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Age: 103
Gender: F
Location: Brazil
Favorite Saying: "VAMOS RAFA!!"
Favorite Music:
Interests: FACEBOOK!! rir, sorriso, pendurando para fora com seres humanos, esportes, Austrália, acampar, comer, Natação, ......

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March 14, 2010, 12:57PM
wow! that's cool! :D
February 27, 2010, 19:33PM
thanks for the add!
January 06, 2010, 21:02PM
sorry to dissappoint ya dude! lol :D

note the name "smittyfan" not "Michael W. Smith"! lol :D

as far as i know, Michael W. Smith isn't a member of NRT... :( sadly... 'course if he were to ever become one... i might end up scaring him away... lol :D
November 17, 2009, 17:53PM
Heyy, thanks for accepting my friend request!

I'm glad you liked NeverShoutNever(:


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a photographer now!!
Posted 06.27.11 at 11:52AM | Status History

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About Me
carregado em Austrália vivido em Spain para um bocado [para diante rápido e mesmo bocado mais grande] acordou aqui tão yeah, IM CONFUNDIRAM!! mas vendo como eu posso fazer 2 coisas imediatamente…. suposição i' d descreve-se como uma pessoa FELIZ .....

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Latest Album & Book Reviews
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Live Life Loud by Hawk Nelson
kk, so i can't even put in words how proud i am to own this cd....and that's simply because it's totally FANTASTICAL!! simply put, although most of the songs on this CD don't seem to have a HUGE amount of energy when you first listen to em, they're ...
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Tonight by TobyMac
to everyone who thought this album would be FANTASTICAL, i got news for you: YOU'RE RIGHT!! this algum is indeed pretty awesome!! i bought it about 2 days ago and i LOVE listenin to it. my FAVE songs: basically all of them cause like i said, it's ...
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Ordinary Dreamers by Group 1 Crew
kk, so im not gonna go over every single song cause it would make this a REALLY long review that no one would read. but let me say this: what i love the most about this album is that practically EVERY SINGLE SONG is a MASTERPIECE!!!!!! like, the sound ...
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Dear Diary by FM Static
-to say it in a nutshell: this is SERIOUSLY one of the GREATEST albums that was EVER created!! -and now to explain it all: the main realson i love, love, love this album is cuz its a realistic the songs talk about life ...
[read more]
I Will Go by Starfield
i saw them play live a few weeks ago and decided to buy their new CD "I Will Go" glad i bought it!! lovin everything from the AMAZING lyrics to the cathy music. now the isn't one of my all time faves though but i gotta say that it's REALLY worth ...
[read more]

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