesus Freak really needs no explanation. If you do not own this album, there is something wrong with you. This album marked the end of rap for the trio and set off what would become one of the best selling albums in the Christian Music industry. Their travels into the Pop/Rock world paid off, and who gave these guys voices? And why we're they rapping in the first place? These are all questions I plan to ask the All Mighty when it's my turn, but until then, it's Jesus Freak in my CD player after all this time.

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Great! | Posted May 14, 2008
This album from DcTalk is just awesome. I fell in love with the whole album. I really love the songs "Jesus Freak" , "Colored People", and "Between You and Me"!! This album is not that recent but you still hear the songs and you still enjoy them as much as you did as when they first came out!! This is a great album i recommend for anyone!

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JESUS IS THE WAY | Posted September 01, 2016
The album literally speaks for itself. Each track takes you on a journey somewhere beyond belief. When I heard the whole album, I really understood why people considered DC Talk as Christian music's favorite. I would definitely want to see this group come back to life again. I recommend young listeners to pick up this album and be blown away by the impact this record made on everyone's life including mine.

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username2 (375)

If You Haven't Heard This Album Yet, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU??? | Posted August 27, 2012
 What can I say about Jesus Freak that hasn't already been said?  It's the most revered Christian music album of all time, it changed the face of the Christian rock genre, and it's still looked upon fondly to this very day.  You need to listen to this album as it's an essential part of Christian music history.

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Awesome!! | Posted March 23, 2010
The release of Jesus Freak by dc Talk can be described in a variety of ways,for one it was the beginning of Christian albums garnering mainstream attention,it is arguably the greatest cd ever assembled with the songs it includes,and among the songs it includes is "Jesus Freak" which is one of the most ground breaking songs ever put forth in all of music.

It starts with the rocking song "So Help Me God" then into dc Talk's two most recognizable songs "Colored People" and "Jesus Freak",and this is just the start of an action packed thrill ride for your ears that includes dc's first mainstream hit "Between You and Me",two of their most thought provoking songs in "What if I stumble" and "Wish We all Been Ready" and two of my personal favorite "Day by Day" and "Like it,Love it,Need it". It is not hard to see how this album paved the way for Christian artist to succeed in mainstream without dropping Jesus in their music,and proudly proclaim that they are Jesue Freaks!

I highly recommend Jesus Freak for any music lover,it is a piece of history as well as 57 minutes and 53 seconds of the greatest songs released.

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Jesus Freak | Posted July 26, 2009
I LOVE the song jesus freak because thats what i am. I also have a shirt made by my youth group that says Jesus Freaks on the front.
In The Light is another song I love. My friends and I have made other songs using that tune.
You just have to love this cd. All of the songs are AMAZING!

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good | Posted October 08, 2008
i like dc talk. there older stuff isn't as good as their newer stuff, but their music is great. they should be considered classic christian music.........

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A must have for dc talk lovers... | Posted July 11, 2008
This was one of my first cds when i was younger. and i listened to it almost everyday back then. and i still love it! Jesus Freak is a classic! I am still pretty crazy about that song. but dont let that one song steal the show, there are so many other great songs with so much meaning!

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skyve (53)

Fav. | Posted June 07, 2008
My most favoritist cd by dc ever!!!!!!!!!!
i really like Jesus FReak.
very cool.
and meaningful

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Awesome! | Posted May 26, 2008
I love dcTalk and I love this cd! The reprise of Jesus Freak is really funny and all the songs are pretty much great! Jesus Freak, Colored People, So Help Me God, and Between You and Me are a few of my favs.

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jesus freak | Posted May 19, 2008
i loveeeeeeeeeeeee dc talks especially there song jesus freak there voices are amazing fo three guy's i think it can inspire people to acctually do thing's with there life

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