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Anthems for Outcasts: An Interview with The Midnight Wedding
NRT's Ryan Adams talks to the upcoming rock band about their debut album

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Anthems for Outcasts: An Interview with The Midnight Wedding
Posted: August 03, 2021 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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The Midnight Wedding is a Christian rock and worship band led by Brandon and Caitlin Trlak. They have garnered a lot of attention recently, from fans and critics alike with their debut, full-length studio album, Anthem For The Outcast, in early 2021 (read my album review).

The 1st Annual Grizzly Awards, founded by
Joel Burris and Rock On Purpose's Mary Nikkel, nominated The Midnight Wedding for Alternative Rock Song of the Year for 2020 (they performed virtually at the second annual show in 2021). Plus, many hard-working and respected artists and bands, such as famous rock bands Disciple and Fireflight, in the Christian rock world have shown their support for them.

The attention that the band has received is justified. Their music is pure ministry (NRT loves supporting bands whose primary focus is ministry). I had the opportunity to speak to Brandon and Caitlin about the band, their music, and their ministry. Consider supporting them through their music and more. 


Please introduce yourselves and why you decided to make Christian-based rock music.

Brandon: We are the Midnight Wedding, a Christian rock-worship-based band from Nashville, Tennessee. I and my wife Caitlin sing lead vocals. For me, music is one of the reasons I'm still alive. Our heart and hope for this band and our music are to reach the lost, rejected, outcasted, and hopeless. We want to reach those struggling to fight for life.

We started this band in hopes to let all of those people know they're not alone, they've never been alone, and their lives are more valuable than heaven; that's what Jesus gave up for them. They're loved so deeply--regardless of what they've done or where they're at in life. Jesus is with them and they can come running home to Him no matter what mess, mistake, or sin is in their life. They can come home. 

The new record strikes a balance between hard rock songs and stripped-back, melodic praise songs. What was the process like to get that balance?

Caitlin: We split the songs up where I wrote most of the worship songs and Brandon wrote most of the rock songs. We co-wrote each song with Josiah Prince, a musician with rock bands Disciple and the Ranch Studios. It was amazing to see everything come together as our influences in music are so different. Watching them blend into what we have made was incredible.


What are the connections behind Disciple's Kevin Young and Fireflight's Dawn Michele?

Brandon: Disciple has always been my all-time favorite band. I met band members 
Josiah Prince and Joey West through an awesome and humorous circumstance. It was a couple of years ago, we were in another band working with a different producer. I went to our old producer needing some fill-in musicians for a concert. He told me he'd found some and that he'd bring them to our rehearsals. When we arrived at the rehearsals, we went on stage and saw Joey and Josiah of Disciple. We definitely had a big fan moment. Couldn't believe I was playing with them. The rest is history.

For Caitlin, her very first Christian album she really enjoyed listening to was from Fireflight. She found it back in the day when the library used to loan out CDs. It's amazing to see God come full circle with it. 

You have a trilogy of music videos telling a story. How did that idea get started and how is it going?

Caitlin: Honestly, with Anthem For The Outcast, it's a story of both the fall and the redemption of Brandon's and my hearts. The story of how we fell away and how Christ saved us was intense, emotional, overwhelming, humbling, and powerful to us. We wrote this album as that story; so we are trying to share that story with this trilogy.

"I Swear" was part one with the fight between good and evil: the cop and the criminal. The video shows that so many times the good in us is defeated by the bad when we try to fight on our own. The very powerful, intense, and passionate moment in that video shows the fight we face every day: wanting to do it right, but somehow, always doing it wrong. The next video is part two and continues to tell that story. 


What would you want listeners to walk away with after listening to the record?

Brandon: That there's hope. No matter what you've done, no matter where you've fallen, no matter how hard you fell, there's hope in Jesus. It doesn't matter who casts you out and has given up on you because the king of all the stars is with you. He's never left you. Mankind can only see the page of your life that you're on, but God knows the whole book. He has a plan for you. And that plan is to draw you home to His deep love and grace for you. 

How can we be praying for you?

Pray that God continues to lead us in reaching the outcast and pray that the doors will continue to open for us to sing and speak into people's lives. 

Ryan Adams lives with his family in Montana. He has been NRT's Rock Reporter since 2018. He graduated Boise Bible College in 2017.

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