9 Feel Good Rap/Urban Songs of Summer 2020
The NRT editorial staff continues the Feel Good Summer series with music you can enjoy in the warm weather

NRT LISTS, 9 Feel Good Rap/Urban Songs of Summer 2020
Posted: July 30, 2020 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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We're in the middle of summer heat and that get together at the lake requires a playlist to match. We've got you covered with the third and final chapter of our Feel Good Summer 2020 series (also check out our Pop and Worship selections). Below, our editorial team breaks down nine feel-good rap and urban songs to add to your summer playlists. Give us a head nod on your way out to warmer weather and better music. Enjoy.

Eric Heron (feat. Dondi) "4 Life"
Eric Heron’s new single, "4 Life," from the rapper's new EP, Sundown, has that summer anthem vibe written all over it. Not to mention the music video which accompanied the original release. Featured artist Dondi resides in Hawaii while Heron remains toasty in Texas. “4 Life” speaks about that type of relationship where the two are faithful, in love, and committed to each other--even before marriage. The rhyme schemes from both artists are playful, witty, and memorable. The hook and production encourage listeners to turn up the volume, lower the windows, and move the body. Dondi has only released three singles in her short career. But, this sonic contribution is one of her best efforts yet. For true summer vibes, don’t miss this one.
- Joshua Galla


Roy Tosh "I Don't Wanna Be Cool"
Unlike most of hip hop artist Roy Tosh's singles, his latest single has more of a pop style. Note that this isn't the first time we've heard Roy's vocals take his pop sound to a new level. There's something so refreshing with "I Don't Wanna Be Cool" that stands out in its message and vibe. We're perfectly created by God as who He's made us to be. Not for what other people may think. But, in the freedom and joy of truly being who He's made us to be. As Roy raps in the bridge: "I do not care about your opinions/All I care about is God's." Bradden Ford

Spencer Kane "Confidence"
I love uplifting rap music that makes me want to praise God. Spencer Kane's "Confidence" fits the bill perfectly. This song tells us to have confidence in God's plan. It fits well for today due to the fact that we have to trust that God will guide us through this global pandemic. All we have to do is pray, breathe, wait, and see what happens. Spencer Kane is one rapper you should keep your eyes on. The future is bright for this young artist. Brendan Burke
WANDE "Happy"
The mainstream music world gives us warm messages of happiness. However, these messages are often incorrect. The world says to look around us for happiness instead of looking up to God. It's unfortunate that the true message of focusing our hearts on the One above is often lost. As a result, I love how Wande in her song "Happy" acknowledges that true happiness "comes from above" and it's "deeper than the feeling we receive from all the things that we have." She also explains that with faith, her conscience and convictions point her to the right decisions and she can stay firm in them--even through the human backlash. Aside from that, this beat is super catchy. And, it'll probably be stuck in my head for the rest of the summer. "I just wanna be happy!" Selena Schulz

Zauntee brings the hype with this summer track. It's a long way from the rapper's previous single, “God Taught Me.” Zauntee’s style has definitely evolved. His delivery on “Go Off” is harder and more mature than his previous offerings. Just remember, when your Uncle Joe presses play on this song on his Android phone paired with his Bluetooth speaker when he steps up to bat at the family slow pitch game, you know he means business. –Mark Ryan
Social Club Misfits (feat. Austin French) "Enough (Doom Remix)"
The first time I heard this song was during the Passion 2020 conference live stream at the beginning of the year. I loved it at first listen. I’ve never been the biggest fan of rap music, but there’s something about Social Club Misfits' music that I love. They have an incredible hip-hop sound that is unique and different from the norm. Their song “Enough (Doom Remix),” featuring contemporary singer Austin French, has a great electric dance music vibe to it. Austin's vocals really round the song out. Grace Chaves
Peabod "Big Feelings"
Speaking to issues most of us have dealt with at one point or another, "Big Feelings" relates to how we sort through the negative emotions thrown at us. In a normal year, our fallen condition presents us with more than a handful of things to destroy our peace. And, 2020 is eager to be a contender for upping the ante on all fronts. Peabod's direction to take all of our confusing feelings to the One heaven-sent points to the only healthy way of dealing with the emotions that tie us down. JJ Francesco
Uzuhan "Worth The Trouble?"
Uzuhan is a person whom I respect greatly: his zany videos, unique delivery, love for God, and justice for all. His latest single "Worth the Trouble" is a bouncy pop jam about people who are out pursuing things that may not be good for them. I love the clean production and the smooth vocals of music artist Vincent Fable. People, please keep watching out for Uzuhan.
Dwayne Lacy

1K Phew and 1K Pson “Outside”
Hip-hop artists 1K Phew and !K Pson form the perfect duo as they have fun on this light, bouncy bop tune. Are you tired of feeling locked down? Well, this duo sings about what it will be like to go outside once quarantine is over. Kids across the nation in any park or beach or wherever will dance along with this new anthem once they return to their favorite spots.
- Marqus Anthony


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