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Posted August 24, 2009
By SarahFine_NRT, Staff Reviewer

It came as a surprise to everyone in early 2009 that Michael Tait of dc Talk and Tait would be filling the shoes of Peter Fuller, one of the founding members of the Newsboys and lead vocalist since 1998 after the departure of original leader John James. It came as a shock not only because of the suddenness and the major change to the band, but also because the Newsboys next album ‘In The Hands Of God’ was set to release just a few short months later. Rumors began swirling that Tait sang lead vocals on the entirety of the new album (a rumor that was quickly put to rest, although he did sing much of the background vocals on the album). With this stunning announcement, fans were eager to see (and hear) what would become Peter Fuller’s last album singing lead for the band. The result? In true Newsboys fashion, a fantastic album.

Let me first say that this album is being far too criticized in my opinion. It isn’t ‘Go’ nor is it ‘Take Me To Your Leader’--the two CD’s that EVERY Newsboys album will most likely be compared to for the rest of the bands life. This album, ‘In The Hands Of God’ is a new chapter in the life of group, breathing fresh musical air into CCM genera. Starting off with the catchy ‘The Way We Roll’, the album quickly turns serious with the heavy set ‘No Grave’. The bands most mature song to date and by far one of their best songs they’ve ever put out. I do hope to see it as a single on Christian rock radio in the future.

‘This Is Your Life’ is rather breezy for a Newsboys album, calm yet fun to listen to, a great song about how we need to be living our lives that way God has called us to be living them. The current single ‘Glorious’ follows suit--since the albums release the current version has been re-recorded with Tait on lead vocals--both are amazing but Peters vocals on this album are just worth listening to. ‘In The Hands Of God‘, the title track and first single are sure to get anyone off their seat and praising the Lord, and it‘s a great addition to hear former Newsboy Phil Joel singing background vocals as well--his voice is sorely missed on this record.

‘The Upside’ and ‘My Friend Jesus’ take us back to the true formula of the band with upbeat rock music and humorous lyrics (the ‘soundtrack of hell’ reference on ’My Friend Jesus’ is sure to get an ‘Amen’ and a chuckle out of anyone…)

‘Lead Me To The Cross’ is next and it brings the album back to a powerful tone of worship. Both Brooke Frasier (the writer of the song originally) and Chris and Conrad’s versions of this song came out, literally, right at the same time as this bands album, and in my opinion--I rather enjoy the Newsboys version. The lyrically friendly ‘Dance’ and the quirky ‘RSL 1984’ close the album on an upbeat note and are a great addition to the album.

I really enjoyed this album--it wasn’t until late 2008 that I became a big Newsboys fan and I’m happy to say that this album didn’t disappoint. I think too many fans are being harsh on it because of it being Peters final album and that they are expecting far too much for something that is ending. I think Peter, Duncan, Jeff and Jody and Steve Taylor did a great job on this album and it makes me exited to see what the guys and Tait are going to pull off together in the future.

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