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Tonight [edit]
by TobyMac | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: February 09, 2010

Tobymac’s new record Tonight releases February 9, 2010 and is the highly anticipated follow up to the best-selling album Portable Sounds. Continuing Toby’s unique ability to blend musical influences Tonight has an amazing mix of rock, pop, urban and hip hop sounds and styles. It features the smash hit single “City On Our Knees” which has topped the radio airplay and digital single charts faster than any other Tobymac single, and is currently Top 5 at AC radio and #1 at CHR radio.

“'City on our Knees' is really about a moment,” says Toby. “A moment that we all come together to a place where there’s no judgment, but really love. And we choose to recognize one God together. And it’s really a reminder that that moment could be right now, tonight. And in that moment judgment falls by the wayside, we choose to step across the line, whatever side we’re on. Love fills in the cracks and makes up the difference.”

Track Listing
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01. Tonight (featuring John Cooper of Skillet)
02. Get Back Up
03. Funky Jesus Music (featuring Beckah Shae And Siti Monroe)
04. City On Our Knees
05. ShowStopper
06. Hey Devil
07. Hold On
08. Changed Forever (featuring Nirva Ready)
09. Loud n Clear (TruDog 10)
10. Wonderin (featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K)
11. Captured
12. Start Somewhere
13. Break Open The Sky (featuring Israel Houghton)
14. City On Our Knees (Radio Version) (Digital Bonus)

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Wait Worth It | Posted March 01, 2010
I have waited a long time for this album and I have to say the wait was worth it. This album has easily became my favorite. I love every single song on this cd. My favorite though is "Funky Jesus Music." There is such a variety of sounds on it but it is all clearly Tobymac. Sometimes when you listen to an album all the songs start sounding alike...not this one. Every song has a unique sound and style. I would recommend this cd to anyone.

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Diversity | Posted March 01, 2010
It is not my favorite worship album but I have read somewhere that the diversity and variety of Tobymac are some of his qualities.

Said that, Tonight is the first album from Tobymac I have listened to from beginning to end. Before, I have listed a song here and a song there... Maybe, don't remember...

It is the kind of music (rap-rock-dance-all-together) that makes our brain to follow the melody up and forget the lyrics. But they are great. Really great.

A good introduction to this brilliant artist. Will try more things.

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jcoker (5)

If you like TobyMac, you are going to love this | Posted February 26, 2010
TobyMac continues to impress with his style and lyrics, add in a couple of the big names in the christian world and you have another Great Album from TobyMac.
It starts with "Tonight" which is one of the greatest combinations between Toby and John Cooper of Skillet. Followed by tradional TobyMac style with "Get Back Up" to the crazy worship track "Funky Jesus Music". Then, everything slows down with the inspiring "City on Our Knees". "Showstopper" is another TobyMac song that will be a def concert jam! Then, the album slows down with with next two songs "Changed Forever" and "Hold On". Tru makes a comeback with a silly song but it has a great beat. Finally, the album goes into a completely different area with "Hey Devil", which is a 1980 styled rock sound; which follows with another great combination with Matthew Thiessen of Relient K for "Wondin". The album closes with a nice slow ballad featuring Isreal for a great ending to an already great album.

PS-keep listening after the last song for a short little treat.

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Tonight | Posted February 22, 2010
I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite TobyMac album. The musical diversity/variety makes the album even better and shows you how flexible TobyMac is with switching between genres.
'Tonight' has an awesome message to it. 'Tonight' reminds me of my regional youth retreat in the winter and camp in summer with these lyrics:

I wanna feel a new day/[There's gotta be more than this]/I wanna live a new way/[There's gotta be more]/I wanna feel a new day/[There's gotta be more]/I wanna live a new way/[There's just gotta be more]
Right here, right now/Under the stars, I promise you my heart/Cause it starts tonight!
We wanna rise,/We wanna touch the other side/[It starts tonight!]/We wanna soar/We wanna reach right out for more

That is the cry of the teens hearts. Most of them are already saved, and they just know that 'there's gotta be more' to the Christian walk than what they're living they want to feel something new in their walk. The ones that aren't saved know there's more to life than just existing and they want to know what else there is to life.
Then the chorus talks about the relationship/re-commitment with God starting, and how they just want more of God and they want to fly away from their problems into God comforting arms.
At least that's how I see the song.

'Hold On' is my personal favorite on the album because it reminds me that God is in control of what I'm going through and that he's always there to help me even when I feel like he's not. It also reminds me to thank God for being there with me through the storms in my life.

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Great album - Toby Never Disappoints | Posted February 18, 2010
Building up to this album, i was a bit concerned because Toby has left such a mark on the industry over the last few albums. I can only imaging the pressure on him to release another "hit" record. I believe he has done it, with the well known (and somewhat overplayed) single "City on Our Knees", to plain ol' git down songs like "Funky Jesus Music" and "ShowStopper". This album will be great for anyone with a convertible wanting to put the top down and crank up the music!

One note of dissent from my "Loyalty" to Toby, i do believe its time to let the "TruDog" tradition go. I don't hate the playa, but the game is getting old.
Give him a few years and I'm sure EMI will give him his own deal.

Its a great album, and he definitely continues the tradition of Great toby mac music.

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Excellent! | Posted February 15, 2010
This is an excellent album! I definitely think this is Toby Mac's best album! I am extremely impressed. It combines a lot of different genres, I think. You go from a song that is catchy and meaningful to a song that just wants to make you dance then to a song that just brings you back, back to what it's all about...Christ. Truly an excellent and inspiring album! Not one that you will get tired of easily!

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gizmodad (75)

Best of tobyMac | Posted February 13, 2010
In my opinion, this is the best album from tobyMac. This album is definetley worth the 3 year wait. The title track is absolutely awesome and is backed up by great songs like "City On Our Knees" and "Showstopper".
This is one of the must have albums for 2010.

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"tobyMac deliver "Tonight" so we can "Get Back Up" and Listen to Some "Funky Jesus Music" | Posted February 13, 2010
"tobyMac" the veteran in music releases yet another CD called "Tonight". "Tonight" fuses Rock with hip-hop with pop, while still doing what he does best, making music that will make you want to dance.

"Tonight" opens up with "Tonight" the song starts off with a Stephanie smith sounding intro then gets into the "tobyMac" we've all come to love. The bridge misses it mark compared to the rest of the song, but it's still a good song overall. "Get Back Up" has a "All In" feel and delivers straight forward lyrics. "Funky Jesus Music" is a song that will make you want to jump ( if your in a car to crank it up ). "City On Our Knees" is my favorite song of the album, the chorus tells us what we as need to be like not a city, but a nation on our knees.

"Showstopper" is a great song that is great for concert and that's what the song is about. "Captured" and "Hold On" are amazing song with great lyrics. We really need to be "Captured" in God and to "Hold On" when things get though.

"tobyMac" delivers "Tonight" to show us we can "Get Back Up" and Listen to some "Funky Jesus Music" so we can become a "City On Are Knees" and become a "Showstopper". Then we will say "Hey Devil" let go of me and stop "Holding On" to me because I'm "Changed Forever" and I'm "Wonderin'" when I'm going to be "Captured" and "Start Something" that will "Break Open The Sky"

"tobyMac has delivered a great album even though it misses the mark on a couple songs this is still a home run for "tobyMac"

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Nervous at first | Posted February 12, 2010
I have to admit, I was nervous at first about this album after I read the lyrics. However, when I bought it when it dropped, I must say THIS IS TOBY MAC'S BEST ALBUM YET! Well mixed, and the lyrics work with every song. I like the vibe and flavor of this release. It touched me and moved me, and I imagine it will do the same to many others. Buy this, you won't be disappointed;)

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AWESOME!! | Posted February 11, 2010
Best album of 2010? Though there are hundreds of releases to be released TobyMac's Tonight will be a hard act to be topped. An album three years in the maiking as it had been in the mixing pot of toby's "Music Gumbo" Tonight does not dissapoint in any way,which is amaizing considering all the different sounds and how in someway toby can get somone that hates hip-hop to dance to it,somone that haits rockin songs get up and their hands waving and pretty much the same with all other genres. The album starts with the title track "Tonight" featuring John Cooper from Skillet and just a few highlights are "City on our Knees" which was toby's fastest selling and charting single of his career, "Showstopper" which is rocking and has gotten much media attention from the NFL,college basketball,to even a possible movie! Along with Cooper comes a few other guest including,Matt thiessen,Israel Houghton,Nirva Ready ( from the Diverse City band),and toby's oldest son Truett making another appearance in his rap persona "trudog".

I give tobyMac's Tonight album five out of five stars and recommend it to all.

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