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In The Hands of God [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 05, 2009

With five gold albums, sales exceeding six million units, more than 20 No.1 radio hits, and a mantle of Dove Awards as well as Grammy nominations, newsboys has achieved phenomenal success in its two decades together. Known for its amazing live performances and groundbreaking tours, the band continues to sell out festivals and concerts worldwide, satisfying diehard fans and winning new ones in the process. newsboys' fourteenth record, In The Hands Of God, hit stores May 5, 2009, boasting the classic newsboys pop-rock sound that has made the band's music legendary among Christian music fans. In The Hands Of God features 10 hit songs, including "No Grave," "My Friend Jesus" and "Glorious," as well as the title track and debut single, with 60+ adds the first 2 weeks and already at #19 AC monitored and #15 AC Indicatorand debut single, going for adds January 23 at AC and CHR radio. For more information, visit

Track Listing
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01. The Way We Roll
02. No Grave
03. This Is Your Life
04. Glorious
05. In the Hands of God
06. The Upside
07. My Friend Jesus
08. Lead Me to the Cross
09. Dance
10. RSL 1984

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Worth The Wait | Posted August 24, 2009
It came as a surprise to everyone in early 2009 that Michael Tait of dc Talk and Tait would be filling the shoes of Peter Fuller, one of the founding members of the Newsboys and lead vocalist since 1998 after the departure of original leader John James. It came as a shock not only because of the suddenness and the major change to the band, but also because the Newsboys next album ?In The Hands Of God? was set to release just a few short months later. Rumors began swirling that Tait sang lead vocals on the entirety of the new album (a rumor that was quickly put to rest, although he did sing much of the background vocals on the album). With this stunning announcement, fans were eager to see (and hear) what would become Peter Fuller?s last album singing lead for the band. The result? In true Newsboys fashion, a fantastic album.

Let me first say that this album is being far too criticized in my opinion. It isn?t ?Go? nor is it ?Take Me To Your Leader?--the two CD?s that EVERY Newsboys album will most likely be compared to for the rest of the bands life. This album, ?In The Hands Of God? is a new chapter in the life of group, breathing fresh musical air into CCM genera. Starting off with the catchy ?The Way We Roll?, the album quickly turns serious with the heavy set ?No Grave?. The bands most mature song to date and by far one of their best songs they?ve ever put out. I do hope to see it as a single on Christian rock radio in the future.

?This Is Your Life? is rather breezy for a Newsboys album, calm yet fun to listen to, a great song about how we need to be living our lives that way God has called us to be living them. The current single ?Glorious? follows suit--since the albums release the current version has been re-recorded with Tait on lead vocals--both are amazing but Peters vocals on this album are just worth listening to. ?In The Hands Of God?, the title track and first single are sure to get anyone off their seat and praising the Lord, and it?s a great addition to hear former Newsboy Phil Joel singing background vocals as well--his voice is sorely missed on this record.

?The Upside? and ?My Friend Jesus? take us back to the true formula of the band with upbeat rock music and humorous lyrics (the ?soundtrack of hell? reference on ?My Friend Jesus? is sure to get an ?Amen? and a chuckle out of anyone?)

?Lead Me To The Cross? is next and it brings the album back to a powerful tone of worship. Both Brooke Frasier (the writer of the song originally) and Chris and Conrad?s versions of this song came out, literally, right at the same time as this bands album, and in my opinion--I rather enjoy the Newsboys version. The lyrically friendly ?Dance? and the quirky ?RSL 1984? close the album on an upbeat note and are a great addition to the album.

I really enjoyed this album--it wasn?t until late 2008 that I became a big Newsboys fan and I?m happy to say that this album didn?t disappoint. I think too many fans are being harsh on it because of it being Peters final album and that they are expecting far too much for something that is ending. I think Peter, Duncan, Jeff and Jody and Steve Taylor did a great job on this album and it makes me exited to see what the guys and Tait are going to pull off together in the future.

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Newsboys [In The Hands Of God] | Posted May 26, 2009
To date, Newsboys have sold over 6 million albums, with five gold records and 25 No. 1 radio hits. As already announced on their website, “In the Hands of God “marks lead singer and founding member Peter Furler's final album as the band's lead vocalist and main songwriter. In March, the band announced the new vocalist will be former dc Talk singer Michael Tait. With both bands starting at the same time, Newsboys and dc Talk played over 100 shows together, so the change is a natural fit. Personally, as a collector of Christian music starting in the mid-1990’s, I have every album by both bands and will be interested in the creative direction of the band. Newsboys have truly been a pioneer in Christian music.

The band has undergone many changes from the mid-1990’s to now, most notably with original lead singer John James being replaced by original drummer Peter Furler as lead singer starting with 1998’s “Step Up To The Microphone”, which is one of my top 3 albums by Newsboys. Then, bassist Phil Joel left the band before 2006’s “Go”, which is also one of my top 3 albums by Newsboys, along with 2002’s “Thrive”, which is my favorite album by Newsboys. Guitarist Jody Davis left Newsboys after “Thrive” and was replaced by Bryan Olesen, now the lead singer of the band VOTA and was then replaced by Paul Colman for “Go” before Jody Davis returned for “In The Hands Of God”.

My best description of “In The Hands Of God” is that to me it is the disappointing follow-up to “Go” in the same way I was disappointed in “Devotion” compared to “Adoration”. “The Way We Roll” is the first song and has a nice rock beat, but like most of the songs including “This Is Your Life”, “The Upside” and “Dance”, the lyrics and music didn’t engage me the same as “Go”. There are some highlights to the album, especially the title track “In The Hands Of God”, overall similar to hit song “Something Beautiful”. I also really like “No Grave”, sung in the person of Jesus and having a musical style and chorus that reminded me of “I’m Not Alright” by Sanctus Real. “Glorious” is another Newsboys original worship song but doesn’t match the intensity of “In Wonder” in my opinion. “Lead Me To The Cross” is another Newsboys cover song of the original by Hillsong United, but didn’t impress me as much as “I Am Free”. “My Friend Jesus” and “RSL 1984” are interesting lyrically and give glimpses of Peter Furler’s personal walk, but didn’t grab me musically.

For me, the highlights are “No Grave” and “In The Hands Of God”, however neither song makes my collection of my all-time top 10 songs by Newsboys. Perhaps Newsboys set the bar so high with “Go” I was due for a letdown. Fans will still enjoy the highlights, however I was disappointed overall.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10 (86%, B)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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Nathan (188)

In the Hands of God doesn't Go | Posted May 25, 2009
It’s almost inarguable that Peter Furler’s departure from frontman duties of the long-time standing pop/worship group Newsboys was the biggest news of the first half of 2009. And when the year ends it’s possible that we will look back and find it the most significant news of the year. While most devastated fans must be happy to find that former dc Talk member Michael Tait will be filling Furler’s shoes it just won’t sound right when Tait tires to take the Aussie act to songs like “Not Ashamed” and “Where Ever We Go.” However after a few spins of the Furler’s last spotlighted performance on an a Newsboy’s album, In the Hands of God, it might have been a smart decision for Peter to allow the curtain of change to fall.

Although thankfully, it’s not an issue which engulfs the entire album, Furler’s vocals have seen better days. Furler’s gravelly vocals immediately show up on the opening track, “The Way We Roll”, and really hurt the upbeat, but not catchy, rough track. The trend continues for a little ways before settling down (especially in the old school rock song “No Grave” which features rough vocals in the chorus) with songs like the fine small techno influenced, pop title track. However In The Hands of God never finds the equilibrium that their last album GO contained. The modern worship/pop song “Glorious” isn’t spectacular while songs like “My Friend Jesus” and “Dance” blend to well as uneventful pop songs on the short, ten-track album. The quirkily sounding “The Upside” at least manages to stick out and so does the light rock/ballad finale “RSL 1984” which shows that Furler and band still has an inventive streak left in them.

Like many bands who don’t wish to stay complacent and blend in with their pears, bands like the Newsboys look for new ways to express their messages. Not that far ago after the band temporarily took a break from writing pop songs, and simplified their writing style to take a more praise and worship direction, the Newsboy’s revisiting the pop writing style on Go was solid and welcomed. Now instead of keeping the similar vein, the Newsboys sadly add more clichés than usual and also went to over the top on the occasional song. “Lead Me To The Cross”, “The Way We Roll”, “Dance” and “Glorious” all follow a repetitive and simplistic pattern which certainly won’t impress long time fans of “Take Me To Your Leader” and “Breakfast." But it’s not all bad as songs like “This Is Your Life” which goes deeper than it’s chorus to reject self (‘It can’t be repeated when your time is gone… This is your life/Treat yourself right/Treat others right/Live like you know you should.’) and the title track.

If fans were expecting another fun CD like GO or an epic pop/praise and worship album land-marking the departure of a warm face in CCM you can bet that many are disappointed. After a very lackluster performance of a very hyped, In the Hands of God, the change of scene will probably means that good days are ahead of for the now part Australian Group. But as Peter Furler leaves, it’s too bad that the record-making system seemed a little too rushed for an album which should have made him and Newsboy’s fans proud.

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Beanie17 (52)

Amazing | Posted May 29, 2012
This is the most amazing album ever. I love every song so much. "In the Hands of God", "Glorious" ," The Way We Roll" and "Dance" are awesome songs. My favorite is "My Friend Jesus." Last year I had to write a paper on a famous quote. I used "Be the change you wish to see inthe world' by Gandi. I got the inspiration to use that quote from this song ("Be the Change you wanna see").  When I explained the song and its crazy lyrics, my class mates thought it was the stangest especially when I got to "As my fist goes through the wall.' One girl in front had the most hilarious look on her face. To give my story a piont, this album shows that christian musci does not have to boring but instead is very fun. That is why I love this CD.

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Awesome! | Posted November 08, 2011
This is my prefered Newsboys Album... musically awesome, but with a clear message!  I really admire the way they show our God without restrictions, religion or habits, showing only what is mostly important.

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username2 (378)

4/5 | Posted August 29, 2011
In the Hands of God is the final album to feature longtime member Peter Furler as the lead singer of Newsboys, and this is a great album to go out on.  This feels like a worthy follow-up to 2006's Go even though it retains little of what made that album so great and feels a bit slower as well.  Besides that, there are many noteworthy songs to be found here including the title track, "The Way we Roll," and "Glorious."  There is also some classic Newsboys wit thrown in on one song which brought me back to the good old days of the band.  (A really well done Celiene Dion joke.) The only main problem I have with the album is that it all feels repetitive and old.  I know that I've heard the same album now for the past couple of years and I feel tired of listening to it over and over again.

Besides that little critique, In the Hands of God is a great sendoff to Peter.  It showcases his great songwriting talent and amazing voice.

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Very Good | Posted May 06, 2011
An excellent and solid release from the Newsboys. This CD and "Go" are probably the pinnacle of work I like from the Newsboys, even though they have had many good songs over the years. All of the tracks on this release except for 6 & 7 are very strong and I love listening to over and over. I'm hoping tracks 6 & 7 will grow on me over time. I bought this one for my collection.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 29, 2011
 in the hands of God and glorious are AMAZING songs. the best two on the album!

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 19, 2011
 although this album is a bit short, it's still really good. i love in the hands of God. the lyrics are really good.

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Love. | Posted March 09, 2011
LOVE this album! (As I love every newsboys album. ;P) This one is awesome. Love you guys!

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! | Posted December 22, 2010
The cd is excellent, Newsboys always has a good beat! My fav track is the upside' And I think its one of their best cd ever! I really love Newsboys :)

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